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  1. Jack Briggs

    Sold Two Rock Opal prototype!!!

    Here we have a very special prototype amp in the TR family history. Built on an Emerald Pro chassis, this is one of 5 or 6 prototypes for the Opal model (as per Chad Mangrum). 50 watts with 6L6WGC-STR output tubes. This one has a switch on the back panel for lead channel local negative feedback...
  2. Jack Briggs

    Sold K&M (Two Rock) LTD amp head - SALE PENDING!

    Wonderful amp! Serial #04 - making it one of the first run of this model. Cathode biased and able to use pretty much any octal power tube - 6V6, 5881, 6L6, EL34, KT66, etc., for a power output from about 12W to 35W, roughly. The OT is a 45-50W chunk of iron, so the lowest output figure is still...
  3. Jack Briggs

    New Briggs Guitars website: cheers,
  4. Jack Briggs

    PSA - linguistics

    This is something that always bothered me about the guitar community. When you make a verb past tense like "relic", it becomes "relicked", not reliced. Reliced means to infest with lice again. panic/panicked traffic/trafficked shellac/shellacked relic/relicked Here's the rule: "go on a...
  5. Jack Briggs

    Avatar Special bound for Hong Kong

    Thanks for looking! cheers,
  6. Jack Briggs

    Hong Kong bound Reserve Stock Apollo

    Thanks for looking! cheers,
  7. Jack Briggs

    Sold 1958 Mullard EL37 laboratory matched pair - price drop

    Hate to sell these! I've had this pair for a few years and have put only a few hours on them. Recently tested for current match at 405 plate volts: 55.3ma/55.0ma (they don't call them lab matched for nothing!) Printing is excellent on one; the other has little of the Mullard shield left, but...
  8. Jack Briggs

    Apollo Special

    Hong Kong bound: Thanks for looking. cheers,
  9. Jack Briggs

    Bangkok bound Classic SH

    Thanks for looking. cheers,
  10. Jack Briggs

    Classic SH

    Bound for Bangkok: cheers,
  11. Jack Briggs

    "The Tree" quilted mahogany

    If this is inappropriate to post here, mods - please delete. I have a set for sale in theMusic Gear Parts and Accessories emporium: Cheers,
  12. Jack Briggs

    Briggs Guitars - new model

    New for 2013 after several years in the works - the Ventura. This model has been on a back burner for over 6 years but just completed this prototype for evaluations, and I could hardly be happier! Obviously modeled after the venerable Stratocaster design from Fender, but with my body and...
  13. Jack Briggs

    RSP new model Apollo Junior

    The first of a short run of 4 pieces only in Reserve Stock Program tonewoods (old air-dried wood). This is the Apollo Junior in TV Sunburst finish. Yes, I know - why am I calling it a "Junior" when it clearly has 2 pickups? In Briggs nomenclature an Apollo Junior is a slab bodied, 1 or 2 pickup...
  14. Jack Briggs

    Joe Yanuziello benefit

    I am sad to report the news that Joe Yanuziello suffered a serious injury to his right hand while working on a jointer. Linda Manzer posted on Facebook this news and a link to a site for a benefit concert to be held and where folks can donate funds to help Joe out. Here's the link...
  15. Jack Briggs

    Briggs Saturn Deluxe bound for Thailand

    Soon to arrive at the showroom of The Guitar Avenue in Bangkok: Saturn Deluxe model: neck: 1-pc. Honduras mahogany FB: Gabon ebony headplate: flamed redwood - blackened binding: Ivoroid celluloid inlays: Paua "Pyramids"/ paua side dots frets: 22 med. jumbo stainless steel -...
  16. Jack Briggs

    for the sake of disclosure

    .....before any slugfest occurs..... My name on the back of the headstock of any of my guitars means that I, and I alone built the guitar from raw materials, in my shop located in Raleigh, North Carolina, with nobody else ever laying a hand on any piece of said guitar prior to the final setup...
  17. Jack Briggs

    Tom Ribbecke..... in need of help: I know that there are some on these forums that can help. Let's not let Tom lose his property! I wish mods could sticky this. Cheers,
  18. Jack Briggs

    had nice chat with Michael Stevens yesterday

    We were apparently playing "email tag" after I'd sent him a message and his replies were not coming through to my email server (weird?), so he called me to talk. I hadn't spoken with Michael before, but several email messages in the past consulting on some luthiery question. Super nice guy! We...
  19. Jack Briggs

    Eddie Martinez' RSP Apollo

    Hi, Eddie Martinez commissioned this Reserve Stock Apollo build, which he received just over a week ago: Specs: 1-pc. Honduras mahogany neck (1955) old BRW fingerboard 1-pc. Honduras mahogany back (1955) 1-pc. red maple top (1900) MOP Trap inlays 24.625" scale 22 med. jumbo nickel/silver...
  20. Jack Briggs

    New model - California

    First shown a week and a half ago at SEGAS 2011: Specs: 1-pc. Sitka spruce body 1-pc. quartersawn rock maple neck cocobolo rosewood fingerboard 1-5/8" nut - SlipStone Grover locking Rotomatic tuners 25" scale 22 medium jumbo stainless steel frets (Jescar 47104S) chrome hardware...
  21. Jack Briggs

    New model - Apollo Junior

    First shown a week and a half ago at SEGAS 2011: Specs: 1-pc. lightweight mahogany body 1-pc. mahogany neck holly headplate (blackened) Gotoh Kluson vintage tuners cocobolo rosewood fingerboard (this one has Madagascar RW) 24.625" scale 22 medium jumbo stainless steel frets (Jescar...
  22. Jack Briggs

    Briggs Guitars benefit for Parkinson's giveaway

    Hello fellow TGP'ers, Is this a typo? Could a new Briggs guitar be had for $25? Really? Well, it's truly possible, and I'll explain how: My friend Michael Gardner, a prominent guitarist in the North Carolina Triangle area for over 3 decades was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease recently. A...
  23. Jack Briggs

    New Briggs model

    Hi folks, I want to introduce a new model to the Briggs lineup - the Apollo Special. In standard form this model has the following specs: body: 1-pc. mahogany top: bookmatched 5A figured maple - 1/8" neck: 1-pc. mahogany HP: matching maple FB...
  24. Jack Briggs


    For those who use a pedestal buffer, what type/brand of buffer do you use for buffing out finishes on guitars? Cheers,
  25. Jack Briggs

    RSP Apollo Artist vids

    Merry Christmas to all - I have posted some videos of the Reserve Stock Apollo Artist as played by Scott Sawyer, noted NC-based guitarist. Scott has a wonderful touch and really brings out the jazz usefulness of this instrument, IMO:
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