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  1. ucnick

    Do you play along with albums/backing tracks?

    Yes, pretty much every day in varying amounts!
  2. ucnick

    Guitar not cutting through when playing with band.

    Hm. I ran my K100 in 50 watt mode with my band a few years ago at an outdoor gig, I did have it cranked but my stage volume was so loud the sound guy turned me down in the mix, and told me to turn it the #$%^^%$!! down. No one had any problem hearing me, and it is a loud band. But, as usual, YMMV.
  3. ucnick

    Guitar not cutting through when playing with band.

    Zackly. Much different at louder volumes tonally due to the F-M, AKA equal loudness, curves.
  4. ucnick

    Guitar not cutting through when playing with band.

    It can be done. That is why the Nashville cats use `em. I gig my Mk 1 K100 1x12 on occasion. It also became smoother and less treble-y once the speaker was broken in. With a Strat, mids are your friend! I don't typically use any of the distorted amps, I use the clean setting and dial in dirt...
  5. ucnick

    Interested in Deluxe Reverb tone, but want it to be better than what Fender offer

    How ` bout a Lil Dawg Wonderdawg? Single channel AB763 circuit variant with SR tone stack for mid control. Price is pretty reasonable. No PCBs. All handwired. Heard great things about Lil Dawg product. Been thinking about one myself...:love::drool
  6. ucnick

    What's a single studio monitor that looks like a cabinet?

    Yep exactly thanks!
  7. ucnick

    What's a single studio monitor that looks like a cabinet?

    EX112 is Tech 21 model number for the extension cab.
  8. ucnick

    Looks like Pete Thorn digs his QC for gigs

    I grok. Harshaw was my favorite. Way way way way way back when, 72, 73... My first copy fell apart I read it so much. That... and Dune and Catch-22...
  9. ucnick

    What's a single studio monitor that looks like a cabinet?

    FYI from personal experience the PEDD is not loud enough by itself when behind you and with a loud band outdoors. It also begins to compress and sorta drop out when hitting peaks at max volume, probably protection circuit kicking in. It may be loud enough with the EX112 extension cab connected...
  10. ucnick

    Roasted Shmoasted

    My wife really loves the smell of a roasted maple neck. Honestly, she really does. :beer She doesn't care about the SS frets, however... :crazy
  11. ucnick

    Kiesel: "That's what makes our necks so good, that we don't use a PLEK machine"

    I have had 5 or 6 Carvins (Carvins, not Kiesels) over the years, still have 4 - perfect frets on all of them. No issues whatsoever.
  12. ucnick

    Is there still a place for 100W amps?

    FWIW, I played an outdoor gig with one of my bands last week to a crowd of a few thousand, had a full PA provided by a professional sound outfit. I ran my FM3 into a Marshall Origin 50 head into a DV Mark 1x12 cab, and ran the amp at half power setting (no gain boost, half power is 10 watts...
  13. ucnick

    Line 6 POD Go

    FWIW I contacted L6 about sending it back to have the impedance issue corrected, took about a week but they finally sent me a prepaid shipping label, so I packed it up today and will send it out tomorrow, they said 1 to 2 week turnaround, I'm in NorCal so hopefully shouldn't take to long to...
  14. ucnick

    Quilter Tone Block 202 ?

    FWIW below is part of a discussion I had with Pat Quilter about speakers tto use with my old TB200 I owned a few years back, you folks may find it informative. I did:love:. As a result, I do use a EPS12C in an old Lopoline convertible cab and it works very well with my TB202, as well as my...
  15. ucnick

    Dumb question - how do modelers replicate the flexibility of individual pedals?

    Yeah - what he said! The full Helix has the capability to tweak all the blocks on the fly with your feet in real time, which is a really nice capability and of which I made use while I was gigging my Helix. I assume LT may have the same capability as well, but am not certain.
  16. ucnick

    "Can you reduce the signal from your Helix" (soundman asks)

    I had a sound guy ask me to do this with my FM3. Very good sound guy, he said if I couldn't lower it then could take care of it. Which was what he ended up doing... left me scratching my head wondering wth he was thinking?! :facepalm:bonk
  17. ucnick

    Ever bought a guitar you owned decades earlier?

    Yeah. My first "decent" guitar was a 1971 Gibson SG200 I bought in early 1972 with $$ I saved (about $200 as I recall) from a weekend job working as a busboy. Stupidly, I had sold it for money to purchase some... ahem, chemical enhancers in the mid-70s. Spotted one on eBay about 10 years ago...
  18. ucnick

    Quilter MicroPro HD with modelers?

    I use a MicroPro Mach 2 HD 12 and it sounds great with my modelers, be it Fractal or Line 6 or Kemper. I plug into the regular amp input and use the "brown" switch setting, from I have found it has the flattest response of all the choices. Adjust gain and BMT to taste. And I never run out of...
  19. ucnick

    Fractal FM9

    I have a Kemper Stage and an OMG9 as well. I was working with the Kemper and became very frustrated with using the GUI editor, which is still better than using the front panel controls (which require bending over to adjust which I do not care for with a bad back), but it was really buggy and...
  20. ucnick

    Well, I came to the dark side and got a Helix

    Yep, into a computer or PA or FRFR requires the cab IR. But, as Dave said, no rules. I actually kinda like using a good IR and then running it into a guitar amp, it's claimed to cause ear fatigue, but I guess mine have a lot of stamina, as it sounds fine to me and I can play it all night, or...
  21. ucnick

    Well, I came to the dark side and got a Helix

    #2 is VERY important. My favorite is York Audio, I have Ownhammer, Redwires, and a few others, but that fellow just has an unnaturally good ear, I must say!
  22. ucnick

    Fractal FM9

    Ditto. Right now I'm redesigning previous PCBAs for production machines to accommodate whatever we can find that is available NOW. And I work for one of the world's largest HDD/SSD companies and WE cannot find what we need. I think made in China? The AX8 that I had owned was made in USA.
  23. ucnick

    Way too early Fractal Vs Quad Cortex comparisons.

    I cannot compare the QC to Fractal, as I have never had a QC, but I also am not a huge fan of my FM3 front panel controls. So, to get around bending over and trying to adjust from the front panel controls, which is problematic at best during a gig, I like to bring a small Asus Win10 tablet...
  24. ucnick

    (Gigging Players) Do you use several patches/amp models?

    I'm in 3 different classic rock cover bands and currently gig with an OMG9 and a Pod Go (backup). I use a hybrid approach where I have a number of general-purpose presets and also some song-specific patches. I try to keep the song-specific patches to a minimum.
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