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    Squier Mini Strat mod (new tuners) and gave it a nice setup. Wow.

    I bought the pink Hello Kitty version for my then 5 year old daughter four years ago. It sounds pretty decent. I really should replace the tuners though.
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    White guitars love thread

    Tom Anderson Classic in Olympic White with Vintage Flecks. Pics of the previous owner.
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    People poo pooing 70s Gibson LPs

    Many years ago I used to play a great playing and sounding LP Custom from '77 or '78. It was very heavy however. The jazz models like the L5, Super V and Super 400 from the Norlin era also have a somewhat lesser reputation. Like with the LP's, this doesn't mean that they didn't make good...
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    Why are Fender Customshop stratocaster necks too wide?

    Have you thought about a Tom Anderson Classic (or a Suhr) with the right specs? Great examples do pop up in the emporium. I bought a great Anderson Classic with a 1-11/16" chunky neck in olympic white used for less than a Custom Shop Fender.
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    Gibson Super V CES

    Quote: "I'm looking for a Super V." I have a great 1978 Super V for sale in the Emporium.
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