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    Nicholas Harris Fund (Catalinbread)

    Earthquaker and JHS have set up a fund to help with the expenses of yesterday's tragedy. The pedal industry has lost a brilliant man. Please consider giving to help with general expenses and help us show our love and support to the family and close friends. (I wasn't sure...

    JHS Pedals "See-Saw" Modular Volume Control

    really proud of this, lots of work and a lot of fun to get it finished.

    20 Questions Podcast

    I just launched a new podcast where I interview other gear makers, artists, heroes of mine and other people who create things. I ask them all the same 20 questions. It's short and sweet and I hope it becomes a nice archive of history and cool stories over the years. First episode is up with Tim...

    Pedal Give Away!!

    Celebrating Morning Glory #6000 with an impromptu giveaway. Spread the word, but most importantly you should officially enter at Thanks for helping us reach 6000!!!

    The Kilt

    Brand new from JHS Pedals

    Unicorns are REAL

    2eqzLeblgh0 xXdsZbsl4p8

    20% Off Everything at

    JHS Clip

    hey guys, here are some sound samples from Abbey, there will be more this week but this is a starter for you all. Have a great day. feqQgyah1PI

    Colour Box

    Excited for this!

    Only Sale Of The Year For Us!

    Don't miss our only sale of the year! 20% off Pedals and Mods. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout at

    20% Off Friday and Two New Releases!

    Just a heads up!

    No More Klon Replicas From Us

    "I got the new Klon KTR in yesterday from my good friends at The Guitar Sanctuary in Texas. It sounds excellent and you wont be disappointed. Because of this we officially have stopped production of our Klon Replica and highly encourage you to go buy the real thing from one of Bill's many...

    JHS SuperBolt Pre-Sales Are On!

    $2,500 Giveaway to celebrate the new web site!

    Hey guys! We have gathered some prizes from our good friends and also a Panther Delay to celebrate our new web site! Here are the details! Have a great weekend and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    JHS Panther Delay Release Tomorrow! (FULL VIDEO DEMO'S AND SPECS)

    Hello Everyone, I am excited to let you know that the wait is over and that the Panther Delay is going to be released Tomorrow (Black Friday 2011 at 12AM). This post is to have ONE dedicated place for all the info and Video clips before midnight tonight. It will be sold at an introductory...

    JHS Pedals NEW "Panther" Analog Tap Delay (almost 100% ready for release!)

    We are excited to announce the new "Panther" delay. Its been a year and a half of hard work and we feel like we have achieved some awesome results that have never been seen in one standalone analog delay. Here are the specs: + True Analog BBD Signal Path (4 stages) + 1 Sec of delay time +...

    Klons, Clones and Other Things Worth Saying

    Hey guys, I want to let you know as of today I am no longer taking orders for any clones/copies of currently produced pedals. The original intention of these reproductions was lost along the way and they are hindering the production of my own line and product. Please do not email me about a...
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