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  1. taco-man

    Living Room Karaoke Setup?

    Looking for recommendations for one or two powered speakers for living room karaoke. Planning to hook laptop and microphones into a small mixer. I have some PA type speakers, but those would be overkill for this, and too large.
  2. taco-man

    Curious about Tonebender MK1. What's affordable?

    Anything around $100 so I can dip my toe in the MK1 water?
  3. taco-man

    Summarize a song in just a few words.

    Describe the lyrical content of a song using just a few words. For example: Styx - "Come Sail Away": Maritime Alien Abduction Yes - "South Side of the Sky": Dying of Hypothermia
  4. taco-man

    Advice wanted for the "Maker Fair"

    My kids' school has this upcoming event, that is similar to a science fair, but it is open to everyone, and can include all kinds of creative projects, art, etc. They told me I can have the music room, and I offered to set up some microphones, a mixer and speakers. This is open to anyone, so...
  5. taco-man

    Anyone else's copy of Kind of Blue have this liner note error?

    This is a vinyl record, manufactured sometime after 2010. (See last two sentences)
  6. taco-man

    When several pedals want to be first in the chain.

    Let's say I want to run a Digitech Drop, a Digitech Freqout, and an Envelope Filter pedal. What order would you put them in?
  7. taco-man

    Rush lyrics

    Do you have a favorable opinion of Neil Peart's lyrics?
  8. taco-man

    What percussion instrument is this?

    Kind of "wiggly" sounding. at :23 of this video. (Sorry, I couldn't find an official version)
  9. taco-man

    Sold Malekko Omicron Trem

    SOLD - Malekko Mini Pedal Analog Tremolo. Excellent condition, velcro on bottom. Box and rubber feet included. $55 OBO paypal/shipped, CONUS Only.
  10. taco-man

    Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedal Boards

    Does anyone have any information about the Voodoo Lab pedal boards that they had at NAMM 2016? Interested in dimensions, weight, when they might hit stores, and at what street price.
  11. taco-man

    Sold Three mini pedals: Ana Echo, Orange Ninety, Stylish Fuzz

    For sale as a package deal: Mooer Ana Echo analog delay Mooer Ninety Orange phaser Donner Stylish Fuzz All in new condition with original packaging. $105 (OBO) Paypal for all. Shipping to CONUS (only) included.
  12. taco-man

    Ann Wilson offers to front Zeppelin tour

    Didn't see this posted here yet. (apology if it has already) “I don’t know. Hypothetically, if they ever needed a lead singer and Heart was not active at the moment, then, sure, I would,” Wilson offered. “I would go and play with...
  13. taco-man

    Anyone buy the new Gator pedalboard?

    I'm interested to know if it works well for routing cable and wires. And how it feels weight-wise. Gator GPB-BAK-1
  14. taco-man

    Keith Jarrett seems overly sensitive.

    Keith Jarrett apparently ran out of music in Paris Coughing really bugs Keith Jarrett.
  15. taco-man

    Hardcore Devo Live

    Devo is going to do ten dates performing their early material (found on the collection Hardcore Devo Vol. 1&2). Some info from A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Devo perform the legendary, experimental music the band created between 1974-1977 in Akron Ohio! The...
  16. taco-man

    Carbon Copy battery life

    My wife is a violin player, and I'm going to set her up with an MXR Carbon Copy delay for an upcoming gig she has. She doesn't have a pedal board or anything, so I was thinking I'd just put a battery in there to simplify the setup. Will it last for a three hour gig?
  17. taco-man

    Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 442

    Incl shipping to CONUS. Paypal $75. SOLD
  18. taco-man

    Thanksgiving: Thanks to The Gear Page

    Let us give thanks for music to which we've been introduced via The Gear Page. ------------------------------- Thanks to the member that turned me on to: Shane Theriot. Greasy New Orleans funk, rock, blues, soul. His instrumental albums appeal to my taste so well. Apparently working...
  19. taco-man

    New clip-on tuner day. Son of Snark.

    It's marketed as their most accurate tuner. Seems to hide itself fairly well. I am at work, so I can't see if it works, but I assume its fine. It's a tuner. [/URL][/IMG]
  20. taco-man

    Djabe with Steve Hackett: Firth of Fifth

    Hungarian jazz group Djabe with Steve Hackett live in Austria, 2011. They put out a pretty good live album together. QcxmGwyjFF4
  21. taco-man

    I feel like listening to King Crimson today.

    Am I just inept, or is there a way for me to have satisfy a Crimson craving? I want to download King Crimson Red. There's no Amazon download for their albums. DGM site doesn't offer it either. I am ready to pay full price (to the rights-holder, or whomever), but I want my...
  22. taco-man

    Dramatic reading of "I Am A God."

    Elise Roedenbeck's reading of "I Am A God" by Kanye West aka Yeezus. N7-gmqSwUeo
  23. taco-man

    Using a compressor as volume cut?

    Does anyone here use a compressor pedal near the beginning of their pedal chain to cut volume and distortion? I was thinking of using an EQ pedal for this (I guess HBE Detox is designed with this in mind), but maybe a compressor would do the trick. Before I tear apart the pedal board...
  24. taco-man

    Loop-Master reduced build times

    Just heard they have reduced their build times down to 2-3 weeks.
  25. taco-man

    Instant fuse blow

    Amplifier blows the fuse immediately when turned on. Do I buy new power tubes first? Or do I take the thing right in for repair? (Mesa Studio .22+)
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