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  1. ucnick

    FM3/FC6/FC12 Display/Button Sunlight Visibility

    Anybody have any experience with this? I recently acquired an FM3 and FC6 Mk 2 and was wondering how they might do out in the sunlit wild. They look great indoors. My wife REALLY likes the colors.:facepalm
  2. ucnick


    My FM3 and FC6 Mk 2 arrived Friday, was able to mess with them a little bit Fri eve and last night and am loving them. I setup the OMG9 layout and it works really well for me, I will definitely be gigging with it/them. Not even certain I need an FM9 anymore, I don't think I ever needed to run 2...
  3. ucnick

    In Praise Of Kemper USA Customer Service

    I live in the US. Late last year I sold off my Kemper Powerhead, which I have owned since late 2013, as I very rarely used it except for recording, and used the proceeds to purchase a used Stage from a Reverb seller, as it would actually get some use. After putting together some performances...
  4. ucnick

    What Happened To/Where Are Genuine L6 Variax JTV Replacement Batteries?

    Battery in my JTV89 is dying but it seems like genuine L6 replacements are nowhere to be found - what happened? Where are they? I would like to be able to continue to use it as standalone, as well as with the vdi box. I know, I know... they are where you find them... but that isn't very...
  5. ucnick

    What Happened to the Variax Cabled Power Kit?

    This is directed primarily @Frank Ritchotte or @Digital Igloo. But if anyone else can provide info, I'd appreciate that as well. I have purchased a JTV-89 (it was a good deal and it looks like a good axe) specifically for use with my covers band to provide acoustic 6- and 12-string tones and...
  6. ucnick

    Monterey CA, Sat 7/17/21 - Phil 'n the Blanks at Sly McFly's on Cannery Row, 9:00 PM - 12:30 AM

    My band, Phil 'n the Blanks, out of Monte Sereno CA, will be performing tomorrow night at Sly McFly's on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA from 9pm to 12:30 am. High energy classic rock and contemporary covers. Not to mention good grub and great beers and drinks! I'm the lead guitarist, Nick. Stop by...
  7. ucnick

    Morgan Hill CA Engine Room Band @ Guglielmo Winery 6 - 9 PM

    My classic rock covers band Engine Room will be performing tomorrow night, July 7th 2021, at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill CA from 6 to 9. I'm the lead guitar, gonna be rockin a LP and an Anderson drop top through a Pod Go into a Marshall Origin 50. Free admission, great wine, and great...
  8. ucnick

    Fender Custom 68 DRRI with Recurrent Whooshing Noise

    I do occasional amp repair work on the side, not as a business, more of a hobby, recaps, that sort of thing. My bandmate's 68 Custom DRRI (S/N B-656397, 1991 build) recently began making a recurring whooshing noise, I'm starting to wonder if it might be in the trem circuit, given the recurring...
  9. ucnick

    Classic Rock at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill CA Tonight

    My classic rock covers band Phil 'n the Blanks ( at Guglielmo Winery in Morgan Hill CA tonight June 2nd from 6 to 9 PM. Free admission & free parking, but only 200 seats available, first come first served. I'm lead guitar, btw. :cool...
  10. ucnick

    Chibson Les Paul P-90, anybody?

    Spotted this during my perusal of CL this morn. To me it looks like either a Chibson or a knock-off of some sort. Guitar les paul gold top p90 - $400 (san jose downtown)
  11. ucnick

    Nux Cerberus Users...

    I have a Nux Cerberus that I purchased back in 2018, and I've been communicating with Nux about the noise issues that the unit generates when the LED display is turned on when the OD or distortion sections are set at higher gains, for instance when the CAB setting is engaged. To me it is quite...
  12. ucnick

    NAD X2!

    My Marshall Origin 50 head arrived today from Sweetwater (thanks Josh!!). I also literally just picked up a 1998 Rivera Jake Studio Combo from a Craigslist seller who is moving to SoCal. So it is NAD X2 today! That doesn't happen to me often!! I tried 'em both out briefly while bearing in...
  13. ucnick

    HX Effects In Factory Preset Mode?

    I have a used HX Effects running FW 2.92. From the day I received it, it had been running in what appeared to be user preset mode, I never saw any factory presets, and that was fine as I always roll my own. Until last night. At rehearsal, of course.:eek::mad: When I powered it up, it came up in...
  14. ucnick

    Best Helix/HX FX Drive Pedal for MIAB?

    Which of the Helix/HX FX drives is closest to a MIAB? I am using an HX FX into a clean SS amp (usually either a Tonemaster Twin or Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 12HD) and the OCD seems pretty close to me. Any other suggestions?
  15. ucnick

    Gibson Memphis tuner shaft hole diameter?

    Dumb question, but I have 2013-ish ES-339 satin. Love the guitar, but don't care for the Grovers on there, they are a bit heavy, non-locking, and are contributing to neck dip. I want to replace them with a set of Hipshot open tuners to try to reduce the neck dip a bit. However, I am not sure...
  16. ucnick

    Engine Room at The Cats Los Gatos CA

    My covers band Engine Room is playing tonight at the famous Cats restaurant and club in Los Gatos CA from 8 to 11. We have a sub drummer tonight, as our usual guy is away for a long-distance family thing so there may an interesting moment or two occurring. If anyone is interested, I'm going to...
  17. ucnick

    Robben Ford Amp In Jimmy Witherspoon Video

    I was watching this video and I can't quite make out what Robben's amp is, looks like a Bassman head/cab combo, anyone know?
  18. ucnick

    Blues Cube Artist for Recording?

    My band is going to record some tunes for a demo next week, I am thinking I may use my BCA for it, tones are great in band context, I have the Ultimate Blues and Robben Ford tone capsules and between those and the no-capsule capabilities I can get some terrific tones. I was wondering if anyone...
  19. ucnick

    Improvisational Nonsense?!

    I was cruising through the local CL ads (sometimes a cool opportunity will present itself) and spotted this little gem (sorry for the length but it is a long one). The line about "improvisational nonsense" caught my eye and gave me a bit of a chuckle, particularly in light of some of the players...
  20. ucnick

    Robben Ford Goldtop "Deluxe" - Mini and Full Size HBs?

    I guess I never noticed it before, I had always thought it was goldtop Standard with two full-size HBs, but it appears to be a cross between a Deluxe and a Standard: the neck is a mini-HB, but the bridge is a full-size HB. It can be clearly seen in this video: Seems to me that it has to be a...
  21. ucnick

    Helix Guys - Suggestions For Duane Allman Fillmore East Slide Tones

    My band wants to do a few ABB tunes from Live At Fillmore East, especially the slide tunes Statesboro Blues and Done Somebody Wrong. I've been trying to get something fairly close to that bluesy, thick but cutting, near-harmonica tone Duane had with the bass Marshall on my Helix, but not there...
  22. ucnick

    2018 PRS S2 Standard 22 Korean 85/15 Pickups... gah...

    I recently purchased a 2018 PRS S2 Standard 22 from a Reverb vendor. Played the guitar acoustically for a bit, nice and resonant, nice zing, even without setup it felt good to play, nice and light, and I like the neck and the high fret access. No neck dip, balance is good. And once I did a setup...
  23. ucnick

    Livermore CA - Jukebox Heroes In Concert at McGrail Winery, Sept 15, 2018

    From Fremont CA, Jukebox Heroes, a (mostly) 80s covers band,will be appearing in concert at McGrail Winery in Livermore CA, charity show, 8 to 10 PM, $90 per person. Kind of pricey, but it's for a good cause.
  24. ucnick

    Blueshawk Gig Bag Suggestions?

    I have a 1998 Gibson Blueshawk with the OHSC which I like to use with my blues band (what else?) but have a bad hip and would like to use a gig bag with it to reduce weight. I looked around on the web for gig bags for Blueshawk/Nighthawk/Little Lucille guitars, but there do not seem to be any...
  25. ucnick

    Sold Quilter Tone Block 200

    2015 Quilter Tone Block 200. 200 full watts of power into an 8 ohm load in a 4 lb package. Running it through a 4x12, it WILL keep up with a Plexi 100 watt head. I wouldn't get rid of it except that I have four Quilters already, so it is a bit redundant. Great amps for pedals! Comes with locking...
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