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    Mounting a pedal power ac inside furman

    Since there is extra space inside my furman. I mounted a pedal power ac inside the chassis. Any known issues of having the furman Power transformer and the pedal power ac Power transformer inside same box. This will save space in my rack
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    What is that bubble Qtron tremelo effect on this recording

    Is it basically what I said. I love this effect would like to know how to get it
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    No dip switches on TC Vortex Flanger?

    yep opened up back and not there. my corona chorus has them
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    No dip switches on TC Vortex Flanger?

    Went to open it up and set it to buffered bypass and kill dry on but there were not any dip switches. I see documentation on the TC sight and searched via google and every says the Vortex flanger should have the dip switches. Anyone else have a vortex flanger that doesn't have the dip switches?
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    Making soldered patch cables tips needed

    I have a difficult time trying to make cables. Pretty much my difficulty is not having four hands :) What are you using to hold the sleeve/ground of the the cable flush against the sleeve/ground of the plug when soldering it in place? I have one of those the "third hand clamps" but that...
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    Are 'mini line mixers' worth it? You still need an fx loop to use one correct?....

    i use a suhr mini mix 2 and a rjm mixer in my setup. awesome for wet dry setups
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    Help with Looper/Switcher box

    Here are some links. May not be exactly what you want but close.
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    Something I have noticed with using 2 power supplys

    I tried both with one piggybacked off the other and then also both plugged into the furman power conditioner.
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    Something I have noticed with using 2 power supplys

    Something I have noticed if I have 2 voodoo lab pedal power devices or even the MXR MC403 and a voodoo lab PP2+,... if I have effect boxes that are before my amp only being powered by one Voodoo Lab PP2+ everything is great.... but lets say I need more power outlets and I add a second...
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    MXR EVH Flanger question, speed too fast

    So just got one of these flangers and I noticed that in the normal mode the speed doesnt get really slow. Seems like its slowest speed is twice as fast as the EHV mode when the button is pushed in. Is this normal? Kind of wish I can get the speed of this thing slower.
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    Strymon Mobius, what causes weird high end whine?

    When I try to use my Strymon mobius infront of my amps I can hear a weird high end whine. Like a digital sheen if that makes sense. Only get this when Strymon is in path. It is using its own isolated power as everything else is too I dont get this if I use it in my amps effect loop. What...
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    Eventide > strymon

    the. mobius is good and i have one but it doesnt work well in effects loops as it cant really handle +4 line levels and the output impedance is too high for effects return so you lose high end. i plan on getting a radial extc device to compensate. also infront of amp you get that high end...
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    What do you use for effect wire?

    Is is stranded wire or solid core?
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    What do you use for effect wire?

    Do you use a solid core copper or a copper strand cable? If so what guage? 25, 18?
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    How is this remote switching working? Pigtronix fuzz

    Look at the Pigtronix Disnortion, How do you think it is modified where there are jack inserts instead of the buttons? Just curious how this is working or is there relays doing it?
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    Need an input jack that has a longer shaft

    a longer part that goes through chassis punchout. I bought a 1u rack enclosure for a project but the metal they used for sides is pretty thick, a normal jack doesnt extend far enough beyond the metal. Where can I get something like below but has a longer through punch hole base/shaft
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    What is the current draw for suhr mini mix 2

    bumping for Husky to see 😃
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    i want unbalanced guitar in and unbalanced out
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    anyone? was looking at those small Jensen transformers and wanted to know what the three cables on each side do.
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    What is the current draw for suhr mini mix 2

    Anyone know the current draw that a suhr mini mix 2 will consume? What about rim mini mixer?
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    Audio transformer question on pin outs

    So looking at some small transformers and schematics for isolation splitter boxes i wasnt sure how you would hook one up between two sources. I get the primary and secondary stuff but wasnt sure on each sides three legs. Is it like tip,ring, and sleeve?
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    Looking at jack ohrman Pickup simulator

    Stupid question, but if I use an old pickup do I need to remove the magnets? Just wondering if I will get noise as technically the pickup, though passive, will technically start doing its job. Was just going to wire a humbucker pickup in place of the inductor. But thought that maybe I...
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    Treble booster, is this true

    This is what I am going to do. Build one of these
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    Looking at jack ohrman Pickup simulator

    I was looking at this and it seems to solve issues using buffers before fuzz faces and treble boosters. Seems simple enough of a build. But I was wondering If I could just take an unused pickup and use that instead of buying a separate inductor(Shown below as 42TM019). Ofcourse I would need...
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