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    West Side Story Guitar Parts

    I have a copy of the guitar book. "Cool" is pretty darn rough. Great show though.
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    How does this look for a Blues syllabus?

    I would say put more emphasis on listening to records and just learning from them as well as jamming along to them to really get the feel down.
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    I'm an "ok" alternate picker....should I switch to economy picking?

    A good way to work up your picking chops is to learn some bebop heads and just crank up em up a bit everyday. Ive been getting way faster doing this and at the same time learning abunch of tunes!
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    YOUR Favorite Arpeggio Superimpositions!!!

    Im no expert but these are some sounds I have been experimenting with... Over G7. G maj triad- G(1)-B(3)-D(5) F maj triad- F(b7)-A(9)-C(4/11) A maj triad- A(9)-C#(#11/b5)-E(6/13) E maj triad- E(6/13)-G#(b9)-B(3) Im interested to see other peoples favorite superimpositions.
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    I feel the need for speed

    "Arpeggios for Guitar" by Don Letarski. Very good book. Really simple but very effective. Goes through about 40 chord types.
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    memorizing the fretboard notes

    If you have any intention of becoming a good sight reader you have to know the whole neck up and down cold.
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    Anyone else seriously studying both guitar and bass?

    Thanks, very cool looking book. Any other suggestions?
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    Anyone else seriously studying both guitar and bass?

    Have you guys found any good material for an already advanced guitarist to dig into for bass playing? I want to not sound like a guitar player playing the bass.
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    Need a Good Jazz Book

    Definetly get a Real Book if you dont already have one.
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    Yup, 4 note per string Multi Position Scales is it

    This is also a real good practice to tool to get out of playing single positions and seeing how they combine and getting a more vertical view of the fretboard.
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    Modal Grooves

    Ive been getting some good shedding out of playing over a track on a single string. then once i go through all the single strings play on different combinations of strings.
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    The joy of transcription

    I just finished Miles solo on So What! I was wondering where to go with it after finishing it. Do you guys memorize the whole solo? Any tips and pointers are appreciated.
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    Advice On Playing In 5/4, 3/4, 6/8

    Hey guys Ive been having some trouble playing in 5/4, 3/4 and 6/8 (going from most difficult to least). The specific tunes are Take Five, Footprints, and All Blues. Any books or advice on how to practice this would be appreciated!
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    Good Book on Music Theory?

    Chord Chemistry is not a theory book but is still probably one of the greatest guitar books written. There is alot of theory in there but you have to do some digging (or at least I had to).
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    Pentatonic Scales

    Another cool one for a lydian type sound is using the min. pent a half step below the root. So over a Cmaj7 you could use the B min pent giving you the 2-3-#4-6-7
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    Pentatonic Scales

    The minor 6 is a really cool one with alot of different applications. One cool way to use it is over dominant chords. So over a C7 if you used the G min 6 it gives you C-D-E-G-Bb or a C9 arp.
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    Using a Metronome on 1,2,3,4? 1,3? 2,4?

    ^ Man I totally agree about setting the click to subdivisions. I work out of a drummer's syncaption book which is mostly 16th note stuff and I have been setting the click to eighth notes and it really tightened up my time. Also playing it slower is a good idea too...
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    Bluegrass and folk

    I just started playing at bluegrass jams alot this year. Its a ton of fun, the people are always nice, and ive learned alot of new things. Taking lead breaks can be pretty intimidating at first. Without the drums going it took me awhile to really feel the beat when everyone drops out. Also...
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    Suggest some Funk for me to listen to

    Its all about TOP
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    Joe Pass Guitar Style

    His Chord Solos book is really great too.
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    Benson Picking Method

    are you supposed to use the same technique when strumming as well?
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    How would you play an Abmaj7/Bb..

    Chord Chemistry is the Bible of chord books. I think it would take a lifetime to work through and thoroughly understand all the points made in the book.
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    solo pieces for acoustic guitar

    Joe Pass Chord Solos book is really good
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    What's your cool way to use Pentatonic scales

    One way to use them is say over an Amin7 starting at in Am pent then modulating up in minor 3rds and coming back to the Am pent. So it would be Am pent-Cm pent-Ebm pent-Gbm pent-Am pent. but instead of just moving up three frets every time try to play it in the same position.
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