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  1. JJman

    A night in the cold killed my pedals!!!

    My Boss Compressor turns into a distortion pedal after being in the cold. It comes back after thawing/drying out.
  2. JJman

    Fuzz > Wah or Wah > Fuzz: The official poll

    I had the same problem with the “missing” buffer in the wah. I added one so the fuzz would not bog it down but it was not adequate. Then one day I figured I’d place a buffered pedal (Boss Chorus) after the wah and before the fuzz. Works perfectly since the boss buffer is always buffering. I...
  3. JJman

    mono-to-mono (male-male) patch plug?

    I tried them many moons ago but they won't work if the jacks of the pedals are not at the same height. So then I bought the "offset" ones that adjust to the correct height. They are also bogus since stepping on a pedal can make it move which makes the connection "crackle" for a moment. If you...
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