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  1. Jack Briggs

    Sold Two Rock Opal prototype!!!

    This is a very special amp! Not as compressed sounding as later TR offerings, including the Custom Reverb Sig. From an email to the owner (for whom I am selling the amp) from Chad Mangrum: "Yes what you have is the precursor to the Opal amp - which was our "Wireless" amp. One of my favorite...
  2. Jack Briggs

    Sold Two Rock Opal prototype!!!

    Here we have a very special prototype amp in the TR family history. Built on an Emerald Pro chassis, this is one of 5 or 6 prototypes for the Opal model (as per Chad Mangrum). 50 watts with 6L6WGC-STR output tubes. This one has a switch on the back panel for lead channel local negative feedback...
  3. Jack Briggs

    Sold K&M (Two Rock) LTD amp head - SALE PENDING!

    Wonderful amp! Serial #04 - making it one of the first run of this model. Cathode biased and able to use pretty much any octal power tube - 6V6, 5881, 6L6, EL34, KT66, etc., for a power output from about 12W to 35W, roughly. The OT is a 45-50W chunk of iron, so the lowest output figure is still...
  4. Jack Briggs

    Spector NS2 (Kramer era)

    Ahh - Danny Boy (my nephew) cheers,
  5. Jack Briggs

    (old) Tung Sol manufacturer date codes?

    Thanks much for the reply Jeff West. cheers,
  6. Jack Briggs

    (old) Tung Sol manufacturer date codes?

    Jeff - I have a TS 6SL7GT coded 322DP3? Would that be from the late 50S? Has a single horseshoe getter on top with the "chrome dome". Thanks cheers,
  7. Jack Briggs

    6L6WGB, 6L6GC, 5881 - Differences?

    If your LTD is not one of the first 5 or 6 it should have a Hi/Lo standby switch. If so, the Hi setting supplies about 405V to the plates - you're safe. They designed this amp to handle 6V6s on the Lo setting; the first 5 or 6 were cathode biased and one power setting with about 360 plate volts...
  8. Jack Briggs

    The absolute best 'boutique' amp you've 'played' was ....

    6 weeks? I waited 6 months for mine back '78!
  9. Jack Briggs

    Okay folks, After a couple of months I have had a whole new site designed by a pro and changed hosts. Please have a look now: cheers,
  10. Jack Briggs

    Luthiers' thoughts on Buzz Feiten Tuning System

    If it ain't broke - don't fix it! cheers,
  11. Jack Briggs

    Thanks, beorn! I'll have to coordinate with the dealers on this, but it sounds like a good idea. cheers,
  12. Jack Briggs

    Thanks Jaya! cheers,
  13. Jack Briggs

    New Briggs Guitars website: cheers,
  14. Jack Briggs

    PSA - linguistics

    This is something that always bothered me about the guitar community. When you make a verb past tense like "relic", it becomes "relicked", not reliced. Reliced means to infest with lice again. panic/panicked traffic/trafficked shellac/shellacked relic/relicked Here's the rule: "go on a...
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    1401 020

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    for sale
  21. Jack Briggs

    New Briggs Semihollow Model

    too late........ cheers,
  22. Jack Briggs

    New Briggs Semihollow Model

    bikeracr, really "airy" sounding HBs......kidding! it's a dry mock-up. won't be ready for a couple weeks I plan on winding a low output set especially for this instrument. cheers,
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