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  1. Steve Dallas

    Speaker Isolation Discussion

    I realize this is a potentially thorny topic, and i realize Ethan Winer has deemed it bunk. However... My experience tells me there is something to it, beyond changes in perception due to changing speaker location. Without MoPads, speakers resonate the cabinets in my living room. With...
  2. Steve Dallas

    ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 Review: The Price is RIGHT!

    I swear this WILL eventually be a comprehensive review of Elac's new-ish Debut 2.0 B5.2 bookshelf speakers. I'll need to fully break them in and spend at least a week listening to them first. So far, I have purchased them ($150 Amazon Warehouse deal), unboxed them, looked them over, hooked...
  3. Steve Dallas

    Integrated Stereo Amplifiers - Help Me Choose

    Hi All, I am looking to upgrade the amplification in my study from an old Sony ES AV receiver to something better. It will be used to drive a pair of Dynaudio X14 bookshelf speakers to levels between 60 and 80 dB. I have done some research, read some reviews, and am open to suggestions. What...
  4. Steve Dallas

    Dynaudio Excite X14 and Emit M10 Speaker Reviews - Ikea for Your Ears

    Dynaudio Excite X14 Review That title isn't remotely fair at all, but maybe it got your attention. Went to a high end audio store to see what they had. Found a pair of Dynaudio Excite X14s plus a pair of Dynaudio Emit M10s with Dynaudio stands on consignment. They had been part of a guy's...
  5. Steve Dallas

    Building a Tube Amp Specifically for My Helix - The Uberschamp

    I have been enjoying my Helix quite a bit since acquiring it about 18 months ago. I started out playing it through studio monitors almost exclusively, but started missing amp-in-the-room sound. To date, I have used one of a few different cabinets with a Samson Servo 300 power amp. Life...
  6. Steve Dallas

    B&W 685 S2 and 686 S2 Speaker Reviews - TWEETER!!!

    Bowers and Wilkins' 685 S2 ($700 street, $500 used) has been at the top of several "Best Speaker Under $1,000" lists for a couple of years now. I generally like B&W speakers, and I have enjoyed a pair of CM4 floor standers in my home theater since 2001-ish. So, I thought it prudent to audition...
  7. Steve Dallas

    Brand New Yamaha FRFR Solution - Oh YEAH!

    I have a pair of Yamaha HS80M monitors, with which I must unfortunately part before next June. I'm moving to a smaller house then, and I am combining my study with my music room, and these beasties will no longer fit the smaller combined room. Sigh. But, that's not exactly the point. This...
  8. Steve Dallas

    Polk RTi A1 Bookshelf Speaker Review - No $200 Speakers Have a Right to Sound this Good!

    I purchased a set of these for $183 delivered during Polk's recent 50% off sale to see if they could earn a place in my study. They may well have. They certainly knocked out several higher priced contenders and re-calibrated my idea of how much great sounding speakers should cost. Polk is a...
  9. Steve Dallas

    Sold Focusrite Plantinum Octopre - Like New

    I have one of the Platinum Series Octopre preamp / compressors for sale in like-new condition. This is a very transparent, great sounding unit that also features excellent instrument preamps for guitar and bass. This unit has spent its life in a rack in my smoke-free, pet-free project studio...
  10. Steve Dallas

    Sold Mission EP-11-S-BK Expression Pedal for Eleven Rack - Like New

    I have one of these expression pedals for sale in like new condition. It has barely ever been out of the box. This is the model that is made specifically for 11R. $95 shipped to CONUS.
  11. Steve Dallas

    Sold Keeley Modded TS9 - Like New

    **SOLD** I have a Keeley Modded TS9 for sale in like new condition. This pedal has spent its life in my smoke-free, pet-free home studio. $130 shipped to CONUS.
  12. Steve Dallas

    ELAC UniFi UB5 Review: Why Are They Shouting At Me? And Why Are They So Thirsty?

    The wifey has me building a new, smaller house on our property, which means I am downsizing and combining my music room and study. That means replacing my huge Yamaha HS80M monitors with something smaller, and I think I want to go with bookshelf speakers this time, due to the difficulty and...
  13. Steve Dallas

    I'm Spoiled by My Interface. Help Me Stay that Way.

    Really Short Version (RSV): I need a compact-ish interface capable of pristine audio quality with extrelemly low latency for use with a Windows PC. I need 2 analog inputs and 1 stereo digital input. Two channels of output is enough, plus a headphone jack. I'm contemplating the RME Babyface...
  14. Steve Dallas

    Sold Genz Benz Shenendoah 150LT Acoustic Amplifier **SOLD**

    **SOLD** I am selling my Genz Benz Shenendoah 150 LT acoustic amplifier. This amp is in near-mint condition, and has never left my smoke-free, pet-free home studio. $300 plus actual shipping to CONUS only.
  15. Steve Dallas

    Sold **SOLD**Carvin CT6-T Quilted Maple PRS McCarty Pickups Mint **SOLD**

    **SOLD** I have decided to sell my Carvin CT6. I set this guitar up to be the backup to my McCarty Trem, and as a backup, I almost never played it. I am the original owner. Its condition is like new. The only flaw I can find is a tiny (1/16"?) circle in the finish on the back that refuses...
  16. Steve Dallas

    What Do You Use as a Practice Rig at Work?

    Guitar Carvin CT6-M. I got this guitar on trade for an amp, and it is beautiful. It is almost exactly what I would have ordered if I had spec'd it myself. Everything but the color, really. But it sounds thin, dull, and overly bright all at the same time. Determined to fix that, I replaced...
  17. Steve Dallas

    Call Me the Helix SQUIRREL SLAYER

    Squirrel Slayer. If I ever form another band, I know what I'm naming it! Anyway. I have the solution to the Helix edge-of-breakup squirrelly bits, and I'm willing to share. Behold the Anti-Squirrel-er-ator! OK. So, it's not exactly an easy fix, and it does require a handful of...
  18. Steve Dallas

    What Happened to Carvin Guitars, Who is this Kiesel Fellow, and Why Does Their Web Site Suck Now?

    Can you no longer custom order a guitar? Why does everything have 24 frets? WTH happened?! Anyone have the skinny?
  19. Steve Dallas

    Help Me Choose a P-90 Guitar

    But not a Gibson. I have decided I need something in the P-90 flavor. I want to get as close to the Les Paul Jr/Special sound as I can without it being a Gibson product. I have owned many Les Pauls, have never bonded with one, and don't care to try again. I'm kind of looking at PRS Starla or...
  20. Steve Dallas

    HELIX and Eleven Rack Enter the Octagon - Err... Padded Rectangle

    In this thread, I will write detailed amp tone comparisons between my new Helix and old Eleven Rack. I have been through a LOT of modelers and have always favored the lowly 11R as an oft overlooked gem of a unit. It is a very good sounding modeler that feels great and is very easy to dial in...
  21. Steve Dallas

    Help Me Choose a New Modeler. Or Not.

    I'll try to keep this post as concise as possible and stay away from the wall of words no one will read. Skip to the last third if you have a short attention span. I think I am looking for a new modeler. I think we have reached the technology zenith, where I can finally have an all-in-one...
  22. Steve Dallas

    Show Off Your Fender Thin Skins!

    Here are my two. Both are Limited Edition '62 Thin Skin Stratocasters from Dave's. Lake Placid Blue, tuned to Eb, strung with Dean Markley 11s, modded with Callaham block, 5 Raw Vintage Springs, and Fralin Blues Special pickups with EJ wiring: Sunburst, tuned to E, strung with Dean Markley...
  23. Steve Dallas

    Lookie What I Found at Radio Shack for $80

    Samson Servo 200 200W Mono at 8 Ohms or 66W per channel stereo at 8 Ohms Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I do have an 11R and several nice guitar cabinets...
  24. Steve Dallas

    Strat HSS Pickups - What Do You Like?

    And why? I have an American Strat Deluxe HSS that is currently loaded with a Pearly Gates Plus and Custom Shop 69s. It almost works really well. The minor niggle I have is the height of the pole pieces under the G and B strings on the 69s, which causes a major volume difference when playing...
  25. Steve Dallas

    A Little Bit of 11R and S-Gear Love

    It is a great time to be a guitarist. I have to admit that I have not really picked up a guitar in more than 6 months due to life in general. I have a huge collection of awesome amps, but due to a recent addition, I have not been able to enjoy them. So, like many others, I have ventured into...
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