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  1. redplexi

    WTB. Reeves custom HG10.

    Looking for a Reeves HG10 head or combo w power scaling.
  2. redplexi

    Mike Hickey not on tour with Joe B?

    Did Joe get a new Tech? And why?
  3. redplexi

    Who is Modding Marshalls now?

    most of the good guys are building there own , and not doing custom mod work anymore.
  4. redplexi

    Rubber feet for Loop A Lator.

    Where do I find rubber feet for my Bludotone Loop A Lator.
  5. redplexi

    Best Boutique Low Watt Tweed deluxe

    I'm looking for that Carlton tone from the Steely Dan records. I've seen the Tungsten Crema Wheat out there. But who else is building a great 5e3 circuit. The Vintage stuff is a great investment, but the boutique amps remedy issues that the vintage amps a Have.
  6. redplexi

    My new Coop Guitars S Style Video Demo

    I cant get enough of this guitar. Ive had it for 2 weeks now, and it amazes me everytime i plug in. Check out Coop Guitars. Pickups are Rocketfire Rockin 54's
  7. redplexi

    Coop Guitars. Boutique S-Style on it's way. Video and Pics loaded.

    I ordered a 56 S-Style a few weeks ago from Coop guitars. He just posted a pic on FB that it's almost ready to ship.. Has anyone else tried one? I met the owner years ago in the Vintage guitar circuit, and then found out he was now building Vintage style Guitars. I played one at the Columbus...
  8. redplexi

    My Coop Guitar S-Style is Done. Video and Pics Uploaded

    I ordered a 56 S-Style a few weeks ago from Coop guitars. He just posted a pic on FB that it's almost ready to ship.. Has anyone else tried one? I met the owner years ago in the Vintage guitar circuit, and then found out he was now building Vintage style Guitars. I played one at the Columbus...
  9. redplexi

    Who is making Great Single Coil Strat Pickups.

    I'm having a Strat Built by a New Builder, and want to choose an outstanding Pickup. I have: Budz Lollars Fralins fender Custom shop Antiquities I like them all, but I like to try new things and new builders. Any thoughts? I have heard people talk about Klien, Rocketfire...
  10. redplexi

    Speaker recomendations: 4x12 cab. Friedman BE 100

    I have a spare 4x12 cab. Who has a Friedman and what speakers have you had luck with.
  11. redplexi

    Best 18-20 Marshall "Type" Head w/Master

    Looking for a straight forward Blues/Rock low watt w/either master or power scaling. Pink taco? Retro king? What's out there
  12. redplexi

    Boutique Tweed champ + some?

    Looking for that Tweed Champ platform. But maybe a 1x10 speaker and a Tone + Volume knob. A little more headroom, via a better speaker. Does it exist?
  13. redplexi

    Best 5 Watt 1x10 Amp? Hands Down!!

    My ears are about done with loud amps, and my Vintage amps are un-reliable. I'm looking for a killer 5 watt 1x10 Been playing my tweed and blackface champs, but I shook them dead:(. So what is out there that Rocks in the 5 watt range. Would like 1x10. That can also take...
  14. redplexi

    Best 18 Watt Marshall Type amp

    Looking for "That" 18 watt Marshall type amp. Would like the Master volume or Power scaling.
  15. redplexi

    Best P90 Soapbar for Rock in a Mahogany Solid body guitar

    Looking for a great PU to put in a LP Special guitar with a Mahogany body. Which can be a Brighter wood.
  16. redplexi

    Who are the best at Refining and aging Les Paul Historics

    I've had Tom Murphy do some in the past, but I believe that he is tied up with Gibson. I've seen some of Dave Johnson's work, but can't get an e- mailed returned. Historic Make overs look good. Anyone else doing an accurate job?
  17. redplexi

    Chicago Blues Box Roadhouse Tube Question. 6L6 vs. 6V6

    I have a 4x10 Roadhouse, which is awesome. But it's tubed with 6L6 Tubes, and it's Very Loud. What would the Tonal differences be if I tubed it with 6V6's. Would it be more useable with the 6v6 tubes
  18. redplexi

    High End audio Power amp question.

    I've been told to leave my system on all of the time. But I get a Hiss through my speakers, even when my Pre-Amp is on Mute. Any suggestions?
  19. redplexi

    Who makes a Les Paul "Type" Guitar Superior To Historics?

    Who is Making a Single Cut Style, Not a "Replica" Burst. That is far superior to what Gibson is Mass producing at there Custom Shop. Tone Woods Neck Joints Pickup's Etc.
  20. redplexi

    Wildwood 10 Strat or Small Builder?

    In the market for another Strat. Anyone have experience with the Wildwood custom shops. Or thinking maybe a Danocaster or Similar. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  21. redplexi

    Audiophile grade power conditioners for Guitar Amps

    Has anyone experimented to different power conditioners for there Guitar Gear. I have a new home that has real bad Brown Noise in my gear. I tried my Furman rack mount and it doesn't do the trick. I have Audio Magic conditioners for my digital audio, but my Guitar Amps will blow the fuse...
  22. redplexi

    Who is making some great Strat style Guitars

    I've heard of allot of guys doing them. But who is doing them right? I have a Nash S57 and love it. But my tech pointed out the little thing that the bridge/saddle spacing doesn't quite match the neck radius. Therefore the High E slides right off the fret board. Who is doing Vintage...
  23. redplexi

    Boutique Les Paul Jr. Type guitars

    Im really interested in the Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Jr. And have heard great things about the Collings. Who else is making a Great Single P-90 type guitar.
  24. redplexi

    Best Replacement speaker for Blackface Deluxe reverb

    I have a 1966 Deluxe reverb that has a Vintage 30 in it. I have the original, but the cone is ripped. Been thinking of selling it, but it sounds too good. I just need to replace the speaker with a Less efficient Speaker, for better breakup than the Vintage 30. I'd prefer a broken in...
  25. redplexi

    Any Vintage Marshall Guys on Here , to help Date my Amp.

    I've tried to use the Book, but can't get the Date I know it's a 50 Watt Plexi. And it may be Pre 1968 due to the fact that it has No Letter code in the Serial #. S/11054 Tranny Date: 784 139
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