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  1. Jim Martin

    Sold Rootbeer Suhr Standard

    Selling this excellent condition Suhr Standard with Root Beer stain. It looks amazing, plays great and sounds fantastic. But I have another Suhr that's getting more playtime. You can check out the spec sheet for details. The only trades I might be interested in are for another Suhr guitar or a...
  2. Jim Martin

    Empress Tap Tremolo

    Lots of cool patterns, switchable waveform, tap tempo (obviously). Note - not the "Tremolo 2". Great condition with Velcro on the bottom. Includes box. $145 including shipping to CONUS. (Not interested in trades, thanks.)
  3. Jim Martin

    Masterbuilt or not?

    I'm planning on selling a Telecaster I acquired from a friend (who got it directly from Fender as an artist years and years ago). Its nitro finish is a bit dinged up (it's twenty years old and has been played). I had a couple of questions for the collective before I list it: 1. I checked the...
  4. Jim Martin

    Eric Johnson in two small boxes?

    In an older instructional video Eric Johnson was demonstrating his three main tones: clean from blackface Deluxes, crunchy from a Dumble and lead from the Marshall. Of course, he'd just switch between the amps to change sounds. Assuming I get a good base clean sound (from a vintage Fender)...
  5. Jim Martin

    Boosting Woes

    I'm trying to use an RC Booster as a post-gain volume boost for leads. If I set the boost appropriate for a clean tone (clean rhythm, step on the boost for a clean lead) then it bumps the high gain tones way too much when it's engaged. Likewise if I set it for a good boost on high gain tones it...
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