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    JJ 6V6 tubes

    I used a set of the JJ6V6s in my old Fender HRDx. They really improved the clean channel on that amp (I never used the OD channel). Just gave it a more pleasant sound.
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    I need a medium power amp with a very very tight bass when overdriven

    yeah, that "loose" low end is a characteristic of an overdriven power section. To me tight bass response = Marshall. On the cheap, a DSL50 could work very nice. You could also look into the 18 watt or 36 watt clones made by several different companies. I have no experience with those though.
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    Starter amp for around $100.

    +1 on the Valve Jr. It really does sound great. Especially with single coils.
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    alternatives to a DRRI $1000 or under?

    :agree There's a silverface right now on Craigslist near me for $850. Actually there's a blackface with a replacement speaker and non-original cabinet for $1000.
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    Buying an amp without playing it first

    I bought a Mesa Nomad 45 1x12 combo on ebay because i was all hyped up on Mesas. Found out the hard way that Mesas just aren't for me.
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    AC30 Custom Classic Users- Need Quick Help ASAP For A Show

    How are you hooking up the A/B box? the two guitars in and then one line to the amp? How is the effects loop involved? I would think the best way to do this would be to plug one guitar (Tele?) into the normal channel and the other (LP?) into the top boost channel. That way you could eq each...
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    Anyone NOT like the Egnater Renegade?? Any thoughts and experiences welcome!

    Plug one into a tube amp (especially an already cooking tube amp), turn the drive all the way down, and turn the level all the way up. Do all of this while playing in a band context and not by yourself. You'll figure it out
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    Head and Cab for church usage

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    Marshall Class 5 Head help required

    whoops, i forgot that the class 5 has a headphone out. I read the Op's question and immediately had visions of someone plugging headphones into the 8 ohm jack.
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    Marshall Class 5 Head help required

    no, you can't do that The head is sending WAY more power than head phones can handle and you run the risk of blowing the output transformer in the head (the single most expensive part) because its pushing too hard against not enough load.
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    Single channel amp for pedals

    silverface bassman works great as well and is alot cheaper
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    JCM 600 2x12 combo info?

    No, you're right. They both suffer from the same design flaw
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    JCM 600 2x12 combo info?

    I have the head version of the JCM 600. They are great sounding amps. The clean channel, IMHO, is phenomenal. They were made from 1997 to 2000 according to this website and they generally regarded as good sounding but unreliable. Many of these amp have an issue with overheating due to the way...
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    Help identify a Marshall cab and speakers

    Aaahh, now that label on the back makes sense!:rotflmao The handles rattle because the actual handle spins inside the casing, I looked into getting some of the cool metal ones but it was more money than I want to spend on something like that. I'll probably just put some tape on it or...
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    Help identify a Marshall cab and speakers

    Thanks! I was hoping it was a 1966a as I'd heard that they were good 2x12 cabs (at least for Marshall), better even than the 1936. It sounds good, the handles rattle a little though. Anybody got any thoughts on the speakers?
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    Help identify a Marshall cab and speakers

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure they were swapped at some point. I'm also pretty sure it isn't the cab that came with the amp. First because all the info I can find on the JCM 600 says it was paired with a 4x10 cab and second because the feet on the amp were moved to accommodate the recesses on this cab...
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    Help identify a Marshall cab and speakers

    I have a Marshall 2x12 that came with the JCM 600 head i bought used. Can anybody tell from the pics what kind of cab it is? A 1966 maybe? Also some help identifying the speakers in would be much apprieciated. They are just labeled "Eminence" and have the number 121236 on a little label on the...
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    whats the best amp fender curently makes?

    IMHO, of the ones I've tried (TRRI, DRRI, Super Sonic, Blues Jr., and the Hot Rods) the Super Reverb Reissue and the 4x10 Devilled sound the best. Maybe I just like 4x10 amps?
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    Vintage Marshall Plexi a 2 channel amp ?

    Don't laugh but if you get a chance try a Marshall JCM600. It's a 60 watt two channel amp good edge of break up on the clean channel and (IMHO) and good mid gain sounds on the overdrive channel. The overdrive channel does use diodes but you can easily take them out if you like. The down side is...
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    Marshall DSL50 or Egnater Renegade?

    Personally, I would get the DSL50. the eganter just sounded flat to me. The Egnater probably has a better rep for reliability though. I tried the Renegade in GC and I tried a DSL100 that was on Craigslist. The Marshall was great, I probably should have bought it.
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    Confusing being a Dual Rec owner....

    IMO, the clean channel on most of Mesa's amps is really underrated. Every Mesa I've tried (and the one that i owned) had a killer clean channel. It was the OD channels i didn't bond with.
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    Volume limitations of ~5 watt amps

    +1 This has been my experience as well. Its almost enough but not quite.
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    Best modern Marshall-style head for $1k or less...

    Used dsl. There was one on Craigslist near me for $400
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    toning down a fender deville 2x12 combo

    That's the one I had. It's really not much quieter.
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