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    Who makes the prettiest fretboard?!

    Scott Walker's "Split Diamonds" in Mother of Pearl in Brazilian Rosewood :)
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    What's your favorite headstock?

    Scott Walker "Slim" headstock :)
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    Let's see your HSH guitars - might be a short thread

    Tom Anderson Drop Top :)
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    what's your favorite humbucker for a S/S/H strat ? The single coils are Budz and they match perfectly with the PATB3 :)
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    Dave @ Budz Guitars - a Shout Out!

    Dave Budz is A1 in my book! ;) He winds a mean pickup too :D
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    NGD - Finally Built My Dream Guitar

    Excellent choice on the term :) Huge fan of the Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG ;)
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    Martin neck separating from the body... OM28v

    Bcduke2, I live in Singapore and have seen acoustic exhibiting the same issue as your guitar. Here's my advise which I've been dispensing the past 2 decades ;) De-tune the strings completely, throw in 2 packs of desiccant inside the body and another pack of desiccant under the headstock in the...
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    A God send item for vintage Strat bridges.,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar_tremolos/Wilkinson_Gotoh_VSVG_Vintage_Tremolo.html
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    HSS humbucker suggestions in strat

    Seymour Duncan PATB-3 gets my vote.
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    I need a Trem with a Push-In Arm For Am Std Strat

    Another vote for the Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG!
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    Quartersawn neck?

    That's a 1/4 sawn neck! :)
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    20 years later I get my dream PRS Bonni Pink

    WOW!!! Dig the 2-piece quilted Maple body!!! She's STUNNING!!!! :)
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    "Born again" .....junk acoustic project

    Glad you're enjoying your J-45 :)
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    "Born again" .....junk acoustic project

    Great work R ;)
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    NGD Yamaha SA2200 In Pearl White Metallic

    Awesome score!!!! Congrats!!!
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    Paul Reed Smith DGT w/ korina back

    Dig the one-piece top!
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    Help me locate this guitar strap

    Looks like something from
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    25.5" Scale Guitar Like a DGT? Get this and put me outta my misery ;)
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    NSD-New Swirl Day!!!

    SCHWEET!!! Great job!
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    Les Paul tone with Fender Scale? I've been gassing for this piece the past couple of years :) Thankfully, I'm still able to resist biting the bullet :)
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    NGD: Siberian Tiger Les Paul

    WOW!!! Awesome top!
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    Better than Dunlop Straplocks?

    + 1,000! The 4 ball bearings inside Dunlop straplocks will wear out with time.
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