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  1. frails

    Sold Friedman Runt 50 Head Nr. Mint $1375

    Any of these +/- cash? Gigrig Pro 10 Switching System Gigrig Midi 8 Switching System Set of Doyle Coils Humbuckers in double cream Lots of Moody leather straps 70's EH Triangle Big Muff '83 Gibson Dirty Fingers bridge pup Righty 80's Burny/Fernandes MIJ right handed Explorer w/ Gibson Case and...
  2. frails

    Sold 2011 Diezel VH4 Head

    I’ve got a mint Hi-Tone 50w.
  3. frails

    Sold 1973 JMP 50 watt 1987 Model Head

    PM incoming from Reverb...
  4. frails

    Sold Super clean 1959 Supro 1615T - vintage Valco beast!

    Alright Erik I'll bite. PM inbound...
  5. frails

    Sold Marshall 2525H Mini Jubilee & Covert Audio 1x12 Cab

    Orange Rocker 30 head with Mercury Magnetics iron?
  6. frails

    Sold Marshall flavored Amp

    Orange Rocker 30 Head with Mercury Magnetics transformers...
  7. frails

    Sold Marshall Mini Jubilee 20w Head

    If you change your mind on trades I can do any of these +/- cash. Orange Rocker 30 Head w/ upgraded Mercury Magnetics transformers (2x) Gigrig Pro 14 Gigrig Midi 8 (2x) Pete Cornish G-2 Pete Cornish P-1 Pete Cornish LD-3 Boss CE-2 Chorus Boss CS-3 Compressor CostaLab Moon Drive Top Tone DG-2...
  8. frails

    Sold Friedman PT-20

    Any interest in a trade? Cash available to fill in the cracks as needed. Orange Rocker 30 TheGigRig Midi 8 Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ Top Tone DG-2 Pete Cornish G-2 Pete Cornish LD-3 Pete Cornish P-1 Evidence Audio Cables CostaLab Moon Drive Boss CE-2 Boss CS-3 Pickups Blah Blah Blah
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