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    Still using your Source Audio Vertigo?

    A simple enough question. Just wondering, because it's just about the only tremolo that does a repeat percussion sound as well as a harmonic tremolo. I definitely want a trem that does both of those sounds.
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    Nels Cline and a bunch I pedals

    And why he doesn't use the Klone for live nyc performance
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    Nels Cline plays Hendrix in Brooklyn

    Didn't know this was happening or I'd have gone:
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    Cm7b5 is the last refuge of the jazz faker...

    Yet you can barely even make out the intervals with all the fuzz and reverb they've slathered on anyway. Kids today... amirite? In my day, we stuck to with good ol' Cmin7 and played it straight 4 to the bar.
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    New Gurus Pedal: Tube Trem & Reverb

    Hmmmmmm, more interesting than the delay, to me, anyway.
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    PSA: Boss Waza DM2w seems to be $150 Now

    There's at least 2 places in New York it is streeting for that anyway. I grabbed one because I had credit at Main Drag, the expression pedal input for delay time is a nice touch and I needed a buffer for a board I'm working up.
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    PSA: Guitar Center is selling the Keeley Dual Phase for $12o

    New, at least in Brooklyn. It's listed as $149 but they took more off at the register. I don't even recall seeing this before in store. But it's hot, sounds very MuTrony and being able to ramp between 2 speeds is awesome. You can set it to tap tempo too, but I don't know what kind of pervert...
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    A Cool RnB guitarist that seems forgotten

    Robert Ward: Great Magnatone sound! Evidently met Hendrix on the chitlin circuit etc.
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    Noveller Is An Interesting Choice For The Iggy Pop Support Slot

    Noveller is Sarah Lipstate, a one woman ambient (or whatever we're calling it) guitar act. I like her stuff, seen her play, bought vinyl etc. See: Just seems like it might be a bit dreamy for an Iggy Pop/Josh Homme crowd. Probably good exposure nonetheless, right?
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    Henry Kaiser interviews Derek Bailey

    Bailey gives good interview as per usual: "I’ve never been sure about audiences. I’ve never understood what the responsibility of a performer is to an audience. It’s intensely complicated. When people talk about audiences, they usually drool on about communication. Anyone interested in...
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    Squier VM Jaguar: Bridge Upgrade Thoughts?

    I just tried and bought a good sounding Squier VM Jaguar as a back-up to my main Jaguar. It's going to get set up with 12-54 gauge strings and I'll shim the neck. This *may* be enough to keep the strings coming off the bridge when I play but it is unlikely in my experience (vintage 63 Jaguar...
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    How do you define Harmolodics?

    Came across this interesting article from Ornette Coleman's long-time guitarist, Bern Nix, talking about Harmolodics. He says: "It's not a system. It's a way of... [handling] the difficulty of dealing with melody, rhythm and harmony... [by way of utilizing] melodic variables... [It's]...
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    PTD Mini-Bone: How well does it cut through?

    Thinking about a PTD Mini-Bone as a fuzz contender. I'm pretty sure from all the clips that it sounds great, is versatile and cleans up well. My one question. How well does it cut through a band. Contexts: I use a Fender Jaguar mostly with a loud-ish tweed-style amp. Play in a trio with a...
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    NYCers... New Roulette Venue in Brooklyn

    For improv/avanty/outre/weird/whatever music is pretty spectacular. Big place for that type of music (I think 600 seats). Been a couple of times now since it opened in September, big sound, good sight-lines etc. Could be a really good addition to the whole downtown (Brooklyn that is) scene.
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    Question: mm size of the tension screw in the G&L tremolo system (post-2005)?

    I lost the tension screw in my G&L SC2's (2009ish) tremolo set-up. The nylon washer is still in there. I can't figure out what the metric size of the screw is, despite endless Googling. The local dealer doesn't have any in and I really could do with the guitar up and ready by Sunday so ordering...
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    The EQD Dirt Transmitter is an undersung pedal

    I grabbed one of these a couple of weeks ago and I've played with it enough to suggest its a pretty good option for people who like slightly twisted fuzzy tones. The key is the bais control you can get some very neil youngy destroyed sounds and some octavey tones with theguitar volume but it...
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    Fuzzhugger Kickdisk -- $9 well spent

    I got one of these last week and its the best way to convert a pedal pot/knob into something you can turn with your foot for me, so far: I've been using it to pitch-shift loops a 4th or 5th on my EH memory man with hazari (twisting delay knob) and...
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    Cline & Ribot in NYC 6/15

    I was rehearsing so had to miss this but it looks like an interesting and varied set from the clips I've seen. hCbKmPm4-MU
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    Catalinbread CB30 Pedal

    Another new 'amp' pedal from Catalinbread. Color me curious about this one. C-Bread seem pretty good at the amp-like pedals. Sure wish there was a NYC dealer so I could try it but I may just have to get one sight unseen.
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    The Funny Thing About All the OD Threads...

    Most of the qualities that people say they want dialed out of OD and fuzz pedals are what help cut through in a two guitar band. I plugged in my small board at home to check a cable. The pedals were on my band settings and sounded obnoxious for playing alone. The Silver Kiss is dailed with...
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    A guitarist I'm surprised people don't talk more about

    Eddie Hazel, probably my favorite of the post-Hendrix players. Here's a clip if you're not familiar: Is Funkadelic just too out there for the classic rock cannon or something?
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    new subdecay filter box

    looks interesting
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    So is that Squier pine tele worth looking into?

    Heard some good things, should I take some time to try one out?
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