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  1. Lt_Core

    Guitars in A Star is Born - Spoiler Alert

    Does anyone know the exact model of the red Gibson acoustic that Bradley Cooper plays in the movie?
  2. Lt_Core

    Best way to "get into" Les Pauls without breaking the bank...

    I couldn't agree more! I have a 2005 LP Studio Vintage Red Mahogany with Burstbuckers that has been one of my favorite guitars. Been playing it at gigs for 13 years and it's sounds just as great today as it did back then. I just sold a 2016 LP Tribute with P90's in honeyburst and picked up an...
  3. Lt_Core

    EVH Wolfgang Special pickups

    I'm buying a 2015 EVH Wolfgang Special in natural flame top and maple neck. Buying online so I haven't had a chance to play it. How does a Wolfgang Special’s pickups compare to Gibson Burstbuckers or PRS 85/15 pickups? Thanks!
  4. Lt_Core

    Richie Faulkner Epiphone Flying V

    Did anyone end up buying the Faulkner Epiphone Flying V? I’m very interested, would love to hear some reviews. Thanks!
  5. Lt_Core

    Pickup Suggestions for a Fender American Special HSS Strat

    Hi, about a month ago I picked up a killer American Special HSS Strat with a maple neck to use in my cover band. For context, we mostly modern hard rock all the way back to 80's hair metal. My gigging amp is an EVH 5150 III 50W head into a 2x12. My other gigging guitars are a PRS Tremonti and a...
  6. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    Couldn't agree more!!!
  7. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    9.5" with a modern C shape. Tall, jumbo frets which are awesome!
  8. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    No, the Shawbuckers come in the American Professional series. Mine is the American Special series. I played both and actually liked the Special over the Professional. The Shawbuckers are probably better pickups than the Texas Specials/Atomic but not $500 more IMHO. I loved the maple neck in my...
  9. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    I may swap out the Atomic humbucker for a DiMarzio Super Distortion someday, too soon to tell. Need a few gigs under its belt first. The Texas Special singles sound great!
  10. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    Thanks! I’m loving it more each day. The neck is flat out amazing!
  11. Lt_Core

    How many of you guys play guitar wirelessly??

    I also picked up a Line 6 G10 last summer, first wireless system I’ve ever had. Been playing with cables forever. It worked great but the last two or three shows the sound has been cutting in and out so I’m back to a cable until I figure it out. Nothing else changed in my rig and we use the...
  12. Lt_Core

    NGD: 2017 Fender American Special Strat

    I just bought this new 2017 Fender American Special Strat! My main gigging guitars are a PRS Tremonti SE and a pair of Les Paul’s. This might become #2 behind the PRS, we’ll see. I’ve been looking at various HSS guitars for awhile, ended up coming back to a Strat. I played a ton of them locally...
  13. Lt_Core

    School me on Charvel's

    I've never owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose, I'm more of a hardtail guy for hard rock, metal, punk, etc, plus I've been dying for a Charvel ProMod San Dimas. Are Floyd Rose guitars hard to maintain?
  14. Lt_Core

    Epiphone sg, gibson sg or les paul studio

    Thread resurrection time: I just played a 2003 Gibson SG Special Faded in cherry at a local guitar store and I loved it! My other Gibson's are a 2016 Faded Tribute w/ P-90's and my #1 which is a 2005 Les Paul Studio Vintage Mahogany in cherry (which is chambered, nice and light). The neck scale...
  15. Lt_Core

    2017 PRS SE Tremonti opinions?

    No, it's not a baritone. I think I saw that baritone video, too.
  16. Lt_Core

    2017 PRS SE Tremonti opinions?

    Has anyone compared the SE Tremonti to the SE Custom 24 when used with high gain? I know the Tremonti has a thicker body and heavier pickups. Probably more low-end chunk I would assume in the Tremonti.
  17. Lt_Core

    2017 PRS SE Tremonti opinions?

    Wish I could do that. Our GC and local stores are littered with Line 6 and Bugera amps. Don't get me started on the guitar selection :( With that being said, I buy most of my gear online because of this problem. Returning amps and guitars that don't work out is a pain.
  18. Lt_Core

    2017 PRS SE Tremonti opinions?

    Do you think it would be noticeably different sounding in a band mix? Budda SDII 30W with many pedals including the Amptweaker FatMetal. Sounds fantastic into my clean channel!
  19. Lt_Core

    2017 PRS SE Tremonti opinions?

    Has anyone had a chance to play the new 2017 PRS SE Tremonti? Wonder how it compares to the 2016 and the new 2017 PRS SE Custom 24. I'm looking for another humbucker guitar for a hard rock/metal band with good note articulation along with medium to heavy amp/pedal gain. My main guitar in this...
  20. Lt_Core

    Les Paul vs. LTD EC-1000

    My main guitar for the past 10 years has been a 2005 Les Paul Vintage Mahogany Studio with Burstbucker Pro's. Other guitars include a Jazzmaster J. Mascis, Classic Vibe Telecaster and a new Les Paul 60's Tribute w/ P-90's. I'm in a new project that is playing heavier music and a used LTD...
  21. Lt_Core

    Any EC-1000 Deluxe owners here? Let's see em.

    How does the EC-1000 Deluxe neck compare to a Les Paul 60's neck? I'm looking at a used 2012 EC-1000 Deluxe in metallic gold sunburst.
  22. Lt_Core

    NGD: Les Paul 60's Tribute

    Came home from work yesterday and immediately plugged my new 60's Tribute into these amps: Budda Superdrive II 30W and Fender Bassbreaker 15. Cleans up wonderfully without losing a lot of top end, plenty of bite and warmth, as well :) Excellent guitar!!
  23. Lt_Core

    NGD: Les Paul 60's Tribute

    Couple of quick pics of my new guitar, just arrived from Sweetwater! Very resonant sounding, fretwork is excellent, great action, in tune and ready to rock. Too bad I'm at work and have to wait 5 more hours, damn, haha!
  24. Lt_Core

    Satin Honeyburst or Vintage Sunburst 60's Tribute

    Thanks, that's the one I was looking at too, doh!! All the other ones have some type of mismatched grain but, hey, it's a $899 guitar vs thousands, haha!
  25. Lt_Core

    Satin Honeyburst or Vintage Sunburst 60's Tribute

    There are 4 of each at Sweetwater, just grabbed pics two that I liked. Good point about the dark back and sides. I like honeyburst, ice tea finishes though. The vintage sunburst is very Slash and Billie Joe Armstrong-like. Yesterday I was leaning honeyburst, today is vintage sunburst, haha!
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