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    Capo on a 12 string...........

    Maybe try the g7 12 string capo.
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    Cheaper alternative to Martin OM-John Mayer?

    OM-28 Marquis used around 2500
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    I am ready for a D-18 type guitar, what should I try

    I use a D-18GE. I love that guitar. Although I think the Collings D1A is a better guitar, it is also about twice as much as I paid for my D-18GE. I also played a Santa Cruz Vintage Artist(pretty sure that was the model name) that was a killer guitar.
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    What store to buy a new Martin from?

    Buffalo Bros in Carlsbad, CA.
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    Martin 000-18 golden era

    I have a D-18GE. Great guitar.
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    Any Orange County (CA) members?

    Ah yea CB is the guys name at Rockit Only heard great things about him.
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    Any Orange County (CA) members?

    There is a guy at Rockit Music in Brea that I have heard lots of good things about. I cannot remember his name right now though.
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    Best Place to Purchase a Collings?

    Buffalo Bros is a good reliable shop. I personally have bought 3 guitars from them and alot of my friends buy there too. Also check out the upgrade policy, its awesome.
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    Taylor questions

    Ive had both a 410-ce and a 514-ce and both have been great guitars. The 514-ce is by far the nicer guitar. I got mine for 1500 so im sure you could find some within your price range. Although bluegrass and blues are not its specialty IMO, thats more Martin territory. But all in all definetly...
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