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    Custom Chasson Concert

    Phenomenal marquetry work!
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    Vaschenko Laurel Top LV

    Looks like a Cocobolo fretboard to me :)
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    About to drop some big $$ on an Anderson

    Congrats!!! She's a beauty!!! TAG are really addictive and you won't stop at one ;)
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    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    How cool fenderball :) Just so you know, the guitar is located in Singapore :D Here're the specs: Model - Drop Top Body Finish - Natural Honey Burst with Binding Body Wood - Flame Maple Top on Alder Neck Wood - Chocolate Maple Neck Finish - Gloss Headstock and Satin...
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    Questions for guitarists regarding tone pots please. Thanks!,_pickups/Potentiometers/JackPot_Potentiometer.html
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    Just bought a SUGI - incredible, exotic & toneful

    Sam, Davis Guitar is the Singapore dealer for Sugi guitars!
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    iNGD: 3 of 3 -- Scott Walker fretless

    Congrats and AWESOME!!!!! :) I've got a Scott Walker Santa Cruz in Fathom finish with Pernambuco neck on order as well and she should be done in the next couple of months. I can't wait!
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    New Ribbecke electric

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    What do you think? (Grosh content)

    I like!!!! Oly White? If she's a Swamp Ash body, I would go with Mary Kaye Blonde ;)
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    James Tyler Classic Only!!!

    My Tyler Classic which I've since sold.
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    NGD - Vaschenko LP

    Love the curly Maple bindings :)
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    Timtone !

    Awesome guitars!!!! I'm still kicking myself for not ordering a custom Timtone when Tim was actively building them.
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    What aftermarket pickguard would fit a Nash S-57?

    The screw placement holes on the Allparts guard are different from that of Fender and Callaham. Beside the hole by the blade switch slot, the hole on the left side of the term doesn't match up perfectly.
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    Scott Walker Atrezzo custom - closer and closer

    Hi Joe, Are you referring to Scott's Unity Gain Buffer? I went all passive for my guitars and am keen to know your experience with the Unity Gain Buffer. Thanks in advance :)
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    Scott Walker Atrezzo custom - closer and closer

    Actually, the guitar in question is a mahogany bodied Santa Cruz. The 1st 2 Mahogany bodied Santa Cruz Scott built. I was keen on this body but decided to go SSH and 25.5" scale length and an Alder body :)
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    Scott Walker Atrezzo custom - closer and closer

    Congrats plord and kingsleyd :) Scott does phenomenal work. I just paid the deposit for a Walker Special and Santa Cruz ;)
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    She built this for me 7 years ago...

    Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing your awesome story! :)
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    Stevenson's guitar question (now with pics)

    Your tech should be able to measure the stock strings with a caliper :)
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    .10's made my Anderson Pro Am into a new guitar!

    Sweet guitar! Love your neck specs! ;)
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    Tyler Mongoose ... anyone ? Here's a new one that's available :)
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    Tyler Classic and Studio Elite.

    The Tyler SE has a slightly deeper cutaways than the Tyler Classic models.
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