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  1. adam_l

    Wireless vs Wired Solder Pens

    I'm looking to upgrade my cheapo Radio Shack Solder Pen, and was thinking how great it would be to never get the power chord caught on something, or just plain tangled up. Anyone currently using a wireless Pen that they like enough to recommend? I'm not looking for anything too fancy...if I...
  2. adam_l

    Kali LP6 1st and 2nd Wave

    Hey, I'm looking to get the Kali LP6 and I'm curious if the new "2nd Wave" model is worth the extra $200. Thanks.
  3. adam_l

    Ludwig Tambourine - New vs Vintage

    Is there a big difference between the new and vintage Ludwig tambos? I've noticed that the old ones with the db-750 weathermaster head sell for hundreds of dollars. Is it more of a 'who played them' deal or related to the actual build quality? Thanks.
  4. adam_l

    NEED INFO... 60s-'70s Savoy Guitars (Made in Japan)

    Anyone familiar with this brand? I haven't had much luck researching on my own. Were/Are these considered low budget, mid grade, high quality? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. adam_l

    Ibanez SR800 Preamp/Pickup Replacement

    The Vari Mid Preamp in my SR800 Bass is broken and I got around $200 to get the thing playing again. I can either find a replacement preamp that fits the back body cavity, or completely gut the thing and put in a set of passive pickups. I did a bit of research, and I'm pretty sure the Fender...
  6. adam_l

    Reverb and Blues Rock

    I'm having trouble adding reverb to some of the stuff I've been writing lately. It's a mix of blues rock, 70s glam and early punk rock.. influences come from Stones (Mick Taylor era), T. Rex, Iggy Pop (Stooges), Dead Boys... All that stuff has really subtle reverb. It's pretty well hidden/mixed...
  7. adam_l

    Acoustic Space Simulator / Room Modeling Reverb Plugins

    I've been looking at alot of different Reverbs for my next plugin and feel kind of overwhelmed at the endless choices. Just when I thought I had narrowed it down, I read about Reverbs that model an Acoustic Space, like UAD Oceanway and Eventide TVerb. Not only would this style be the perfect...
  8. adam_l

    Cheapest Keyboard MIDI Controller w/ Expression Pedal Input

    How much will I have to spend before the Exp. Pedal input is included. All the cheaper keyboards just have a Sustain pedal input. I just need the keys to control a few VI instruments.. mainly drums. Thanks.
  9. adam_l

    DIY Acoustic Panels vs GIK

    I only have minimal funds for acoustic treatment after I get my monitors. Is there a big difference between a GIK 242 Panel and a sheet of Rockwool 80 wrapped in burlap, vinyl or both? I could make 2 DIY ones for the price of one GIK. And since I can't really spend a lot, it be the difference...
  10. adam_l

    Processing DI for Amp Sims

    Does anyone do this? What do you use? I've found light compression usually helps most times for cleans.. especially Neural, it seems to always sound better with it, in my limited time trying a couple amps. I have an Apollo interface and sometimes using a Unison preamp and it's input gain...
  11. adam_l

    MIDI Controller as Foot Pedal

    Will a MIDI Controller (M-Audio Axiom 25) work with an Amp Sim, like Neural, Helix S-Gear 2? I'm not sure which one yet... I'm still demoing. I want to be able to select presets, or enable a FX, stuff like that. I was thinking that I could put it on the floor and use the keys or pads...
  12. adam_l

    Budget USB MIDI Pedal

    To use with an Amp Sim (not sure which yet; still demoing a few). I need an Expression Pedal and a couple Switches.. I believe they're called Momentary Switches, for anything that can be selected, like presets, amps, settings.... I'd happily settle for 2, but 3 or 4 would be cool. I'm new to...
  13. adam_l

    Using IRs - Picking Thru the 100s of Files

    I have Helix Native. I'm new to IRs and I just bought a couple from Ownhammer and one from Cab.IR and there are HUNDREDS of files... Can someone, Please, help me navigate this mess?! I'm lost! Just somewhere to start would be amazing. Thanks.
  14. adam_l

    Adam T5V, Focal Alpha 50 or Tannoy Gold 5

    ve narrowed my monitor search down to three, and I'm having a difficult time choosing. I'm interested in the Adam T5V, Focal Alpha 50 and Tannoy Gold 5. Anyone familiar with these three care to suggest one? Thanks.
  15. adam_l

    PODxt Upgrade

    I've finally got the cash to upgrade from my PODxt. I use it to record at home; I can't make enough noise here for an amp. I got $200 to spend on something used (I'll throw in a bit more if the price is close enough). I don't wanna bother upgrading unless I'm improving the overall sound...
  16. adam_l

    Cheaper Fender Tweed Alternatives, e.g. Gibson Les Paul Jr Amp

    I love the sound of the late '40s - early/mid '50s Fender Tweed amps on the edge of breakup. They're WAY outta my price range tho. I recently discovered the '50s Gibson Les Paul Jr amp, it's WAY cheaper, at $400-500, and has a similar sound. I believe the circuit is pretty close to a '50s...
  17. adam_l

    DiMarzio 36th PAF DP223 Polarity

    I just bought a DiMarzio 36th PAF (DP223) for the bridge of my Strat. I want to try it with some different magnets, but I don't own a compass. Can someone who swapped magnets let me know the polariry? What side of the pickup does the north face of the magnet point? Thanks.
  18. adam_l

    Humbucker Fit in Strat

    How tight should a HB fit into a Strat pickguard? I have an uncovered Dimarzio 36th PAF.. it easily fits thru the cutout and there's enough space to move it around in both directions (up/down, left/right). Is this ok or should it be a tight fit with limited to no movement? Thanks.
  19. adam_l

    DiMarzio DP103 (Neck) 36th Ann. PAF in Strat Bridge

    Anyone try putting a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary Neck PAF in the Bridge position? I was thinking that the lower resistance, 7.3 instead of 8.6, would work better for low gain blues/rock. Or trying an Alnico 2 magnet in one? I've heard the 36th PAF is kinda bright. The two might tame that a bit...
  20. adam_l

    Alnico Guitar Magnet Manufacturer

    Can someone recommend a good place to buy Alnico magnets for a guitar pickup? Thanks.
  21. adam_l

    GFS Lil Killers - Reverse Wound pup in bridge/neck

    I put GFS Lil Killers in my Strat a while back. I bought the 6/10/15ohm set and I'm not a fan of the 15 that's in the bridge. I also stopped playing heavy rock and went in a blues/rock direction; these things don't respond that well to an amp on the edge of breakup. Anyways, I'm planning on...
  22. adam_l

    Best Fender Champ Clones / Kits

    Anyone got any suggestions for an alternative to a Fender Champ? The originals are priced WAY above my budget. There's the Fender '57 reissue, but at $1000 new it's on the higher end of what I'd be comfortable spending. I've heard great things about the Victoria 20112, but if I'm going to be...
  23. adam_l

    Ibanez SDGR400 w/ Fender Presicion pups/pots

    How do u guys think my Ibanez SDGR400 will sound if I replace the broken active circuit w the stock passive Fender Presicion setup? I play blues/rock, which I think those are perfect for, ya? The orig board snapped n broke 15 years ago. I let it sit for 8 years n it somehow fixed itself, but...
  24. adam_l

    Boss DS-1 - Distortion Question/Issue

    My DS-1 pedal still puts out distortion when the Distortion knob is turned down to 0 (all the way to the left). Is this the normal behavior, or is there something wrong? I forget if it's always been like this. Thanks.
  25. adam_l


    I'm interested in buying a harmonica, but I'm not too familiar with them. I noticed that they come on different keys. Is it best to use a hamonica that's the same key as the root note of the song? I'd like to buy a decent quality one, but don't really have the cash to buy a full set. If you...
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