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  1. Joe Robinson

    RIP Bones Hillman/Midnight Oil Bassist

    Sad to see a post from Midnight Oil that Bones Hillman had passed away from Cancer. I saw many a show with Bones holding down the bottom end. He may not have been the songwriter that Peter Gifford was, but he really could sing.
  2. Joe Robinson

    Mediocre Players: Metronome Practice

    So, the lockdown has resulted in a bit of free time. I'm really not much of a virtuoso, to say the least and speed has always eluded me. This is not a "I found the secret" post, it's merely what I'm working on. I'm trying to get the hook of "Reelin in the Years" down. It's 135bpm and far beyond...
  3. Joe Robinson

    Which lead do you like: Pretenders

    James Honeyman Scott. What a loss
  4. Joe Robinson

    Johnny Marr - How Soon is Now

    I was always highly skeptical of this song ever coming off live. I can imagine the second guitarist saying "You mean I get to play THAT!"
  5. Joe Robinson

    I dig this song: El Cerrito by Cracker

    Cool little Zeppelin style riff, good groove and I like the guitar playing
  6. Joe Robinson

    INXS Tones

    ...but not the clean ones. My amp is a Vox AC30TBX or a 50 Watt JMP Marshall Combo, and I'm playing in a band that is doing some INXS tunes. I'm looking for a box that can do something akin to the high gain sounds heard on the lead guitar on "Mystify" or "Same Direction" on Listen Like Thieves...
  7. Joe Robinson

    Just a bit of fun from Jimmy Fallon

    Trying to do two things here: Learn how to embed a Youtube link and spreading a bit of Musical fun courtesy of Carly Rae Jepson, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon. We PLAY music lEsPhTbJhuo
  8. Joe Robinson

    Kirk Hammett: Quite Impressed

    VH1 Classic is running the 25th anniversary of the R&R Hall of Fame concert, and Kirk Hammet's playing on "Sweet Jane" with Lou Reed just put a big smile on my face. He had a Black Les Paul and it sounded like a Marshall to me. Nice melodic soloing. He's clearly listed to RocknRoll Animal...
  9. Joe Robinson

    Tom Verlaine's Flash Light

    I've had this album since it came out. Wore out my first copy (vinyl). After not hearing if for a few years, I put the CD in my car the other day and just enjoyed every minute of it. I have no idea if Flash Light is held in high esteem by folks into Tom Verlaine, but I think it's just about...
  10. Joe Robinson

    Jeff Beck Tribute to Les Paul

    Anyone see this on t.v.? It was on channel 28 in the Los Angeles area Jeff Beck with Imelda May and her band. Very "Crazy Legs". Lots of rockabilly. Brian Setzer and Jeff Beck made a lot of noise together. Beck seemed to get schooled (and loving it) by a Trombone player on one song. All in...
  11. Joe Robinson

    Mick and Keith on Jimmy Fallon

    Very funny bit from Jimmy Fallon. Mick and Keith and a very effective cameo.
  12. Joe Robinson

    The Who: Still Incredible

    Last night (November 8) my wife and I took in a Who show at the Nokia Theater in Downtown L.A. What a band. The Endless Wire material was a great addition to the classic repetroire. With the first chords of the first song (Can't Explain) the band just wiped the floor with just about every rock...
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