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  1. Jess 1971

    Do I want a kingtone duelist?

    The Duellist is the only overdrive I've really liked in more than 10 years since I started using the King of Tone. It's an absolutely wonderful pedal, IMO. The Bluesbreaker side sounds fantastic, and it's incredibly versatile. Also, unlike a lot of Bluesbreaker-type pedals, it has a LOT of...
  2. Jess 1971

    New EHX J Mascis Signature Ram's Head Big Muff - Reverb Exclusive.

    No. Wren and Cuff even posted on their Instagram page this week saying that they're still making the Garbage Face and that this has no effect on what they're doing.
  3. Jess 1971

    New EHX J Mascis Signature Ram's Head Big Muff - Reverb Exclusive.

    You guys realize that what J used was also just a standard Ram's Head Big Muff, right? Did you expect EHX to sprinkle these with fairy dust and stick in some of Bill Finnegan's magical diodes or something? Even the Wren and Cuff and SUF pedals are still at their essence just plain old Big...
  4. Jess 1971

    New EHX J Mascis Signature Ram's Head Big Muff - Reverb Exclusive.

    I recently got one in a trade, and it is awesome. It's a killer Ram's Head Muff for sure, but the treble booster side is great too.
  5. Jess 1971

    New EHX J Mascis Signature Ram's Head Big Muff - Reverb Exclusive.

    Guess I'll be adding to my collection...
  6. Jess 1971

    I just want a simple, organic sounding delay with tap tempo, but the options are overwhelming.

    Another vote for the Diamond Memory Lane Jr. Terrific delay with tap tempo, modulation if you want it, and simple to use.
  7. Jess 1971

    Wampler Terraform Users

    It does some things better than the Strymon Mobius, and some things not as well. The flanger and phaser on the Terraform are terrific, IMO, as is the chorus. The rotary effect isn't as good as that on the Mobius, however. But overall it's a cool little unit. I use it primarily as a recording...
  8. Jess 1971

    Let's have a Flanger thread because, why not?

    I think flanging might be my favorite modulation effect. I have a few of them now: Thorpy Camoflange, Retro-Sonic Flanger, Strymon Deco, and Boss BF-3, as well as the flanger on the Wampler Terraform, which might be that unit's best effect. I have the Thorpy and the Deco side by side on my main...
  9. Jess 1971

    Which modern DMM?

    My point is just that it's a big commitment in terms of pedalboard real estate and increased power supply. Start with the Nano version and you don't have to deal with either of those problems, and it's like 95% of the way there in terms of tone, IMO.
  10. Jess 1971

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Socks game is on point.
  11. Jess 1971

    Pickup choice for Les Paul Standard?

    I'm a compulsive tinkerer when it comes to pickups, and I've tried dozens of different PAFs in my guitars over the years. In my 2016 Les Paul Standard, I installed a set of Lollar Imperials, as I wanted a slightly brighter tone than what I was getting from the stock Gibson Burstbuckers. Sounds...
  12. Jess 1971

    AnalogMan - CURRENT/NEW Sun Face (Transistor) Options

    Absolutely. I've tried a few different Sun Face pedals with different transistors and I couldn't really hear a difference between any of them except for various level of gain. It's totally splitting hairs at this point. They're all going to sound great. I think half the people spending $1,000...
  13. Jess 1971

    Show your pedalboard: 2022

  14. Jess 1971

    Recommend me a boss sized analog tremolo!

    No, it is analog. You are incorrect.
  15. Jess 1971

    Your Latest Fuzz

    Just traded for this guy and it rules.
  16. Jess 1971

    Rams Head Big Muff variants?

    Cool thing about the Violet Menace is that it has a Mids knob, which will really help your guitar signal from getting lost in the mix once the rest of the band kicks in.
  17. Jess 1971

    Recommend me a boss sized analog tremolo!

    The new version of the Cusack tremolo is small, sounds great, has top jacks, adjustable wave forms, and tap tempo. Cusack Tremolo
  18. Jess 1971

    Which modern DMM?

    Agreed. Not sure it's the best choice for someone just trying the DMM for the first time, but it is awesome.
  19. Jess 1971

    Which modern DMM?

    The Clockwork is a cool pedal for sure. I wouldn't say it's any better or worse than a DMM, but it is a little different. The modulation is terrific, just like that on the DMM. So it really comes down to the feature set. I have the Clockwork on my smaller pedalboard because of its...
  20. Jess 1971

    Which modern DMM?

    When you factor in tap tempo, regular power requirement, ability to turn modulation on/off with a footswitch, stereo outputs, and the included boost, the cost is pretty reasonable given the feature set. The sound is incredible. I've read one or two people mention a volume drop, but that hasn't...
  21. Jess 1971

    Which modern DMM?

    I have the new Nano DMM, a DMM XO, and the J Rockett Clockwork, and all are wonderful pedals that are slightly different. If you're just getting into the DMM thing, I'd suggest the new Nano version to start. They sound great, they're pedalboard-friendly size, and they take regular 9v power...
  22. Jess 1971

    Your favorite dual overdrive thus far...

    Still the King of Tone 13 years on. That said, I have a Duellist on my small board that I'm also very much enjoying. But the KOT man, so killer.
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