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    MESA BOOGIE MK 3 Triode to Pentode Mod ?

    You can probably get more info on the Boogie Board forum.
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    Describe your stereo amp setup if you have one ....

    I am using a Mesa Boogie Mark III with a Mesa Boogie Satellite 60 (basically a Mark III with a stripped down pre amp section) in stereo (W/W). Signal chain: git -> Turbo tuner-> Area 51 wah -> Mojo vibe -> input Mark III; Mark III fx send -> Analogman Bi Chorus (stereo) L -> Timefactor...
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    Backup Amp-in your pocket

    I remember a prototype of a pedalamp of some sorts being played at one of the amp shows last year. Now I think about it, I guess it was a prototype pedalamp made by Fuchs. Sorry for the mistake. :jo
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    Backup Amp-in your pocket

    Wasn't Suhr going to release a Pedalamp for that purpose? Does anyone know if that is already available?
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    The Mesa Boogie Appreciation Thread ! List your amps...

    I still use my old simul-class Mark III blue stripe with EQ and EV speaker from the 80's, combined with a Satellite 60 for a compact - but heavy - stereo rig.
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    Boogie reliability?

    I have my Mark III since 1988. No problems at all apart from the regular replacement of tubes.
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    How is your two amp setup configured?

    I run a Mesa Boogie Mark III (simul class) and a Mesa Boogie Satellite 60 in stereo. The FX loop send of the Mark III goes to a stereo Analogman Bi-Chorus, and from that (in stereo) via a TC Nova delay and a TC Nova reverb to the FX loop return of the Mark III and the return of the Satellite...
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    Does anyone use a 2 amp rig live?

    I currently use a Mesa Boogie Mark III with a stereo Analogman Bi-Chorus and a TC Electronic Nova Delay and Reverb (both have stereo in- and outputs) in the FX loop; one goes to the FX return of the Mark III; the other goes to the FX return of a Mesa Boogie Satellite 60. It's a simple setup but...
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    Educate me on Mesa Boogies.

    I'm still using the Mark III simul class (blue stripe) I bought new in '88 (if I remember correctly) without any problems. The only thing I had to replace in normal intervals were the tubes. With some patience it is not that hard to dial in. As another poster said: just use your ears...
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