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    What's the TGP word on Headstrong amps?

    Thank you. Your comment might just push me over the edge :D
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    What's the TGP word on Headstrong amps?

    Hi Barnzy, What're your thoughts on the Santa Cruz 5? The amp's been on my radar since they were first announced. Would you say the tone's more Blackface than Tweed?
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    5 Watt Amps That Sound Great, Full/Fat, & Not Boxy

    Another vote for the Gries 5. Phenomenal amp for the $$$!
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    NYCers: Favorite apartment amps?

    Gries 5 is the perfect bedroom amp imho :)
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    New Amp Day - Gries 5 combo

    Mine just shipped! Got the e-mail from Dave this morning. I can't wait! :) I was a Gries amp dealer some years back but Dave prefers to sell direct these days within CONUS and graciously agreed to build me my amp in 230V with a British style 3-pin plug :)
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    WGS ET90/BL80 blend!!!

    + 1 :)
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    Open or Closed Back 1x12?

    Here's an idea ;) Custom J Design "convertible" cab :)
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    NCD!!! - J Design content :)

    You're most welcome PCho222 :) I'd actually got the idea from Jim at Scumback speaker :) I saw the pics of your half stack on Jeff's Facebook timeline. Looks awesome!!! I don't know where you're located and just so you know, the middle panel of my cab expanded due to the high humidity in...
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    NCD!!! - J Design content :)

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    NCD!!! - J Design content :)

    Not too late to update your order PCho222 ;)
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    NCD!!! - J Design content :)

    I received my new J Design 1X12 convertible cab this afternoon! She's a transparent black stained Rainbow Poplar cab, silver piping, salt & pepper grill. Jeff and I worked on the convertible back design and it's a cinch to open and close the panel with the piano hinge. I can even do it mid...
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    P&W house amp?

    I bought 2 used Gries 5 for my church and everyone is loving the amps. Great bang for the $$$ for a hand built/wired amp.
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    BEST 5 watt amps for bedroom use?

    The Gries 5 get's my vote.
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    Big Clean 6L6 Sound and Headroom in Smallest / Lightest Box - GO!

    Gries 35 loaded with Eminence Tonkerlite gets my vote ;)
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    PWE Event Horizon en video

    Saw the videos on HRI and was waiting for Ted to post them here :)
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    I want the amazing warm cleans of a Hiwatt Custom 50 at a lower wattage Get this and thank me later ;)
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    Any Gries 5 owners out there?

    Be prepared to be blown away :)
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    Trinity 18 Watt versions, question Try the Trinity amp forum ;) Stephen and Phil responds almost immediately and the forum participants are very helpful too :)
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    Favorite 1x12 Combo w/ a Master Volume

    Gries 35
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    Emi Tonker w/ Fender Style Amps???

    Loving the Tonker in my Gries 35 too :) My Trinity Triwatt sounds great with my Port City 1X12 OS cab loaded with Tonker as well. The Eminence Tonker has got to be one of my all time favorite speakers! Tight, definitive bass, soft mids and musical trebles :)
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    I bought the new Gries 15 Watt

    Congrats on your new Gries 15 :)
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    The Gries JTM45

    Great to see Dave back in action!!! :D
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    What's a good 1x12 cab these days?

    Another vote for the Port City 1x12 OS cabs :)
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