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    R.I.P B.B King

    Just heard the news myself. I am saddened. Rest in peace.
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    Tomo Fujita

    Yes. Doing a couple of shows there. May be back in June.
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    Tomo Fujita

    Tomo, when will you be in Japan? I'm headed there at the end of the month.
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    I think I kicked GAS.

    I realized that I "liked" everything that I had, but I only loved a few things. I realized that I sounded like me whether i played a Strat, a PRS, or a Tom Anderson. Once I understood that, it allowed me to get back into playing a lot more and not lusting over a lot of "stuff", which for me is...
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    I think I kicked GAS.

    22 guitars down to 3. 9 amps down to 2. Thousands of dollars of effects down to a wah, an overdrive, a compressor, a tremolo, and a cheap multi effects unit for quick flight gigs. Wow!!!
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    Mulgrew Miller RIP

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    Hendrix "Cat Talking to Me"

    Is that Jimi singing? Doesn't sound like it to me, but I've been known to be wrong.
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    Guitar teachers: What's your cancellation policy?

    24 hour notice. Anything outside of that and you've lost that lesson. If there is a death in the family or something like that then I will give them a makeup or a credit.
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    Idol Guitar Issues?

    Totally agree.
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    PRINCE and his ticket pricing...

    Absolutely great!
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    Idol Guitar Issues?

    I'm going to give him a pass on the bum notes and that sort of stuff. I've played in television studios where I've gone live on air and couldn't hear a single thing I've played. It just sounds like the guitar is in need of major intonation adjustments. I hope he's listening to himself, 'cause...
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    Idol Guitar Issues?

    Is it just me, or are there some issues with intonation on that Les Paul with the Floyd Rose on Idol? Not trying to knock the player. I think he's good. My ear just kept bothering me as he played, i.e., chords, bends etc.. I think there may be problems with him hearing the instrument as he...
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    Some Ray Charles appreciation

    Talkin' bout 'da blues!!!!!!!!
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    Rhythm guitar fan??? Groove helps soling too.

    I was told some years ago when I started playing that strong rhythm players work every night of the week. It's true!
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    Learning Little Wing note-for-note

    Learn it note for note, then make it your own.
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