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  1. Jess 1971

    The "where are they now" thread of sorry I sold it guitars you wish you had back.

    I had a G&L ASAT Special in silver sparkle flake finish that I foolishly sold. I had a lot of custom work done on it, including routing for two humbuckers and a custom made black pickguard. What an awesome guitar. Neck felt amazing too. Anyway, sold it about 18 years ago because I had just...
  2. Jess 1971

    School Me on Gretsch Guitars

    So it looks like the current production cheaper Electromatic Gretsch models are made in China, but I am confused about some of their other models that are significantly more expensive. I had assumed they were made in USA, but it looks like most of their nicer models are made in Japan. Is that...
  3. Jess 1971

    NGD: Gretsch Billy Duffy White Falcon

    Holy **** that's a beautiful guitar.
  4. Jess 1971

    What one guitar do you own that isn't modified.

    I tend to tinker with most of my guitars, typically swapping out pickups, but as my Rickenbacker 620 was just delightful stock, I've never felt compelled to change it in any way: My Gibson SG Standard 61 Maestro is mostly stock as well, although I did upgrade to locking tuners and installed...
  5. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker 620

    Nice. When I was in the market for mine, I was looking for a white 620 too. But I guess since they were only a very limited run, prices were astronomical. Anyway, cool-looking guitars.
  6. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker 620

    That's a great-looking guitar!
  7. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker 620

    I'm pretty sure that would make the ghost of Tom Petty weep.
  8. Jess 1971

    Best Gibson LP alternative, max $2000

    Agreed that the Edwards are really terrific guitars. Great pickups and electronics, and solid construction all around. Lots of cool options too.
  9. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker 620

    I've had my Ric 620 for more than a year now, and I find myself playing it now more than ever before. I have a few other guitars (Tele, Les Paul, SG, and Strat), but as I've been playing cleaner for the songs I've written for our new album, the Ric has really found its place. Some compression...
  10. Jess 1971

    If you were going to limit yourself to just two electric guitars?

    Tele Custom and a Les Paul. If I could have only one guitar (shudders), I'd split the difference and pick an SG.
  11. Jess 1971

    Show us your Non Gibson Les Pauls!

    My Edwards Les Paul Custom:
  12. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker content

    I think the finish on my Ric 620 might be the single nicest finish I've ever seen on any guitar. It's just perfectly gorgeous--like black glass. Love it!
  13. Jess 1971

    Why do you love (or hate) Les Pauls?

    I love my Les Pauls, but I use them almost exclusively for recording nowadays. I can't remember the last time I actually played a Les Paul in a live band situation. They sound great, but they're generally heavy and unwieldy, IMO, and there are typically other guitars I prefer to play more. My...
  14. Jess 1971

    Gibson SG Humbuckers Poll

    I have Lollar Imperials in my Les Paul Standard, and yes, they sound wonderful.
  15. Jess 1971

    Gibson SG Humbuckers Poll

    I wanted to see if there is anything remotely resembling a consensus with regard to favorite pickups for a Gibson SG. I've been playing SGs for a long time and have tried about a dozen different pickups in mine over the years. I think Gibson 57s might be my personal favorite, but I am warming up...
  16. Jess 1971

    NGD: Gibson SG 61 w/Maestro

    I guess you didn't read past the first post, but the guitar was borked so I exchanged it for another. Just got the new one back from getting a pro setup and a new upgraded bridge and we're golden.
  17. Jess 1971

    NGD: Gibson SG 61 w/Maestro

    I finally had a chance to get my new SG worked on by my tech, who not only gave it a proper setup and nut filing, but also did a few upgrades as well. I had a new set of Kluson Deluxe locking tuners installed, not so much for tuning stability but more just because changing strings with the...
  18. Jess 1971

    NGD: Rickenbacker content

    Congrats on the new Ric! I actually got myself the same guitar a few months ago and I love it. People usually think jangly riffs on these guitars, but they're also total rock & roll machines as well. I love mine. Enjoy it!
  19. Jess 1971

    Show me your Jazzmasters!

    I love this. Great-looking guitar.
  20. Jess 1971

    necks and pickups on modern SGs

    I would not consider the 61 humbuckers to be bright at all. I've owned several SGs over the years and I think the 490/498 combo is much brighter. The Gibson 57 humbuckers might be my all-time favorite pickups in an SG, but I do like the 61s in my new SG 61 Standard. They're the fullest-sounding...
  21. Jess 1971

    Telecaster: Humbucker in the Neck, Single in the Bridge

    Swapped out the pickups and the pots. But everything else is wonderful. Mine has been my number one for many years now. Love the white blonde finish
  22. Jess 1971

    Let's talk Gibson SG - Which one to buy? Custom shop?

    No, it's a Standard 61 model. Out of the box, the tuning stability is ok, but not great. So it's currently at my tech getting a proper nut filing and setup. Let you know how it plays when I get it back from the shop, but my tech said it should play fine. Like most Gibsons, the nut typically...
  23. Jess 1971

    Telecaster: Humbucker in the Neck, Single in the Bridge

    Lol. Nah, I bought it new directly from Ishibashi in Japan about 12 years ago and replaced the pickups myself.
  24. Jess 1971

    Telecaster: Humbucker in the Neck, Single in the Bridge

    I have a Lollar Regal and a Lollar Special T in my Tele Custom, and it is by far my favorite Tele pickup combo ever. The Lollar Vintage T is also nice, but I think the Special pairs better with the Regal.
  25. Jess 1971

    Let's talk Gibson SG - Which one to buy? Custom shop?

    I like them a lot more than I thought I would. I'm always tinkering with different pickups, but I think I'm going to leave the stock 61 humbuckers in my new SG 61 Standard.
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