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  1. JJman

    SF Champ transformer swap for Europe

    I have a '74 Vibro Champ and it has the dual tranny. Removing the "death cap" is recommended and I also use the switch on the hot side instead of the neutral side now. No caps need to be changed as part of this, but may need changing for unrelated yet valid reasons.
  2. JJman

    The one adjective I wish was eliminated from amplifier conversations

    I agree that "warm" is overused as a term. Interior designers use it too. Maybe we should use "that Class A sound" instead. ;)
  3. JJman

    "China’s advantage erodes in a key area: rare earth minerals"

    China choosing to not export something is good for a handful of others outside China and bad for most outside China. If China chose to export nothing many think that would be good since manufacturing jobs would reappear in the US, which they would. But when most US goods were US made, people...
  4. JJman

    I have discovered Keith Richards... :)

    I was also at an '81 show where a warm-up band was boo'd off the stage. It was Journey and they had the #1 album at the time, as they proudly announced before their untimely departure. George Thorogood was permitted to do his full warm-up show.
  5. JJman

    Silverface deluxe reverb advice

    It looks like every tube may be original. They were in my '71 when I got it around 10 years ago. All my preamp tubes are still good but I only use some of them now. The original RCA output tubes in mine were very tired and are permanently resting.
  6. JJman

    Silverface Deluxe Reverb Prob

    Remove the pedal during testing. Switch the 1st 2 small tubes on the end. Does the problem remain the same?
  7. JJman

    Probably ridiculous but.....

    I'm prejudice against "clones" that have the badge of the clonee company on them. Counterfeits in other words. But if I didn't know, it wouldn't hurt me.
  8. JJman

    Ever buy an amp used at Guitar Center?

    The E Brunswick, NJ store is close to me and their used amps have seemed way over priced to me for many years. I think I see the same amps year after year since they sit. I believe the theory that they over price them to keep them on the floor as eye candy and magnets to those older guys like...
  9. JJman

    Time capsule '65 Silvertone 1482 - the poor man's Tweed Deluxe

    My understanding is that electrolytic cap that go unused for many years "dry out." If that's true, a time capsule would have more risk of cap issues. That box is really cool. I would think it could easily double/triple the value of the amp.
  10. JJman

    champ - alnico or ceramic?

    In SF and Tweed Champ circuits I've tried an original 8" (SF), an 8" Weber alnico (SF), a 10" Celestion (Tweed), and a reconed 1960 Jensen P12R (Tweed). Other than the original 8" (which sounded like crap) they all sounded great. Just get the original am radio speaker out of there and the...
  11. JJman

    weber speakers... too scooped?

    I've never seen a scooped response curve for a guitar speaker, or any driver. Not yet at least. Maybe they are flatter than normal revealing a scooped amp setup?
  12. JJman

    If the UPS man doesnt get here before my wife gets home, I am in trouble.

    Before I married I had heard the stories. One guy told me his wife sold/gave away his gear behind his back soon after they married declaring "you won't be playing in that band any more anyway, now that we're married." I can’t imagine the anger level. A friend got a good tip while he...
  13. JJman is sending my amp through ABF Freight?????

    UPS would have thrown it out of the truck and watched it roll down a hill. Then deny fault liability and the claim. And you would not have been permitted to file the claim since they have a "policy" that only the shipper can file the claim. Isn't that convenient?
  14. JJman is sending my amp through ABF Freight?????

    Consider it a blessing. I've experienced damages with both companies but would choose any "freight" carrier over UPS ground for an amp any day, especially if the cost to you is the same. Don't expect it to come to your door since it's on it's own pallet. You need to provide a pallet...
  15. JJman

    Can you connect an extension cabinet to a 5E3?

    There's no way to know w/o checking the amp's wiring, or the schematic. Several switching possibilities exist.
  16. JJman

    Just got broken amp from eBay...what to do?!

    A vintage amp that old should have some issues. Especially if it's all original. When I 1st plugged in my '71 DR from ebay it made some weird noises. But the power tubes were original as all but one of the filters. After the proper tune-up it sounded and worked perfectly.
  17. JJman

    Vibrochamp Question. Techs!

    Looks like it's connected to pin 2 which is interesting. I'm thinking it allows for remote control of the trem speed. It should just go to the existing RCA jack if it's merely for on/off. And it has a cap across it. Pretty funky stuff if that's what it's for. It would turn the trem off if it...
  18. JJman

    Master volume mod to TW style amp

    Larmar will function properly and won't change the circuitry when it's maxed. It's supposed to eliminate the power tube clipping and reduce the volume, while allowing the preamp and/or PI to clip. That's what post PIMVs do. If you require power tube clipping, when your amp is distorting, you...
  19. JJman

    67 bassman question:

    Bassman yes-men.
  20. JJman

    Is 5 watts enough for a stage?

    On a chair and pointed at me. I do that with my ~5watt amp at jams.
  21. JJman

    Legendary 1981 Dumble for sale

    I'll buy it but they will need to include one Rosanna. Not just any Rosanna. Rosanna.........Rosanna !
  22. JJman

    Insanely Loud Deluxe Reverb

    Loosen the set screw on the knob and rotate it so "2" becomes "5." Then re-tighten the set screw. Problem solved? :hide2 I added a push/pull pot to my '71 DR to switch the mid-resistor value up to "18" or so. It's taper differs from the original but not by too much.
  23. JJman

    Running UK amp in USA

    Some amps can be re-wired or switched inside. If you are only looking to play it in the home, you can possibly access the 240v that’s in there. Most USA homes have 2 phases of 120vac. Grab one of each and you have 240vac. Apartments and rentals aren’t going to allow new wiring of...
  24. JJman

    Need help fixing speaker frame

    That's metal? I'd go JB Weld.
  25. JJman

    DIY amp repair on a Princeton Reverb

    You don't need to be near the filters to be near their voltage. You won't see the filter caps in there since they are in the can on the outside. Only their terminals are visible inside the chassis. Now is a great time to learn where those terminals are and how to check them for voltage and how...
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