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  1. joegagan

    WAH switching, hard soft,or medium (not step switch as in morley etc)

    there was a standard in wah pedals as far back as my first memory, 1975 ( playing ' shaft' in front of 3000 people at my highschool, at an event on a borrowed crybaby - never even got to rehearse with it ahead of time). the standard was: the switch would need body weight and a hard action to...
  2. joegagan

    Smart harmonist for 150 or less?

    Thanks in advance. Just looking to do a lo fi string section simulation with fuzz like pedal steel players used to do with fuzzrite etc. Thinking of digitech or boss harmony pedals, am I missing any? Did Behringer make a knockoff? Were there certain eras that had good features but weren't too...
  3. joegagan

    more wah pot testing! 3 pots in exact same wah.

    hi everybody, it has been a while since i've done one of these. the setup: exact same wah, guitar, amp settings, no other pedals in chain.same phone to record and cam location. pots were changed between takes. all are CARBON pots, no plastic elements 500k gagan smooth pot , PEC mil spec RV4...
  4. joegagan

    USPS reaches new low

    (background: i send approximately 2000 packages a year with 30% going international--- over 9 years with almost no lost or messed up packages, i have been a happy customer in the past). but there is now something happening with USPS nationwide that i have never seen before. i had a canada...
  5. joegagan

    do buffers effect wah tone? semi-controlled AB test , listen, vote, comment

    i went public with my opinion that post-wah buffers adversely effect tone in vintage based wah circuits around 4 years ago. this was based on many wah builds and mods where customers requested output buffers, i could never get the wahs to sound 'right' after adding the buffer. i finally stopped...
  6. joegagan

    new wah designs, tourbox sign up (poll)

    just like cover bands trying to sneak a few originals into each set and not get fired, pedal designers would like a chance to have our new tunes heard, alongside the myriad requests for another ' cover ' of the classic clyde/picture/signature 60s vox wah. no question, the wahs of 67 thru 70...
  7. joegagan

    serious wah freaks only: inductor testing sample (AB test)

    this is for the total wah freaks. recorded with samsung S5 but in a very good location. experimented with making new replica 'filmcan' inductor using what i believe are correct ferrites and vintage enamel coated wire. in this test, done in real time , a genuine 68 or 69 filmcan from vintage...
  8. joegagan

    pot shootout. 6 pots tested in 69 crybaby!

    pseudo scientific test. please vote for your favorites and or take guesses if you like, i am purposely not showing which test is which pot. after a week or two, i will reveal which pot is which. hint: the scratchy pot is the ERT, it was left in to show the taper. thanks to all who play the...
  9. joegagan

    Test- what a string of buffers does to tone

    Blind test, 3 videos: two vids have approx 7 to 10 pedals,( around half with 'always-on' buffers ) in line with wah near end of chain, one vid is pure guitar > wah > amp. All amp settings, guitar and wah remained the same throughout. Same cables used. All cables on the pedal board were very...
  10. joegagan

    wah article, early days of dunlop

    wrote this article last year, my friend Andreas has it at his excellent site. the link was down a while back, i tried to send some people to it. back up now, take a few minutes if you like crybaby or wah in general:
  11. joegagan

    betty G wah, germanium tainted wah

    strat with scalloped MIJ E series neck > wah > fender champ2 > line out to 80s fender carpeted SS amp with chorus and verb. stock and extension speakers, total of 2 12s, one 15 and one 10.
  12. joegagan

    ANGRY ex. wah with fuzz/oct/ringmoddy tinges

    lefty strat, jtm clone with one-12 , both channels. amp controls all at approx 12 noon. no other pedals. experimental pedal at this point. but fun! bonus, listen for jeff beck-ian warbley things starting at around 5:50.
  13. joegagan

    McCono pot2 strikes again

    full disclosure - while i have previously paid full retail for michael's pots in the past, he sent me a sample to try, and this is the result: ( great wide sweep, very nice minute expression through the range) sounds like:
  14. joegagan

    ian moore new tour

    saw my pal ian moore live in ABQ last night, the guy is in FINE form, shredding blues rock like some of you may recall from his long career ( at times he goes acoustic, but this is a full band tour, keys, bass drums. 2nd guitar plus himself). tones were great. he was using a jackson...
  15. joegagan

    vintage wah tuning, maestro BG2 boomerang wah

    for any of you maestro boomerang fans out there, here is a quick little video we did about setting up the stops on heel and treble side, and some notes about how to set the pot. one thing missing from the video: check your rack gear to make sure it has not warped. many of them have warped due...
  16. joegagan

    Reese's tv commercial guitar tone, love it.

    You know, the commercial that is running right now. Opens with a killer open E blues riff, followed by a sustaining slide riff. Any guesses on how they did it ? I hear p 90 howl and hollow body resonance, a tweedish amp well mic'd and possibly a boost pedal in there. Kinda similar to the...
  17. joegagan

    new germ powered wah @ 18v!

    introducing betty G. big orange drops, big voltage, vintage Ac187 NPN germanium in the clitritical tone spot. ( g spot) very deep but also with a creamy top, in other words a VERY wide sweep. swamp or modern. the kind of wah that makes you play your wah all night long. your bandmates will tire...
  18. joegagan

    new mini crybaby takes 75% more foot movement despite smaller size

    the new mini crybaby takes 75% more foot travel to accomplish same sweep as regular wah. whether this is good or bad is personal taste. one thing is for sure. it takes a different technique. i first noticed it when tuning our mini-talia ( world's first modded mini crybaby), so i had to break...
  19. joegagan

    vintage wah article, the fab 80s!

    hi y'all andreas moller of wah fame, aka stinkfoot has graciously published my latest wah article about the early days of dunlop wahs. check it out!
  20. joegagan

    david torn and basic audio

    just discovered this. simply a beautiful sounding fuzz to me. torn is rippin. _PCItpI1CPU full disclosure. john lyons is a friend. but i would have posted this anyway!
  21. joegagan

    filmcan vox 69 vs gagan italia ~wah wah

    my son scott and i spent around 30 days in december / jan, a little bit each day tuning our 'italia' wah to match the unique ' squish' of the italian jen made vox wah with filmcan inductor. amp = 1983 champ II ( 18 watt 6v6 power) into a second slave amp with fender 12. guitar was a stock...
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