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    Do You Have YOUR Holy Grail Les Paul?

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    New Tophat Amps on Youtube

    Teleplayer, I really think it’s time you start calling your “music room” your Tophat museum!
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    New Tophat Amps on Youtube

    NJ20 and Emplexador Jr 4x10. I found the videos on Brian's youtube page.
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    New Tophat Amps on Youtube

    Oh my god.
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    What amp has "cured" you G.A.S.?

    Tophat Club Royale since 2005.
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    5 bands that influenced your style and sound most when first learning guitar.

    Pearl Jam Led Zeppelin Jane’s Addiction Smashing Pumpkins Hum
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    Gibson's Neck Angle

    There is no such guitar!!!!
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    Modeling has Peaked...It's Over!

    From my admittedly subjective perspective, it never began. :-)
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    Did your dream guitar live up to the hype?

    Yep. Love my R6. Sounds great and plays great.
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    Plexi amp recommendation please

    Tophat Emplexador would be my choice. These amps sound incredible, and the master volume works really well.
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    In your opinion, what is the definitive Strat sound?

    “Lungs” Lyle Lovett has an incredible strat solo. That’s one of my favorite strat sounds.
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    Who is number 1

    Gibson custom shop
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    Which amp are you joensing for?

    Another Club Royale
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    Do you guys gig your boutique amps?

    My club Royale has been to every one of my gigs except one since 2005.
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    How much is too much for a Jr.?

    If it were me, I would probably go for a Gibson USA Les Paul Junior. 1599.00 is at the high end of what I would pay for a junior, but you would get a new guitar with a warranty. Also, I love Gibson P90s so this would eliminate the need for a pickup swap. Of course, this would mean going for a...
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    NAD: 3 watt Carr

    That would be my pick if I were ever to buy another amp other than a Club Royale. Cheers!
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    Are Gibson P90s good?

    To my ears, there is no better sounding pickup than a Gibson P90.
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    If money was no object, what vintage guitar would you buy?

    1956 Les Paul. Unless I could sell it right after. In that case, 1959 Les Paul (so I could buy more 56s and amps).
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    What Are Your "Perfect" Albums?

    Ten Gish Car wheels on a gravel road Trace Ritual de lo habitual Physical graffiti Little earthquakes Downward is heavenward
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    Best album-closing songs

    “Classic Girl” from Jane’s Addiction’s Ritual de lo Habitual
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    Choosing A Fender Amp!

    Big isn’t the only criteria that I was using to make my recommendation.
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    Choosing A Fender Amp!

    I suppose it depends on how accurate OP wants to be. Pedals, golden age or not, don’t replicate output transformers and speakers particularly well in my opinion. Put another way, a deluxe reverb with a Marshall type pedal will still sound and respond like a 20 watt amp. I notice this especially...
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    Choosing A Fender Amp!

    If you are going for Pumpkins and Hum, I would get a Marshall. The fender combos you mention are not really built for the sounds you mention in your post.
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