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    FSOT MXR La Machine Fuzz

    For sale: MXR La Machine Fuzz Great sounding octave fuzz. Massive 70s fuzz tones. You can toggle the octave off Excellent condition. Original box included although it's a little beat up. SOLD Open to trades +/- cash as appropriate. Looking for: Xotic EP booster Bogner Ecstasy red mini JHS...
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    Sold Xotic Wah XW-1 + mounting board

    SOLD: Xotic Wah including EWS mounting board Excellent condition. Home use only. $215 shipped in USA lower 48.
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    FSOT Fulltone Ultimate Octave fuzz

    For sale: Fulltone Ultimate Octave fuzz Excellent condition. Velcro on bottom. Box included $199 shipped in USA lower 48 Open to trades +/- cash as appropriate. Looking for: Xotic EP booster Bogner Ecstasy red mini JHS Morning Glory V4 Xotic RC Booster v2
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    Sold Wampler Pantheon, Keeley Super Phat, Xotic Super Clean

    For sale: Wampler Pantheon SOLD Very good condition, a couple of nicks on the bottom (see photos). Keeley Super Phat Like new condition, includes box SOLD Xotic Super Clean buffer/boost Like new condition, includes box SOLD Looking to trade for (+/- cash as appropriate): MXR Timmy MXR...
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    Suhr Modern - Gotoh Floyd Rose range

    I'm wondering how much range the Gotoh Floyd Rose on a Suhr Modern would have, with the recessed bridge option. Anyone with such a guitar or firsthand experience able to share their thoughts? I'm specifically asking how much you can pull up on the trem (e.g. a major 3rd on the open G string)...
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    Sold Source Audio Collider, Wampler Tumnus, Dunlop DVP3 volume pedal

    For sale/trade: Source Audio Collider Delay/Reverb Mint condition. Includes box and power adapter $OLD Wampler Tumnus Very good condition, includes box. Velcro on bottom, along with some light scratches. $OLD Dunlop DVP3 volume pedal Excellent condition, includes box. Velcro on bottom. SOLD
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    Sold Xotic Andy Timmons BB Preamp limited edition

    For sale: Xotic Andy Timmons BB Preamp limited edition Strawberry red finish Excellent condition. Velcro on bottom. $OLD
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    Sold Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 50 TC50 head

    For sale: Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC50 amp head Includes footswitch and cable, power cord, slip cover Excellent condition. SOLD Great transactions here on TGP. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions.
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    Sold Barber Direct Drive Compact Random in Black

    For sale: Barber Compact Direct Drive (Random version which are one-offs with unique component differences) Black finish like new condition, includes original box $OLD
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    Sold Incase Guitar Gig Bag (local pickup)

    For sale: Incase Guitar Gig Bag $OLD Good condition. I didn't use it much but there's a hole on the inside where the string posts on the headstock rub up against the interior. Local pickup only in Bay Area California PM if you're interested or have any questions
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    Sold Levy's Padded Leather Guitar Strap Black

    For sale: Levy's PM32-BLK Garment Leather Guitar Strap Black Padded leather guitar strap Gently used condition Bought it new. Barely used it. $OLD
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    Sold DiMarzio Tone Zone & Air Norton humbuckers

    For sale: DiMarzio Tone Zone pickup (black, F-spaced) DiMarzio Air Norton pickup (black) $OLD About 5 inches lead left on them. PM if interested.
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    Sold Weber Load Line DI Box 50W 8 ohm

    For sale: Weber Load Line DI Box - 50W, 8 ohm Neat little box that adds a line out option to your amp. You can easily toggle between load and speaker output. Great condition. Barely used. $OLD shipped in CONUS. PayPal OK.
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    Sold Fender Voodoo Stratocaster Hendrix Tribute 1999

    For sale: 1999 Fender Voodoo Hendrix Tribute Stratocaster Black with rosewood fingerboard Reverse headstock and reverse angle bridge pickup Good condition - It's been played and well loved. Scuffs on the back of the headstock and tiny cracks on the back of the neck, but no major damage. Body is...
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    Sold Suhr Badger 30 head original version PRICE DROP

    For sale: Suhr Badger 30 head Great sounding amp with power scaling. It is excellent for many classic sounds, especially at lower volumes. 30 watts, 2xEL34 power amp section, with a solid state rectifier. Cathode biased. Like new condition. I've only used this at home. Comes with original slip...
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    Updated Victory Amp V30 Countess MKII

    On paper, I've always thought the Victory Amp Countess hit the mark, but the reviews I've seen don't give much praise. Hopefully this new version addresses all the concerns with the original...
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    Guitar tech in SF Bay Area?

    Looking for a good guitar tech in the SF Bay Area. Specifically in south bay near San Jose. Need to swap pickups in my guitar and want to find someone who knows how to take care of my instrument. Don't mean to be nitpicky but I've seen more than one tech handle my guitars in a cavalier fashion...
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    Sold EBMM John Petrucci JP6 Mystic Dream fully loaded piezo

    For sale: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JP6 signature guitar Mystic Dream finish Fully loaded with matching headstock, shield inlays, and piezo bridge 2016 model with latest hardware $OLD Excellent condition. A couple of minor blemishes which barely show up in photos. See eBay listing...
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    Sold BK Butler Tube Driver with Bias control

    For sale: Mint condition BK Butler Tube Driver with Bias control. Great overdrive for getting Eric Johnson and David Gilmour tones. Barely used at home. Original box included. $OLD
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    Sold Keeley Katana Blues Drive v2

    For sale: Keeley Katana Blues Drive v2 Like new condition. No velcro. $OLD
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    Sold Suhr Custom Modern Guthrie Govan specs w/ Tremol-no

    For sale: Suhr Custom Modern Guthrie Govan specs Features: Mahogany Body with Flame Maple top Mahogany Neck with Pau Ferro fretboard Modern Elliptical profile (.800-.850") 16" Fingerboard Radius 1.650" nut width 24x Jumbo Stainless Steel frets Gotoh 510 recessed trem Solid Saddles / Steel...
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - Lone Star cleans?

    I've always liked the tone of the Lone Star but it's really too much amp for home use. Also really heavy! Will the Mark V:25 get me close to those gorgeous Lone Star clean tones? And how do the overdrive sounds compare? Haven't seen one locally that I can try...
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    Sold Hardwire Delay DL-8 Digitech

    For sale: Digitech Hardwire DL-8 Delay Great condition, includes original box. $OLD
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    Keeley Katana Blues Drive

    Did a search and didn't see much about this pedal... I hadn't used mine in a while and was thinking about selling it. Plugged it in to test it out and was reminded how awesome it sounds! Really dynamic and thick with lots of clarity. The EQ lets you get really thick tones which I like. Also a...
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    Sold Egnater Tweaker 15 head + 1x12 cabinet + carrying case

    For sale: Egnater Tweaker 15 head & 1x12 cab $old The carrying case was a special order that cost $60 extra and it comes in handy
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