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  1. Zim

    350+ Guitars coming up for auction

    I bet Guitar Center got most of them.
  2. Zim

    School me on Lap Steels

    Howdy all. I've been itching for a few years to try my hand at lap steel. Was wondering what info I might get from the TGP Brotherhood (And sisters). I love the idea of the whole Lap Steel and matching small amp. I kinda need to learn a bit about it all. What to look for, vintage or not. Any...
  3. Zim

    White Gibson ES335?

    I thought it might be a long shot, but now I know they are out there. The BB King one might be interesting.... I did see the fake China ones for sale for like $300!
  4. Zim

    White Gibson ES335?

    Do they make them as a regular run? I'm looking for one with gold hardware . Thanks
  5. Zim

    Problem w/ guitar repair - advice needed

    What kind of guitar is it? Is it a real expensive rare one?
  6. Zim

    G&L Tributes

  7. Zim

    G&L Tributes

    Anyone know when they stop using "USA Parts/Hardware" ? I know they use to advertise that they used the same pups/bridges and whatnot, but not now.... When did that change? Thanks,
  8. Zim

    P-90s Wired in Series

    Yeah, My Reverend Club King 290 ( I have an older Mahogany Body/Spruce Top, gold top w/ Les Trem.) does that with that Bass contour knob they have. With the knob rolled off, it is "normal" tone, but ass you turn it up, it adds more bass and can make a P90 sound a lot like a Humbucker. I LOVE...
  9. Zim


    Been using Dunlop 1.5mm for when I need to use a pick on bass and I find they sound real good with acoustics too.
  10. Zim

    Brand New Fender Blacktop Series

    Man, I wish they did the Jazzmaster in white. Hell, all of them in white.. Hmmm.... Jag- "Controls: Volume, tone 1 (neck pickup), tone 2 (bridge)" I see only 2 knobs?
  11. Zim

    Brand New Fender Blacktop Series

    And we have a winner!
  12. Zim

    Brand New Fender Blacktop Series Tele too
  13. Zim


    Some very interesting picks out there. I have been using the Hot Pink Dunlop .96 for years, many due to the fact back in the day my band members use to "borrow" my picks and never give them back when we jammed, so I started buying these Hot Pink ones 72 in a bag at a time. They wouldn't take...
  14. Zim


    So what Picks are you guys using and for what type of playing/guitar(s)? Reason I ask, I'm on the hunt for some new ones. I'm hearing WAY MORE difference than I ever did as a youngster from pick to pick and more so on acoustic.
  15. Zim

    Labor Day Sales!!

    I got that too. But I don't "see" the sale list on line yet....
  16. Zim

    Hypothetically Speaking:

    Which ever. Mostly wanting to see what you guys would go with.. But if we need a base line, lets say a rock/alt-country/cover band that dabbles in heavy stuff too?
  17. Zim

    Hypothetically Speaking:

    Ok, But if they didn't have one?
  18. Zim

    Hypothetically Speaking:

    Lets say you had to build a rig from scratch (Besides cables/picks) and you had a $1500 Gift card for Guitar Center. What rig would you buy to cover a lot of ground? Discuss please. HAVE FUN WITH IT! (and lets leave the Used Section out of it :D)
  19. Zim

    My trip to the keyboard store ended surprisingly well (Rickenbacker content)

    Yeah.... Well what keyboard did you get? Just kidding, great score!
  20. Zim

    Eddie Vedder p90 black tele question [& now all things PJ thread ;-)]

    Man... This thread has reminded me just how great this band is... I always seem to catch the great ones AFTER they have gone. But still can catch these guys. Thanks
  21. Zim

    Gibson's website allows user comments? Bad idea..

    I agree and Carvin is famous for the deletes and bans for any negative vibes. I would LOVE to own a Gibson, Have in the past, but Nitro and me do not mix. For what ever reason, wherever I touch gets cloudy. I had some faded ones that worked well, but broke my heart when I had a KILLER Studio in...
  22. Zim

    Les Paul Fake Police, come inside please!

    How much is he asking? It might be cool to a have a fake to try some mods on. And if it plays good and sounds good, why not grab it? But please cover the Gibson Logo with a Tonka of Lego sticker!
  23. Zim

    I need help with my Gretsch White Falcon, fake or not?!?!?1

    Ask him if the tuners were swapped?
  24. Zim

    I need help with my Gretsch White Falcon, fake or not?!?!?1 Hmmm... Wonder whats with that?
  25. Zim

    I need help with my Gretsch White Falcon, fake or not?!?!?1

    Did you receive the guitar already?
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