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    Mesa Fillmore gain channel?

    I'm torn between this amp and a Marl I reissue. I played the Fillmore 50 and it is an amazing amp, but it didn't have the bottom end thump that the Mark had. I'm wondering whether or not the Fillmore 100 will give me that bottom end that I found a little lacking in the 50. Thoughts?
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    Mesa transatlantic TA30-212

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    Mesa TA 15 *NEW* at GC ...... $499 ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing new. GC has been blowing out their stock since they have parted ways with Boogie. You can find them in stores if you call and ask, but GC is not advertising these things.
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    Your physically small gigging rig!

    I thought I was the only person that had one of these! It has been my main gigging rig for the last 7 years. I run an ethos pedal (pre-amp) in front of it to warm it up a bit. Great little package!
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    Fender George Benson Deluxe
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    NAD: Mesa Mark V..... Things I should know?

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!! Enjoy it!!!!
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    Mesa Boogie out of GC?

    Never heard of anyone receiving a discount on Mesa stuff and still being able to receive the 5 year warranty. Mesa pricing policy would also place the seller in serious trouble and getting the Mesa line pulled from that particular retail location.
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    Mesa Boogie out of GC?

    If this is not allowed then Mods please remove. Went in thursday and my pusher told me the news. Told me he could now give me a discount on MESA since they would no longer carry them. Told me that he THINKS Mesa will still honor warranty's on all new purchases from them, but the break-up is...
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    George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe

    Doesn't bother me at all. It's not that it is a dark sounding amp, just a tad darker than a regular model. Does that make sense? As a pedal platform i don't think this amp can be beat. To me it sounds even more pedal friendly than the regular version. More neutral, if that makes sense. Less...
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    George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe

    Both issues were addressed with the III. The volume control is better. The overdrive issues? You will have to judge that one for yourself. Like I said before, the pine cab is worth it for me. The overdrive is better to me. I now at least have it as a decent option for use whereas before I...
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    George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe

    Try the amp. If all they did was change their entire amp line to pine cabinets the amps would sound much better than the compressed toothpicks they are made out of now. i think this is the biggest change that the average user can't do themselves, and it's the one worth paying for.
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    George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe

    Very cool amp. Cleaner and smoother than the regular version. To me it sounds a tad bit darker. Doesn't break up anywhere near where the old version does. If you need loud and clean in a fairly compact package, this is the one to get. The overdrive is much better to my ears also. it seems...
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    George Benson GB Fender Hotrod Deluxe 2013

    They were $799 at Christmas. Fender $100 off special, which is when my friend bought his. I saw a few ebay dealers selling them for that price recently as well. Even at $899, for a 100 watt speaker and a pine cabinet I think it is worth it. The overdrive is even useful now!
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    George Benson GB Fender Hotrod Deluxe 2013

    Friend of mine has one. I'm sold!!! It's smoother, cleaner, and slightly darker to my ears than a regular Hotrod. The upgrades are worth the price to me, especially if you can still find one for $799.
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    Thinking about Mesa Transatlantic

    Played the TA30 today. Killer amp!
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    Omega Amp Users........

    Need your words of wisdom. Found a used Omega modded Blues Deville 212 today and had a chance to play it. Has Canibus Rex speakers in it. Sounded like it was really down on power when compared to a regular Fender Blues Deville 212. The clean channel sound good, just weak. Is there...
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    Larry Carlton/Robben Ford - Bludo-Content

    Veeeeeeeeeeeery Cool!!!!!
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    The MkV has me seriously considering selling my Fuchs ODS...

    I feel the same way. It' strange because 5 years ago this was the amp of my dreams, the one that I would never sale. It has recorded great. Sounds great live. Feels amazing. But, there's a problem. The amp, and to me, all Dumble style amps, have a fundamental tone that you purchase...
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    Egnater Rebel 30

    This has happened to my amp twice, AT GIGS, over the last couple of months! I got the amp the first week of November. The very next week I shot a live 1 hour DVD and the amp sounds great on the DVD. I played the amp at a gig tonight and it sounded great, but I fear that I'm going to have...
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    Egnater Rebel 30, Yes 30

    Sorry to hear that Greg. Had a gig Saturday night with an audience of about 1000 people and the amp worked and sounded great. I thought I had a tube problem also, but I have not been able to repeat my problem. I'll keep spare tubes handy. Hopefully that's all it is.
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    Egnater Rebel 30, Yes 30

    Well, don't know quite what to think as of yet. Picked up my head from Guitar denter on the 8th of this month. They lost the cover for the head, so right now I have a cover for the combo. Stupid! Took it out for the first gig on Tuesday the 10th. Live DVD shoot for a local artist that is a...
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    What have you learned on your tone quest?

    I sound like me. You sound like you. I sound like me playing through your rig. You sound like you playing through my rig. If I could just accept the fact that I sound like me and you sound like you, no matter what, I could create more and obsess less.
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    Chicagolanders - Is Chicago Blues Box still in business?

    One if my students has a Buddy Guy model. It is the loudest, cleanest, sweetest 60w 410 amp I have ever played! I've never heard a Bassman amp that full sounding with that much bottom end!
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