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    Dimarzio Norton, PAF 36th and Tone Zone back to back

    I have only tried the tone zone and didnt care for it, I really like the Dimarzio Mo'jo, very clear articulate pickup with a good punch have them in 2 of my guitars. I also like the Dimarzio breeds. I thought in your video the 36th sounded the best.
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    I like the guy too, seems nice and all and he seems to enjoy what he does, I am just surprised he cought on as big has he has.
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    lots of subscribers, the guy has interviewed Vai, Satriani, and others. Gets same kinda access as premier guitar and company's send him free stuff to demo. lots of you tube hits going his way
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    Agreed, but this is one guy who became a success from it, and thats my main question. How? How did he get so popular?
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    Lets keep this clean, I have nothing against the guy, I just am curious on how he got to the level he is on youtube. The guy seems nice enough and all around good guy. But this guy doing gear demos is like having Mr. Rogers sell sex tips.
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    but this guy makes his living doing this and gets free gear sent to him. Why? Why?
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    How is this guy taken seriously?

    Just dont understand how this guy is successful. :confused:
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    65 amps Royal Albert with various fx enjoy
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    65amp Marquee dimed

    Was in full power mode, not using the master volume, volume was dimed. 4x el84 30watts. Its loud but wonderful. They don't make the Marquee anymore but the Royal Albert is just as yummy :) All the 65amps rock.
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    65amp Marquee dimed

    Just wanking away with volume maxed.
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    PT100 and 3+SE demo

    Just posted this one sounds a lot better recording wise.
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    PT100 dirty and clean channels Just playing off the cuff. skip to 2:08 for clean
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    PT100 and 3+SE demo

    Carvin DC127M Maple neckthru/ alder body/ flamed maple top. Dimarzio Mojo in bridge and Liquifire in neck.
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    PT100 and 3+SE demo

    I used a shure sm57 close mic'ed close to center of the cone. Speakers are wgs et-65 Still not that great at MICing amps but getting better. I decided not to put my dorky looking a$$ in the video as I have no rock star appeal what so ever. :) If...
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    PT100 demo...I had some fun with this one
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    My Son on his own rig Yes he is spoiled
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    Awesome Bad Horsie wah video
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    PT100 demo with wgs ET65 and Private Jacks

    Here is another clip
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    65 Amps Royal Albert demo

    First with out boost and then with a couple dirt pedals
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    PT100 demo with wgs ET65 and Private Jacks settings and everything are in the video, Pret much everything was around noonish but I have the bass very low 1 and womp off
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    Vintage 16 by Carvin clips

    Some clipping on the recording but listen to 2:35 and on, the amp can really scream if you want it to. I threw this song together pretty quick. the solo at the end (that starts around 2:35) just had a tube screamer in front of the vintage 16. The...
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    Soldano SLO 100 vs Jet City 20 watt head

    more like 1/10 the price. The Jet city was $250 at Musiciansfriend, The slo is $3,799
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    A mic'd clip of the PT100 I turned a bathroom we had in our basement into an isolation booth. I am using a 2x12 closed back with v30s and 50 foot speaker cable :bonk. Amp settings listed in the video. This one is better and not as dark...
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    Another PT100 video this one isnt as scooped sounding, I have bass dimed, mids 7, treble at 3, womp off, pres 9 This one has pres 7 and feedback 2 with womp off, tone controls are all at 5...
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    Bogner XTC with Nova System
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