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  1. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD! Older Charvel content

    So while perusing my local Facebook I happened to find an advertisement for sure they’ll guitar for sale, Local to me. The price was a bit more than I was willing to pay and after discussion with another local collector we both decided to beg off and not show any interest in the guitar, As it...
  2. ThePitbullofLove


    She's a beast!
  3. ThePitbullofLove

    I did a thing-NGD

    Old me indulged 18 year old me today. I wanted one of these back in 88 or so but the cost was prohibitive. The reissues are actually pretty nice! Sooo… Vivian lives…
  4. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD-Ibanez RG550

    Came up on FB without the humbuckers for about a third of what most Golden Era 550’s sell for, and I happened to have a pair of hums in my parts bin so… Here is my new to me 1988 RG550 in Jewel Blue. Haven’t owned an Ibanez in years, and man this one plays great after I set her up! Might be...
  5. ThePitbullofLove

    NAD- Marshall flavor

    Picked up a new to me JCM900 4500 last night. Sounds pretty good. She’s a looker is a Steel Panther-ish kind of way… I read all the internet lore about the DR’s being a hot mess, but in just a cursory run through, I already like it better than the DSL I traded for it. Back in the day I...
  6. ThePitbullofLove

    JCM800 got “modded” today

    After watching countless videos, reading tons of reviews, and getting thumbs up from @sinasl1 her on TGP, I ordered my $200 2204 half stack an upgrade last week. Wow. It breathes fire now. I can cut back the preamp setting and it still stays a mean machine, even without cranking the volume to...
  7. ThePitbullofLove

    Help me identify some old tubes?

    Got these in a trade with an OCD for a mic awhile back. Any of you guys have an idea as to manufacturer?
  8. ThePitbullofLove

    Started on the guitar workshop room today

    Started on the guitar work room today…new house has an “office/spare room”, sooo….
  9. ThePitbullofLove


    Picked up a San Dimas today from my drummer She appears to be a 2015 Hardtail San Simas in H/S configuration. Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Custom Stack pickup at the neck. The locking tuners are a nice touch too! Just couldn’t say no…
  10. ThePitbullofLove

    50’s Fender Tweed Vibrolux 5F11? (Pix)

    So I came across this today Any idea as to value? Seems like the vibrato will need some work(no footswitch…does the vibrato not work without the switch?) but other than that it fired up and sounds great.
  11. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD x2

    So this happened recently G&L Legacy USA from the 90’s…minty. And… Brand new Taylor 224ce-K-DLX ita been a good week so far…
  12. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD-HISSSSS! (Superstrat content)

    Finished this one up today
  13. ThePitbullofLove

    Super Strat build

    Had an extra neck that didn’t fit the guitar I was building, so rather than sell off the neck, why not build another, right? So I had a body cut, ordered some black nickel tuners and a knob, and bought a black nickel/cosmo black Floyd. what humbucker should I get? Should I go all black or...
  14. ThePitbullofLove

    New to me 80’s shredder (boutique, even)

    I picked this up a couple months back and never really shared it properly... At the shop one day and I got a FB message from a fellow guitar junkie. He said “Did you see the Roscoe guitar in the local FB marketplace ? You should hit the guy up...” I checked the link and it was indeed an...
  15. ThePitbullofLove

    Old School Super Stratuday

    kicking it old school at the bench today: 1983 Keith Roscoe shredder and an early Gallien Krueger ML250 lunchbox of Doom What old school shredder at you rocking?
  16. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD. Boutique Superstrat Sunday edition

    Picked up a Zion in trade last night, Hoover-era. Mann made bridge, ebony board, Sperzel tuners, Bill Lawrence Pickups I’ve been told. I think it’s a “Classic”? Previous owner said according to Zion build started in ‘96 and finished in early ‘97. She looks more purple-ish in person than in...
  17. ThePitbullofLove

    NBD x2!

    Picked up two basses today, a G&L M2000 and a Sterling by Music Man Ray34. The Sterling is a limited edition from 2010, 500 made in the Silverburst color
  18. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD-Pawn Shop edition ;-)

    So yesterday was my buddy's birthday, and he, his wife, my wife, and I met with one of my old drummers (who shares the same birthday) and his gal for lunch at a local tavern. As we talked about past shows, talk soon turned to new gear. Ean mentioned he wanted to get a Precision bass for his...
  19. ThePitbullofLove

    80’s Boutique Score!

    So happened to look at Facebook on my phone this afternoon and in one of our local gear trading groups, one of the members posted “Would anyone be interested in a genuine vintage 80’s Roscoe shreder for $300?”. I thought about it for 2.5 seconds and said “I’ll take it”. Turns out he was...
  20. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD-Gibson content

    Picked up a V off a Facebook friend today. Figured I didn’t have one and any sub-$500 Gibson is worth a shot. 2003, ebony board, 498t/500r. Plays rather well as is. Only put it through the Boogie, but other than dropping the rear pickup, I’ll leave her as is for now. So now we have the LP...
  21. ThePitbullofLove

    Mesa Boogie issue-need diagnosis, please

    Hi, I've got a Boogie DC2/Studio Caliber that I absolutely love. It has, however, in the time that I've had her (almost a year and a half) developed an "issue". The drive channel is fantastic....everything you'd want it to be. The clean channel has developed an odd "tic". When running that...
  22. ThePitbullofLove

    Sometimes you get a pleasant suprise....

    ...when cracking open a new guitar. A few months back I bought a 2001 Les Paul Standard. The fellow I bought it from told me he had put it in a new case (a TSA SKB) as the old case was pretty beat, a few years back when he was playing out. He also said he had swapped the pickups for some...
  23. ThePitbullofLove

    NGD 80’s Road Dog Style

    Perusing FB yesterday and came across this pup. It’s an ‘83-ish Kramer Focus 3000D, so it’s an ESP! It’s worn, chipped, and Nicotine White. The neck is phenomenal and the pickups rip. Has an original Floyd Rose with no fine tuners. Best part is I got it for a song, and it plays great. I...
  24. ThePitbullofLove

    1982 JCM800 1960a w/ G12-65's pix

    So last summer, I bought a 1982 Marshall Half Stack from its original owner for $200.00. It's lived a hard life, and has the look of a well played road dog amp. I was told when I bought it that it had the original Celestion 65's in it, but since three of the screws on the cab were buggered...
  25. ThePitbullofLove

    Woodstock GA, 8/12 Heart Breaker a tribute to Heart @Madlife
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