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  1. birdie_in_texas

    Long Shot Here... Looking For A Video

    Oh yeah..that dude is yet another of the "super mega-awesome" dudes that I wish I had just 1% of that talent!!!
  2. birdie_in_texas

    Mean Mistreater?

    i like the version Great White did in the 80's
  3. birdie_in_texas

    Female tune selection help:

    you and me are in the same boat. found a 20 year old waitress/bartender at local cajun place just tearing it up at a karoake night. I mean this little thing can absolutely wail, but you know what she likes to sing? Nightwish. Which is really great, and amazingly hard to pull off, which she...
  4. birdie_in_texas

    Scott Mishoe Appreciation "wow" in lots of ways...not on;y amazing talent, but dig that crazy price on the CD..
  5. birdie_in_texas

    Best Frontman in Rock History...nominations, please

    DLR was a ****** singer, but a HELLUVA frontman! My fave show of ever was VH way back in the day..
  6. birdie_in_texas

    Pete Thorn.........!!!

    He is AMAZING..! And he seems so friendly and approachable..I hope to meet him one day. He has inspired me to try and broaden my playing and listening horizons..I mean, the guy can do it all, and way past "well" at that! :) Looking forward to many years of watching clips and vids of Mr...
  7. birdie_in_texas

    Now this is a kid who is a prodigy!

    that was so damn awesome, it brings a tear to the eye. amazing does not even get half-way there..
  8. birdie_in_texas

    PSA: Geddy Lee on That Metal Show tonight

    thank you for the reminder sir!
  9. birdie_in_texas

    Can't afford Rush, but there is compensation...

    because hardly anyone buys albums..they just steal downloads of singles..the dudes got to make their cake somehow...
  10. birdie_in_texas

    Moving to Austin, TX

    At least you will be able to get good Mexican food now bro!! Welcome to TEXAS..!!! The best place EVER..!!
  11. birdie_in_texas

    How does he get that rhythm tone? guys think that sounds "good"..? ewww... that is like an old Gorilla amp and some Arion pedals to my ears.... so i would say that he got that "tone" from a garage sale IMHO...
  12. birdie_in_texas

    Two kids playing a song in their kitchen - beautiful

    That was FANTASTIC..!!! So damn good and innocent it makes you wanna cry..!! Thanks for posting!
  13. birdie_in_texas

    Now this kind of shredding I can really dig

    OMFG..!!!! She was AMAZING..!!!!
  14. birdie_in_texas

    Broderick and the drummer quit Megadeth.

    $$$ talks..if Dave asked, I am sure Marty would hop his midget ass right on a plane and get over here super fast.. But it sucks that the guys had to quit..poor much talent, so little people skills.
  15. birdie_in_texas

    Give me your (non-Shrapnel) shred recommendations!!

    I loved the Alex Masi "Neon Shark" album! Anything you can find with Derek Taylor on it..him and his buddy (Scott wasn't it? or was he the drummer?) were the 2 of the best live players I ever saw, and that includes every Pro I have ever seen, which is almost all. Those 2 guys were BEYOND...
  16. birdie_in_texas

    Passing the hat

    I have a question about "tacky" and how you playing out guys feel about this: Went to see a friends son and his band play at a place that normally has a DJ..this place recently changed hands and now has live bands it seems. Between songs a couple times, and after each set, they had an "emcee"...
  17. birdie_in_texas

    What's Your Most Challenging Note-4-Note Solo?

    One of the hardest I have tried is from a guy in Houston, not sure if he/they are still even playing, but check out the song "Ion Drive" by the band/person "Stride". I do better and come closer trying to play Racer X or Guy-Mann Dude or Tony Macalpine, etc.. This "Ion Drive" is really...
  18. birdie_in_texas

    New Eric Johnson!!!

    OMG that TONE..!!!!! :) AMAZING!
  19. birdie_in_texas

    a GREAT Triumph song. Don't you agree?

    OMFG..!!!!!:jo Jesus that was 1983..???? HOLY SCHNIKEYS...! And I thought he was good now? I saw him a couple years ago and it was just RIDICULOUS! The man hits every note and just was so nice...and his kid can jam like a mofo too..! Thanks for posting this..I had never seen anything like...
  20. birdie_in_texas

    Is Brad Gillis awesome?

    wow..! the kiddo has real cred..! :)
  21. birdie_in_texas

    Is Brad Gillis awesome?

    OMFG the guy is AWESOME..!!!!!!!! Who the hell is the "new" kid..? He freakin' ROCKS THE CASBA..!
  22. birdie_in_texas

    Dweezil Zappa

    Years ago when I worked for Freeman and AVW, we did a big corporate shoot in Vegas and Dweez and Ahmet were the "big attractions". I got to spend3 or so hours with them and they were so freaking cool. Dweezil was just so nice and down to Earth and I told him how I was dying for his "Madonna"...
  23. birdie_in_texas

    Had a fun gig last night (w/video)

    Dang..that was great tone!!! Sounded like the "Gretchen goes to Nebraska" days of tone with Kings X..!! What camera were you using?
  24. birdie_in_texas

    '80s shred appreciation thread

    Guy Mann Dude..FTW..!
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