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    Pre-Amp Pedal Users. Power Amp Solution Just Dawned On Me

    I'm thinking about getting an Iron Horse 40 for the same purpose -- just as a power amp for amplifying my live modelling rig. Question for you... have you had any trouble feeding a hot signal into the fx return, aka "Power amp in"? According to the manual...
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    Barber DD/DC - Direct Drive Dual Channel - amazing

    Pardon my ignorance coz I have not owned any barber pedals (i know, crazy right!), but are these "2" pedals good for an alraedy dirty amp or an amp on the edge of breakup? or are they only good for a pristine clean amp? I've always heard great things about the DD, so I am interested to try this...
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    New Boss pedals 2014 - Waza Craft?

    Thanks sweetwater for a decent demo. Jeez, that boss demo is freakin horrible, I wanted to punch that poser loser thru my computer screen.
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    Joyo Us Dream vs Suhr Riot (with video & poll)

    Suhr sounds thicker especially on the lead lines. Not considering price, the Suhr is better.
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    New Joyo Pedals are on the way

    Is the EQ clean and quiet?
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    New Joyo Pedals are on the way

    Hey pedaltrader, do you ship to Canada ?
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    New Joyo Pedals are on the way

    For those who have looked inside these new joyo pedals: are they made of SMD components? I'm asking coz I'm curious on how easy they are to mod...
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    Good Humbucker sounding pup for Strat

    If you don't mind the rails look, try a dimarzio pro track. it sounds very close to a paf type humbucker
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    Anyone use a Bad Horsie wah?

    I've been using a bad horsie for the past couple of years now. I love the auto on feature. The sound when stock is not so much my thing, but I modded it to taste. The schematic is available from Morley, and the wah circuit is pretty much just like a standard Crybaby, so all the usual mods work.
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    Alternates to the SD little '59?

    The Dimarzio Pro Track will give you that PAF-ish tone in a neck SC-sized humbucker. For a more modern sound the Air Norton S is also good.
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    Xotic EP Booster?

    I would love to keep it actually, sounds awesome in front of my tube amps,... but unfortunately, I need the cash right now for other stuff.
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    Xotic EP Booster?

    Damn, with all this talk of the EP's... I'm thinking twice about selling my Clinch EP-PRE. I posted my EP-PRE on ebay on the weekend, but now I'm thinking about keeping it.... .. .
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    Xotic EP Booster?

    Traviswalk, Thanks for your effort in that comparison. It's really hard to tell subtle differences from a youbute clip. Another important thing is the feel. I haven't tried the EP-booster yet, but I've owned the CLinchFX EP-PRE for a while. With my EP-PRE, I can set my amp's gain lower...
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    Tonefreak SEVERE.....i likey!

    Thanks for the demo and review! Can you compare the severe to the crunchbox? ... both in sound and in feel. thanks!
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    Carl Martin Pedals

    the DC drive looks interesting... Anybody have any experience with this OD pedal?
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    Tappable Humbucker for Strat bridge

    I have a dimarzio PAF PRO in my #1 HSS strat. The quack position with the bridge split sounds really good and quacky. Most dimarzios sound good split.
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    winter NAMM... who all is going?

    I'll be there. First time ever for me. Hope to meet some of ya. Brian, are you gonna have a booth for your pedals?
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    Suhr Roit and Tone Freak Severe Comparison?

    tonefreak, will you and your pedals be at NAMM?
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    Wow!!! John Suhr "Riot" Pedal is amazing!!

    Looking forward to your review...
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    What stacks well with a RAT?

    Does noise become an issue when stacking a rat?
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    Tech 21 Liverpool Pedal

    +1000. The absence of such a switch is what is keeping me from buying all of them...
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    Ep booster by it!

    There are some nice gut shots over at free stomp boxes dot org
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    Help me understand the OCD

    Thanks for the reply, rob2001. I am aware of the other factors... So let's say the amp is set clean with still lots of headroom left, and the OCD is setup for a nice rock rhythm crunch... In this case, will boosting the OCD in the front with let's say, a TS type pedal (with the gain low and...
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    Help me understand the OCD

    I'm considering the OCD as a rhythm pedal as some of you use it. I have a question for you OCD users out there: When boosting it in front with another pedal for solos, does the overall volume increase? Thanks!
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