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  1. Spider-Man

    NFD - New Frets Day ('57 Strat)

    After much debate I decided to have my recently acquired '57 Strat refretted. The guitar still had the original frets and my plan was to keep the them on there as long as I could, but there was quite a bit of fret buzz at the first few frets. The nut looked like it was too low and I thought...
  2. Spider-Man

    FS Fat Pups Crossroads Five Two Strat pickup set

    For Sale: Fat Pups Crossroads Five Two Strat pickup set Fat Pups makes some really nice pickups for not a lot of money. These are in basically new condition, but the leads have been trimmed for a standard Strat installation. This set has the parchment covers. Lead lengths: - Bridge pickup 5" -...
  3. Spider-Man

    Sold Analogman King of Tone V4

    **** SOLD **** **** SOLD **** **** SOLD **** Excellent condition. No velcro. Includes box and paperwork. Made in 2021. Has the following options: - Red side, high gain - External toggle for the Red side (Boost, Overdrive, Distortion) *** No Trades *** $675.00 Shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS
  4. Spider-Man

    NVGD: 1957 Stratocaster!

    TL;DR I traded my '64 Strat towards an all-original (except for the nut) 1957 Stratocaster! Pics below. So, this has been a long time coming. My journey for a 50's Stratocaster started just about three years ago. Well, really more like 35 years ago. I had a '57 Strat and a '56 Esquire back in...
  5. Spider-Man

    Sold 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom (not a reissue)

    SOLD ON REVERB This is a very nice 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom in Black. All original with the exception of a refret with Jescar 47090 Nickel Steel frets (masterfully done by the Gear Page's @hogy ), a new nut, and it currently has replacement pots and caps installed (originals in the case)...
  6. Spider-Man

    The Black Crowes 1972

    I'm not too fond of this being an exclusive Amazon release, but this looks good. I'd like to see the entire track list before ordering.
  7. Spider-Man

    Sold 1963 Jensen P12Q 8 ohm

    I bought this last year for a planned 5E3 Tweed Deluxe build that isn't going to happen. The speaker is in great shape with the original cone. $175 shipped and PayPal's in the CONUS
  8. Spider-Man

    Sold Armadillo Ampworks aged 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Cabinet

    **** SOLD **** I bought this cabinet from another Gear Page member last year for a planned 5E3 build. As it turns out, it's not going to happen. This is an Armadillo Ampworks aged Tweed 1x12 cabinet for a standard 5E3 chassis. The cabinet is larger than the regular 5E3 size, measuring 22"...
  9. Spider-Man

    Sold Suhr Thornbucker Set

    <<<< SOLD >>>> I bought these last year for a project guitar that I abandoned. As-new. Zebra coils. Bridge is the 53mm version. The leads have not been trimmed. $150 shipped and PayPal' in the CONUS
  10. Spider-Man

    Sold Lace Sensor Hot Gold Pickups

    SOLD I'm selling a like-new set of Hot Gold Lace Sensors. This is the set with the hotter 13.2k bridge pickup. Neck and middle pickup are 6.0k. I bought these last year for my parts-Strat and have decided to sell that guitar. Lead wires have not been trimmed. $125 Shipped and PayPal'd in the...
  11. Spider-Man

    Columbus OH Guitar Show today

    Going to the Columbus, OH show today. This show has been lame for years so I have low expectations, although last winter there were a few Pre-CBS Strats, a 50's Goldtop, a 'Burst, and a couple old Juniors. I'll report back later.
  12. Spider-Man

    Vintage Gear 2021 in review. What came in, what went out?

    I didn't have a lot of action in 2021. Rising prices and all... Departed: '62 Fender Deluxe. Cool amp, but not quite what I had hoped it would be. Need to pick up an amp or two in 2022. Arrived: Semi-vintage '74 Tele Custom. I have been looking for one of these that is under 7.5 lbs for a...
  13. Spider-Man

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    ... is there? I'm not commenting on the dealer, they get fantastic guitars and I really like their videos. I would not hesitate to contact them if I were looking at a guitar they have available. But that's absurd for a...
  14. Spider-Man

    Head scratcher of the week (1951 NoCaster content) :huh :facepalm I don't know which is more insane. The mods, or that price!
  15. Spider-Man

    NGD - '74 Telecaster Custom

    Ok, let's get this out of the way first... It's a 70's Fender, which I really don't consider a "vintage" guitar. But I have to admit that my hard-line position on "what is vintage" has softened a bit over the last year... So, here we have a '73/74 Tele Custom with the wrong body shape, 3-bolt...
  16. Spider-Man

    Prices are getting even more crazy...

    $26.5k for a '64 Strat? They have it on Reverb at $27k. That's the highest asking price I have ever seen for a '64. Granted, I was not following the market back in the mid-2000's before prices crashed. This is from a big time vintage dealer, not some random Reverb dreamer. I suppose it could be...
  17. Spider-Man

    Sold 2010 PRS Paul Reed Smith DC22

    SOLD: 2010 Paul Reed Smith DC22 $2000 shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS NO TRADES - PRICE IS FIRM This is from the first run of 25, number 12. I bought this new from Musicians Friend Private Reserve in 2010. The first run is different because they are all non-10 tops, moons (birds were not...
  18. Spider-Man

    Can the spring on a Fender case latch be repaired?

    Specifically on a vintage (50's or 60's) Fender case. Can the spring on a case latch that no longer "springs-up" be repaired? If so, who does this type of work?
  19. Spider-Man

    Sold 2013 Fender Custom Shop '52 Relic Telecaster

    *** SOLD *** 2013 Fender Custom Shop '52 Telecaster Relic White Blonde $2650 Shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS NO TRADES (unless you have a clean late 50's Tweed Case) Yeah, I know, it's a white guard... But the Custom Shop COA lists this as a '52 Telecaster Relic, and the FCS is in the...
  20. Spider-Man

    Does a vintage Fender assembled from parts matter?

    I came across an early 50’s Esquire for sale on a dealers website last night. Later in the evening I was searching sold listings on Reverb to compare prices and I found the exact same neck on a different body than it is paired with now. My initial reaction is that this has eliminated that...
  21. Spider-Man

    Dallas or Arlington Guitar Show?

    I see both are currently still scheduled for this fall. Of course circumstances could change that... Never been to either. I'm looking for a mid-50's Tele. I can only go to one. Which show would you choose and why?
  22. Spider-Man

    Help with '54 Tele Pickup identification

    Does this look right for a '54 Tele pickup to you guys? EDIT: I copied the photos and uploaded them to my business website so they should show up for everyone now (I was linking them from another site previously). Comparing it to a pic from a '55 below, there are two things I am not...
  23. Spider-Man

    Sold Edwards Les Paul E-LP-135 ALS/RE

    For Sale - NO TRADES Edwards Les Paul E-LP-135 ALS/RE $875 shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS This is a really great playing and great sounding Edwards LP. Ultimately, I'm not a Les Paul guy and I have GAS for a vintage Tweed Champ. Something has to go... Tobacco Sunburst finish All...
  24. Spider-Man

    Sold Atomic CLR Neo, Powered

    For Sale: Powered Atomic CLR Neo SOLD I bought this late last year and have been using it at home. The unit is in as-new condition. I have the original shipping box. $875 shipped and PayPal’d in the CONUS I’ll post some pics later tonight.
  25. Spider-Man

    Sold Suhr Hedgehog 50 - $1900

    SOLD on Reverb $1900 shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS Amp is in excellent condition. Includes cover, footswitch, and midi cable. Will be well packed for shipping.
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