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  1. Spider-Man

    Scored the best deal of my life on a 1958 Jr.

    I’d get a proper refinish on that. As Hogy said, the front has been refinished too and looks bad, IMO.
  2. Spider-Man

    Robert Berry

    Following up on this, I see there is an upcoming new release, SiX BY SiX. I just listened to the three tracks that are available on Apple Music. I like it, but I am a prog guy. @Volumneknobber thanks for bringing this up.
  3. Spider-Man

    Any tips when looking for you first vintage guitar?

    You are diving into shark infested waters. Do your research, seek opinions and advice from trusted experts. I really like @Highnumbers advice to make a list of what is most important to you that it is original, and which parts you can accept replacements. And don't compromise thinking you can...
  4. Spider-Man

    Robert Berry

    I liked the “3” album he did with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer. The two follow up albums released after Emerson’s death are good too. I don’t really know anything about him outside of those three CDs.
  5. Spider-Man

    Install Bigsby B7 on my '67 ES 335?

    No. Please don’t ruin that guitar with a horrible Bigsby. Those things are terrible.
  6. Spider-Man

    These saddles repro?

    Yes, the font is wrong.
  7. Spider-Man

    Cleaning the Finish a Vintage Gibson 335

    Local hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., will cary naphtha.
  8. Spider-Man

    Are there any Tweed style amps with reverb?

    Mesa California Tweed
  9. Spider-Man

    Taking this 1958 out to play!

  10. Spider-Man


    Pics and videos of old guitars in action?
  11. Spider-Man

    Does appearing in promotional material make a guitar worth more?

    I remember seeing the guitar in this advertisement for sale a year of two ago. I don't know if it went for any more that any other early Telecaster, but if there's one that's going to go for more because it was featured in an ad, I suppose it would be this one.
  12. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    In defense of the local tech, he had the right idea, but just didn’t have enough fret to work with which led to compromised playability. But you are correct that in that he did steer me in that direction rather than recommend a refret, which he was unwilling to do, and was not great advice. His...
  13. Spider-Man

    1963 Fender Bassman

    And get the codes off of the power and output transformers. To me, having an original output transformer is critical with an old amp.
  14. Spider-Man

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    I know of one ‘58 for sale at $30k, but for the most part asking prices for a ‘58 are more like $40k right now.
  15. Spider-Man

    NGD: 1957 Fender Esquire

    Yeah, we saw that one. I didn’t plug it in, but did pick it up and strum a few chords. Very cool. I wasn’t in the market for an Esquire, but was really fighting the urge to play the ‘58 Strat they had… made it out of there with my wallet intact!
  16. Spider-Man

    Original 65 SG with refret?

    How cool is that!
  17. Spider-Man

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    We’ll then, I’ll just drop this one here Granted, it is in Europe and prices over there tend to be higher than in the...
  18. Spider-Man

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    I get it, and I hope I did not come across as rude or condescending to left-handed players. That was not my intension.
  19. Spider-Man

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    Gear sales always slow down in the summer, and it was inevitable that sales would slow down this summer as COVID has loosened it's stranglehold on us and many are excited to take that vacation that they did not take the last 2 or 3 years. Not to mention the uncertainty over the economy... I did...
  20. Spider-Man

    Fender Acoustasonic Owners - Long Term Dependability?

    No issues here. I bought mine (Tele) when they came out.
  21. Spider-Man

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    I have a friend who is left-handed and is learning to play after starting, and then stopping for several years. Years ago, when he first started, his teacher told him to sell the left-handed guitar and learn to play right-handed. He was put off by that. I told him that was probably the best gear...
  22. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    Prior to the refret, potentially. But it’s not that big and something that anyone other than an experienced luthier would most likely have missed. All I knew when I got the guitar was that there was some fret buzz at the first coupe of frets. I did not spot the hump when I sighted down the neck...
  23. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    I would guess that collectors are big on original frets for pristine examples. Well played examples like this one, although all-original other than the frets and nut, probably not so much. For players, a refret adds value as far as I am concerned - assuming you like the fret size that was used...
  24. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    No finish work was necessary. We definitely wanted to avoid that at all costs! Hogy was able to account for the variances in the fretboard with the fret level and without the need to touch the fretboard. I have shared pics of this guitar in the past, but here you go.
  25. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    After much debate I decided to have my recently acquired '57 Strat refretted. The guitar still had the original frets and my plan was to keep the them on there as long as I could, but there was quite a bit of fret buzz at the first few frets. The nut looked like it was too low and I thought...
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