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  1. frails

    WTB Stephens Design or Doyle Coils pickups (or other similar PAF-style pickups)

    I’ve got a set of Doyle Coils in dbl white with aged nickel covers. BOOM
  2. frails

    Sold Fender Aged 58' Tele Saddles

    I’ll take em.
  3. frails

    Sold Throbak SLE-101 Plus MXV PAF's - aged nickel covers - SOLD

    Trade for a set of Doyle Coils in dbl cream?
  4. frails

    Sold DROP Will Boggs Reverend humbuckers set

    I have a set of Gregwinds and they are fantastic. Which magnets are in the Revs and what are the readings, please? UPDATE** Found this on MLP...."The neck pickup measures out at 7.69k and the bridge pickup measures out at 9.24k."
  5. frails

    Sold Fender Custom Shop Strat Pickups

    Are any flat poles or are they all staggered?
  6. frails

    Sold Mojotone Premium Historic PAF Set

    2nd in line...
  7. frails

    Sold Throbak MXV SLE 101+ pair

    How about a set of dbl cream Doyle Coils?
  8. frails

    Sold Two Reeves Vintage Purple 16 ohm speakers

    I’ll take em. PP please?
  9. frails

    Sold Evidence Audio Siren 2 speaker cable

    $23 is fair I think.
  10. frails

    Sold WB PGB 67-07 Pickups $325.00

    Bobbin color please?
  11. frails

    Sold 2- Scumback H75 30watts 16ohms $79 each shipped!

    Ugh I can’t take it anymore. I’ll take em. PayPal please??
  12. frails

    Sold WB Habenaros

    Damn! Too late.
  13. frails

    Sold Throbak and Jim Wagner Pickup Sets

    Trade the Throbaks for a set of Doyle Coils Tru-Clones in dbl cream?
  14. frails

    Sold Faber Tone Lock ABR-1 Aged Nickel

    Is this metric or SAE? Trades?
  15. frails

    Sold Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell Steve Stevens Pickups

    Blacks, I'm out. Thanks for checking and for hank57's assistance.
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