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  1. birdie_in_texas

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover Cover

    Dang kiddo..!! That was inspiring!!! Very nice job! What gear were you using besides the Strat?
  2. birdie_in_texas

    New to the forums! #SOFTSHRED

    wow..!!! Welcome and ..WOW again!!!
  3. birdie_in_texas

    Lonely Is The Night

    OMG you guys are just fantastic!!! Way to fellas..!
  4. birdie_in_texas

    Superbowl Sunday Jamming with my JP50 and Axe II

    I been bored all day waiting for the game to start, so I was screwing around finding more backing tracks and decided to jam to one for the iPad and rekindle my love for my cheapy little Sterling JP50 that I put some EMG's (89R and 81TW) in. I am no PRO like most of you guys, and I am certainly...
  5. birdie_in_texas

    Fusion Track w. Suhr & S-Gear

    dammit man! that was stupendous! makes me wanna burn my stuff!
  6. birdie_in_texas

    From tonights gig in Norway, great 2 guitar jazz rock!!

    ya know..I keep coming here almost every night and watching this again! Damn you guys did a great job man!!! :) I have even tried to duplicate your tone using my Axe FX II..!
  7. birdie_in_texas

    From tonights gig in Norway, great 2 guitar jazz rock!!

    DAMMIT..!!!! THAT WAS GREAT..!!!!!!!!!! I loved it man!! FANTASTICO..!!!!! :)
  8. birdie_in_texas

    My band at the Troubadour, London

    Totally great man..!! Love it!
  9. birdie_in_texas

    Why es Cold on Cinco De Mayo?

    Wow man..that was really awesome! I enjoyed listening to that awesome tone all the way through!!! What was your setup if I may ask sir? Sounded like a Sheraton and a twin to me! :)
  10. birdie_in_texas

    Let's hear your noodling!!!!

    thanks brother!:dude Here is another that cramped my fingers..but this time over a really pretty Piano track.. Wish I could play keys!:jo
  11. birdie_in_texas

    Let's hear your noodling!!!!

    My stupid cat was all over my desk while I was playing around with the new FW10 for my Axe II and he certainly stepped on something!! So I figured I would noodle with it for a few minutes before I deleted it, but could not bring myself to get rid of it! Too much fun!!:bonk:rotflmao...
  12. birdie_in_texas

    Let's hear your noodling!!!!

    My first try with Reaper and my new (to me) Axe FX II. It is a Mark Day patch "Photograph" from the Axe Change. Uh..he might not want anyone to know I am using it as bad as I am! hahahaahah Anyways, if you can stand to listen, it has it all, my wireless with weak batteries, the cat wanting...
  13. birdie_in_texas

    My current original band's first song

    Dang I wish I still had my HM Strat..!! LOVED that freaking thing!!!
  14. birdie_in_texas

    My current original band's first song

    I think that is great man! What is "substandard"..? Nothing I can hear!
  15. birdie_in_texas

    Let's hear your noodling!!!!

    So yeah, I just kind of sat the little recorder on the desk and found a backing track on youtube and just hit the little record button.. This is the 11R running the "Blues Saraceno" rig from site into power amp into cheap Marshall 2x12 cab. Lots of bad notes (as usual)...
  16. birdie_in_texas

    playing a gig with an AMAZING singer !!! guys are GREAT..!!!! Hope that guys voice holds up..he has a literally 1 in 10 million type of thing going! Great playing also I thought!
  17. birdie_in_texas

    New Soloway / New Video

    Wow..that was just beautiful sir! Merry Christmas people!
  18. birdie_in_texas

    Check it out! Vid from a gig last week!

    Damn man!! Not only are you a total bad ass on the freaking geetaro, but you even sing good WHILE you are playing the hell outta the geetaro..!! NOT FAIR..!!!!! :) Congrats on not sucking in the least sir!!! :) a
  19. birdie_in_texas

    Modern Rock Track w. Suhr

    Awesome playing sir!! I just wish there was a "For Dummies" class for plug-ins...I am still not even sure just what the hell one of them really is..!!!
  20. birdie_in_texas

    A couple of Rush tunes

    Freaking AMAZING..!!! Thank you for posting these~! 2 of my faves also!!
  21. birdie_in_texas

    Me and the Mrs.

    OMG that was MORE than FANTASTIC..!! So damn good brings a tear to the eye and a smile to the lips..!!!! :)
  22. birdie_in_texas

    Chuck D and Les @ LA Amp show

    freaking awesome!! But that tele looks like it washed away in Katrina! hahahaha
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