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    Sold Wizard MTL (2016 with V-transformers) Mint - $3200

    2016 100-Watt Wizard MTL head with custom Country Western tolex and gold piping. $3200 for the head alone and $3900 for the head + matching cabinet. Right now I've got the cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 and WGS Retro 30 speakers in an X pattern. Mint condition, located in central...
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    Sold Friedman JJ-100 (Mint with original FS & Box) - $2700

    Hey Mike! Hope you’re well. All three of those sound badass, for sure. The only one I’d be interested in is the Diezel because I’ve never played a Diezel. What year is it? Feel free to continue via PM as well.
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    Sold Friedman JJ-100 (Mint with original FS & Box) - $2700

    I appreciate you saying that, and people have said that about almost all of my listings. For one, I think you're right. Two, however, shipping has gone up quite a bit, so shipping/insurance is going to be well over $100 (maybe over $150). Three, I don't buy and sell used gear to make a lot of...
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    Sold Friedman JJ-100 (Mint with original FS & Box) - $2700

    Absolutely mint Friedman JJ-100 with original footswitch, box, packaging, etc. $2700 plus shipping and insurance. If you're in the central Florida area, feel free to save on shipping and pick it up (or try it out) in person. If you choose to use Paypal for buyer protection, I'll split the fees...
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    Sold Krank 1x12 with Eminence Legend speaker - $100

    The speaker in this cab is in perfect condition (like new). It sounds great. The only thing wrong with this cabinet is the appearance of the hardware. Since I live near the beach, some of it is rusty as you can see in the last picture. The tolex is great. I'd prefer to sell locally, but if you...
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    Sold Soldano HR 50+ Head (Excellent)

    I saw this on earlier today, and couldn’t believe someone was letting this amp go at this price. This is a SICK amp. I’ve got both this, a Wizard MTL, and a Friedmann JJ-100 right now, and the Soldano might very well be the best of the bunch. GLWTS.
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    Sold Two Fane F90 16 ohm speakers - new $110 plus shipping

    I bought these two Fane F90 speakers from Steven Fryette. I only opened one, put it in a 4x12 cabinet to do a "speaker shootout" and decided on going with WGS Retro 30s instead. One of these Fane F90 speakers is brand new and has never been opened. The other has been mounted once, used in a...
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    Sold Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster - Melbourne, FL

    $1000 - This 100W amp head, while a little bit older (Serial Number: VR-002355) is in fantastic shape because it has lived in a hardshell touring case throughout its life. That makes the tolex in excellent condition. It also comes with a soft cover and footswitch. I'd really like to...
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    Sold Splawn Quickrod with hardshell case - $900

    $900 for an excellent 100W Splawn Quickrod, 4 brand new tubes (straight from Scott), footswitch, and hardshell case. The reason for the low price is because this amp has a shipping story where the transformer chassis was bent in transit and I simply bent it back. After packaging this amp in...
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    Sold Mesa Boogie JP-2C Head - MINT $2000

    $2000 I'm in central Florida. Add $125 for shipping & insurance to the USA or Canada. Mint Mesa Boogie JP-2C. All original box, paperwork, cover, footswitch, manual, etc. are included. 5 year transferable warranty gets transferred to you. For trades, the only thing I'm interested in is a Mark...
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    Sold Soldano HR25 (Hot Rod 25) with Footswitch - $1550

    Absolutely mint condition; flawless Soldano Hot Rod 25 (HR25). It's a mini SLO and sounds amazing at all volume levels. Not so bad on the back (carrying it around), either! Comes with footswitch and power cable. I'm in central Florida. Please add $75 for shipping and insurance if you want...
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    Sold Mesa Triple Crown TC50 Head - Mint

    Like new Mesa TC-50 head, with original Mesa shipping box, footswitch, hang tags, manual, etc. Not a scratch on it. I bought it for a recording and am done with it. Low hours, never gigged. The amp is in perfect condition. Sold. ($1500) plus shipping. Item located and available to...
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    Sold Splawn Quickrod

    Minty, 2014 Splawn Quickrod 100W head with footswitch and hardshell shipping/touring case. Svetlana EL34-B tubes. Full power/Half Power switch. Price: $1150 plus shipping of your choice. Local pickup in central Florida available. Would consider trading (plus/minus cash) for Soldano, Fryette...
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    Sold Marshall JVM410H - $1200 shipped/insured

    100 Watt all-tube JVM410H head, $1200 includes shipping and insurance in the 48 states. Four tonally independent channels: Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, each with three switchable modes. Digital Reverbs (one per channel), individual channel EQ, two Master Volumes, and a memory that can recall...
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