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    Teixeira Amps Texosound Bernie--Lengthy Initial Thoughts

    Ya if you are looking for breakup at home get the 5 watt. I have the Bernie and was surprised by how much volume it puts out.
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    Divided by 13 FTR 37

    Can you run the FTR at full power into a single 1x12 cab? Speaker would be an 8 ohm Creamback 75. Which ohm speaker jack would I plug into? Thanks!
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    1974X..what pedals you using?

    Just played a ton of drive pedals through my Ceriatone 1974x last week. Favorites were the AM Beano Boost, Lovepedal COT 50 and Burst E, and AM KOT.
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    Just ordered Ceriatone 18W TMB - hope I love it!

    I have the 18 watt trem model from Ceriatone and its great!
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    Educate me on the Fuchs Classic Jazz 50

    Anyone else using these? Im interested in one.
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    New Roland Cube 80X

    How well does the cube 60 take pedals? Does it handle different styles well? Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Pop?
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    New amp. Now I need a cab

    A used Avatar 1x12 perhaps? I got mine for 200 and came with a greenback.
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    Dr. Z vs. Top Hat (or is it TopHat?) - Amp Search Continues

    I see both those amps lacking in headroom if your going to be playing any jazz.
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    Suggestions for improving a Blues Junior?

    I have a normal BJ that was okay but I didnt like taking it out much. It already had JJ tubes in it. Then my teacher gave me a g12H30 speaker so I put it in there and it made a huge difference! I also did the BillM mod for the Twin Mod which I liked as well. Ill probably do the bias and...
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    I have the regular 18 watt marshall he makes. Sounds great but I am curious what the TMB model sounds like.
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    Blues Jr's hold their own!

    I really cant stand the "boxiness". Im curious if a speaker change or some of the BillM mods would change this. I thought with time the sound would grow on me but it just hasnt.
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    Marshall 1974x

    Yea good point. I should have mentioned that. But that is still a great price for what you get. My dad built a cabinet for it for free and an Avatar 1x12 was 200. So for 800 I got a sweet rig.
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    Marshall 1974x

    I bought one from Ceriatone for about 600 shipped brand new.
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    How do 1974x or clones sound with single coils?

    I have a Ceriatone 18 watt. Running a tele into it is my favorite. Strat sounds great too. My 335 gets too mushy in the bass. I dont really play my SG into it ever.
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    Speaker replacement for Fender Blues Jr.?

    Oh sorry that wasnt actually me. The bottom two paragraphs are taken from a link on the BillM page.
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    Speaker replacement for Fender Blues Jr.?

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I have been checking out the BillM mods and I was planning on doing the tone stack, Twinstack, and adjustable bias mods. The main reason I wanted a speaker was for for volume and headroom. After reading this I thought that a replacement speaker would fix this. So...
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    Speaker replacement for Fender Blues Jr.?

    Hey guys Im looking for something to replace the stock speaker. I want something that will stay as clean as possible for jazz with my 335. Im also trying to keep the cost somewhat low. Thanks
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    Best 18 Watt with great overdrive

    I like my Ceriatone 18 watt alot.
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    Best solid state amp?

    any love for the Vox amps?
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    Marshall Metal Amp???? Which one???

    Definitely the 800
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    Recommend me a good 1x12 combo jazz amp

    Its not tube, but the Polytone is thee jazz amp.
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    JCM 800 question

    Haha my band covers Filler and Stepping Stone!
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    Anybody use an 18 watt at church?

    Me and one of the other guitar players both use 18 watters. My Ceriatone works perfect although it is usually always mic'd.
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