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    Any substitution for Tonebone Hot British tube distortion?

    Ah, I missed that you had already tried the Plextortion when I read your post. The Hardwire is pretty cheap too. Especially used. Good luck!
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    Any substitution for Tonebone Hot British tube distortion?

    I had the same question. Had a hot British and loved the way it sounded, but the size and the weird power requirements put me off it. I tried a few including a Barber Dirty Bomb (which is more Mesa than Marshall) What replaced it for me was a Hardwire Valve Distortion. You could also try a...
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    It'll probably do one version of it all. Seriously, IMO that's a very versatile gain setup and, truth be told, most people could do most of the things they want to do with some combination of those pedals. I suspect, though, that most people would eventually get curious about what else was out...
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    Strange "ticking" in my pedal board

    It's the 1spot. The overdrive is just making the sound louder (that's what overdrives do) not causing it. I've had that same sound when I plug two digital pedals into a one spot, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the flashback. Put that on its own power supply and see if the noise goes...
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    Pedals: Stock, modded or boutique?

    If you have the time and the inclination then DIY is the way to go. Boutique quality at Boss used prices. Edit: realized I never answered the question. I have 10 pedals including an external tap pedal. 2 are boutique, 3 are DIY, and 5 are stock
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    Anyone just using a good old TS9?

    I used one for a long time. Then i built my own and used that for long time. I currently use a KOT for the same purpose but I could easily live with just a stock ts9.
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    autotune on guitar

    Yeah, that would be true if you are using it as an entire album thing or even for an entire song. However, last summer I did some studio work that I paid for myself. We were running short on time and I did the vocals for six songs in four hours. At least two takes each song and somtimes five or...
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    AnalogMan King of Tone - Gain Question.

    I have regular gain on both sides and IMO, if you need more gain than both sides stacked than you're looking for a distortion pedal not a an OD pedal. With both sides set to fairly high gain and both engaged its (to my ears anyway) about AC/DC level gain. However, I also have a hard time seeing...
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    Will the G7 Capo fix my issue?

    +1 this is what i use with my tele, works great!
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    Should Electro-Harmonix make a dedicated 'swell/attack' pedal like that of the POG2?

    The slow gear is hard to come by but there are many clones available, however you said you already tried the VFE Bumble bee which is Slow Gear clone so I guess that's not what you're looking for. I just watched a demo of the POG2 and the attack slider seemed to be fading in the octaves and not...
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    Should Electro-Harmonix make a dedicated 'swell/attack' pedal like that of the POG2?

    I've never used a POG2, is it like a Boss Slow Gear? Kind of an auto volume swell effect?
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    Show us your PEDALBOARD #28

    Just finished putting this together today. I'm really liking the G3 at the end! I can run it into my amp, into headphones, or direct to the board.
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    Do you coordinate trem/vibrato/delay times

    I LOVE in time tremolo. It's pretty hard to do though, because the waveform doesn't restart with your playing (like delay does). It's even harder when you play to a click. If you can do it and you want to hear something cool run an eighth note trem into a dotted eighth delay. The mix on the...
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    This bands tone is nuts

    Sounds like a fuzz (muff style?) into a already broken up amp, but i'm no expert
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    Pedals to stack with a tech21 liverpool character.

    Basically, anything that would work with an AC-15/30 will work with the Liverpool. I used a hartman bc-108 fuzz that sounded good to me.
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    Return of the Son of Emergency Backup Rig! Now in 3D

    vox ac15C1 Fulldrive 2 Boss dd-20 Done!
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    Line 6 M9 // Share Your Delay Settings? 2012 version...

    I've had an m13, an m9, and now have an hd500 and a dd20. Just got a timeline. Granted I've only had the timeline for two days but so far I wouldn't say that it makes everything else sound like a toy. In fact I would say that the dd20 and even the line 6 stuff holds up pretty well. Obviously the...
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    Custom DIY Board Build

    Only on TGP can someone build something this amazing and then feel the need to apologize because the pedals are a little crooked :roll Seriously that is really cool!:dude
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    can you clip the input on a Strymon Timeline?

    Just in case anyone else was wondering. The hd500 DOES clip the timeline's input if you put it hd500->Timeline. I do have the master up all the way, and it didn't clip all the time just on harder strums but still, it is possible and something you'll have to watch out for if you plan on using the...
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    can you clip the input on a Strymon Timeline?

    Yeah, I'm gonna try some different setups and see what sounds good. I was just wondering if anybody has any experience
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    can you clip the input on a Strymon Timeline?

    So I bought a Timeline for my pedalboard/amp rig and I'm thinking about running it with my HD500 as well. Can i just run it between the HD500 and the DI box? or will it clip? Thanks!
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    What reverb pedal can sound like this?

    All good :cool: The Flint demos sound really good. I've still got it in the back of my mind, wondering if i really need to be able to split those two effects.:facepalm
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    What reverb pedal can sound like this?

    Yeah but the Flint can't be split, i.e. trem before delay and reverb after delay.
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