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    If you had $2500 to spend on a guitar…

    A K-line Truxton
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    Has anyone tried a Redplate Blackline yet?

    It's handwired, but not turret as far as I know. No PCBs. They are back in business and still turning out some of the best amps made.
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    Problem with pedal power supply

    So far the straight plug fix is working, I'll try to shake it around some more to confirm.
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    Problem with pedal power supply

    That sounds like it might work. It is in fact a right angle plug.
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    Problem with pedal power supply

    It was a cable that came with a Voodoo Labs power supply; they seem to fit well in all of the other pedals on the board, but I will try swapping them out.
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    Problem with pedal power supply

    I've got a Dunlop wah pedal that has a power input jack which holds onto the 9 volt source plug a bit too loosely; it comes out sometimes while playing and the guitar goes silent. Do any of you guys know of a fix that doesn't involve me sending the pedal back? Thanks in advance, Pine
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    How did Nobels ODR-1 become THE Nashville OD when it had sooooo much bass?

    I too have a FWIW; I tried the Nordland with 18v. and though I have no 90's Nobels to compare it to, it sounded pretty great; the Wampler Belle also sounds pretty fine at 18v
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    How did Nobels ODR-1 become THE Nashville OD when it had sooooo much bass?

    At the very end, when he got the Nordland to "get close" to the Nobels sound (at around 1:27:17 or so) can anyone see where the smaller knobs (bass and compression lift) are set? I don't have $1400 to spend but I do have a Nordland, and wouldn't mind at least approaching the tone of the Nobels
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    Speakers for a Vibrolux Reverb

    I have been recommended this: Weber 10A125 and a 10F150
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    WTB Analogman Beano Boost

    I have exactly what you're looking for, Small enclosure in grey, in great condition, has the power supply jack, 3 way toggle. $170 shipped to lower US. Charlie
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    Sold Mint Effectrode Blackbird

    Tube preamp, loaded with vintage tubes. Original box and papers, $400 paypalled and shipped to lower 48 states I can send pictures on request
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    FSOT Nordland ODR-C in MINT Condition!!! $280

    Would you be interested in swapping for a mint Effectrode Blackbird?
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    Princeton w/ 12", reverb, and mids knob...

    +1 on the Carr Sportsman
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    How do you set up your Blackverbs to really get them to "sing"?

    I've not found settings that work for me in the forum, without it being way too loud.
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    Mildly Interesting NAD - Carr Sportsman (2022 Model)

    I have a Sportsman, I ended up putting a Jensen P12N alnico speaker in it, and it really opened up, (if yours ends up being too dark for you)
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    Sold set of Seymour Duncan 59 pickups

    They are covered, I pulled them out of a new Eastman sb/59 so they are used. Having never seen aged nickel and shiny at the same time I am going to guess aged
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    Sold set of Seymour Duncan 59 pickups

    These are the SH-1 pickups, $160 shipped to lower 48 states
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    Tapped tele pickup question

    I have a bridge pickup that has a tapped coil. I'm not sure how to wire it, though. If I wanted to utilize it, should I replace the volume control or the tone control with a push-pull pot? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Who doesn't have a signature guitar that should?

    Leo Nocentelli and Amos Garrett
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