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  1. birdie_in_texas

    Favored 7-string pickups and why? I need to find some..

    thanks for sharing! I have never tried any Carvin pickups, even when I had Carvin guitars, they always came with EMG's I think..I never had a "new" one.. I think I Will see what the local music store has and maybe I get lucky and they actually have some 7-string pickups.. I know they are...
  2. birdie_in_texas

    Favored 7-string pickups and why? I need to find some..

    I made a trade and ended up with a new PRS SE 7-string, but the stock pickups are well, at least to my ears, ball-less and "tinny" if that makes sense, and I was hoping for you guys to chime in with what pickups you like in your 7's and why. I have tried Blackouts in a Dinky, but they were...
  3. birdie_in_texas

    PRS SE Pickup Recommendations?

    ended up with EMG's in both of my SE's..the 81 & 85 they sound better than any other combo I tried...
  4. birdie_in_texas

    PRS SE vs. S2 Custom 24

    i currently have both and also a nice CE22 and I play my SE more than either of the other two. IT is perhaps the finest playing guitar, for me, that I have ever owned. I have owned well over 100 guitars in 30 years of playing. no reason not to buy and cherish and love an SE. The S2 is a...
  5. birdie_in_texas

    So I'm looking for pickups for my PRS Santana 25th Anniversary guitar

    i will trade you the Dragon II's out of my '07 CE22 for your Sanatana's..they are ball-less and thin to my is about time for some EMG's.. :)
  6. birdie_in_texas

    Shred guitar help

    My favorite current "shredder" is my PRS SE with EMG's.. Also in love with my Jackson Soloist with Mustaine Live those things are awesome sounding pickups! My my Sterling JP6 ripoff clone geetar also shreds like it was born to do it!! Hopefully my new little cheapy JS32 Kelly will...
  7. birdie_in_texas

    Recommend me a guitar!

    PRS SE guitars are super amazing nice!
  8. birdie_in_texas

    JB jr vs lil 59 in strat

    +1 here..
  9. birdie_in_texas

    Anyone have a Kelly JS32 guitar?

    I have been wanting an "explorer" type guitar, but I prefer 24 frets and hard tails. I know there was that awesome Gibson "Shred X" or whatever, but dang they are expensive "when" you can find one for sale.. I saw the little cheapy JS32 Kelly and it has the "same" neck as my neck-thru Jacksons...
  10. birdie_in_texas

    Guitar Center

    The 2 stores close by me are full of guys that always are very helpful and the manager and assistant managers always go out of their way to make the best deal they can..sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is what they can do. Am glad they are there and hope they continue to be.
  11. birdie_in_texas

    Am I crazy or does the PRS SE Santana....

    i have one of the prototype SE custom 24's, or something..mine has "half moons" and not birds..and it was not "perfect" out of the box..the tuners sucked, the pickups were WAY awful, but DAMN the neck is EVERY BIT AS GOOD as my '86 CE24 was. So, some gotoh's, some EMG's, and **POOF** the damn...
  12. birdie_in_texas

    Those of you who don't like PRS guitars...

    Several people that I spoke with on this subject all had one thing that stood out as a "main" reason they did not really care for a PRS. They all mentioned the small-ish scale. I have tiny little girl hands, so the PRS is AWESOME for me, but I guess for some folks with big ass monkey fingers...
  13. birdie_in_texas

    2012 American Strat just out of the box...not impressed!

    I will get dogged bad on here, but the only Fender I could ever stand was the "HM" strats back in the 80's. Of all the current line, only the EJ "feels" like something I would want to play, but sadly, they are seriously missing some number of frets! hahahaha Hope you get the kinks worked out...
  14. birdie_in_texas

    Couch shots Lets see them

    Man..! Some you dudes got nice places! And lots of great geetarzz..! Never thought so many people would have leather (real or not) type couches..must be folks with no kids or older/gone kids! hahahaaha
  15. birdie_in_texas

    Fixed Pics! NGD: New Charvel Shed machine! Beautiful flame top too! does sound great, but it is very VERY bright sounding, and has nothing but a volume, so I am going to install a tone control of some kind..just not sure what yet, and then put a mini toggle in up closer to the strings where I prefer my pickup selector to be.
  16. birdie_in_texas

    School Me on Floyd Rose

    +1..! In my experience, the cheap "Special" models are junk. I have not seen/played one that was worth having yet. I personally prefer Kahlers to Flyds as they are so much easier to setup and deal with, especially changing strings.
  17. birdie_in_texas

    Fixed Pics! NGD: New Charvel Shed machine! Beautiful flame top too!

    ok..can you see them now? I see the pictures..but maybe I did something wrong?
  18. birdie_in_texas

    Fixed Pics! NGD: New Charvel Shed machine! Beautiful flame top too!

    Had no luck selling my Korg X50 so I ended up trading it back to the music store and getting this! Is an amazingly feature packed axe..! Locking tuners, EMG's, and the tech was able to get the 9's absolutely on the deck! IT is really SWEET..!! Beautiful top, awesome abalone looking binding...
  19. birdie_in_texas

    Anyone try any of the Sterling JP50's..?

    Got mine home from being setup by a pro and it plays sounds like a rotten butthole has an Air Norton in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge..I don't like either worth a damn after playing several hours. So I have an EMG89R for the neck and an 81TW coming...
  20. birdie_in_texas

    Anyone try any of the Sterling JP50's..?

    This is the "red pearl burst" I guess it is the Indonesia one? It has a DiMarzio Distortion in the bridge and a Air Norton in the neck, or so I am told. It has no scratch that I can find but it has like .12's on it and I took it to the guitar store here locally to let the luthier look...
  21. birdie_in_texas

    Anyone try any of the Sterling JP50's..?

    Found one used with Dimarzio's already in it, not a scratch on it, and DAMN cheap, so was thinking about getting it, but never even seen a "Sterling" before..I know it is the "cheap" version of the EB Petrucci, but from what I saw, it seemed a pretty solid guitar..and for $175 with a case it...
  22. birdie_in_texas

    Best guitar and amp --> 80's metal/shredding?

    RG550, ADA MP-2, Alesis Quadraverb, and ART SLA-1 with a couple of 4 x 12's!!! Cannot be beaten!
  23. birdie_in_texas

    Your favorite songs to play?

    I usually warm up with the first 5 or 6 songs from Maximum Security by Tony Macalpine, so I guess thru the years, they have become my favorites to mean play! :)
  24. birdie_in_texas

    1 humbucker guitar needed. Step in.

    these things rock, and are cheap, so then you just spend $100 for an EMG-81 and put it in and **POOF** Metal guitar!!
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