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  1. coyoteblue

    Opinions about the Fender 57 Custom Deluxe at Home

    I'm thinking of buying a used 57 Custom Deluxe mostly for home use. I'm wondering if people who have one are satisfied with it at lower volumes.
  2. coyoteblue

    Porter 1960s vs Vintage Custom Strat Pickups

    I'm trying to choose between Porter 1960s and Vintage Custom pickups. Has anyone tried both? I'd like to hear what you think the difference is between them. All I know is that the VC are a bit hotter. Is that it? Is the difference very noticeable? Thx.
  3. coyoteblue

    A Bunch of Catalinbread Preamp Boost Questions

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the boost offered in the Topanga and the Epoch Boost? Is the Topanga's just a stripped down version? Has anyone out there tried both? Is it worthwhile upgrading for the boost alone? Any ideas of how either compares with the Chase Secret Preamp? Thx.
  4. coyoteblue

    Is a Suhr Koko Boost Too Loud for a Clean Amp?

    I'm thinking of buying a Suhr Koko Boost and was ready to do so until I saw this video: .... making me think that it doesn't work well with a Deluxe Reverb, which is what I mostly use. Its boost seems way over the top for clean amps in this video. But, I've read others who have this pedal...
  5. coyoteblue

    Dr. Z Air Brake and SFDR Problem

    I recently bought an Air Brake but it doesn't work properly through my 67 SFDR. The connections are properly done, with speaker wire where needed, but when I turn on the amp I have to go to almost volume 8 before I get sound from the amp. The Air Brake works but it sounds like there's...I...
  6. coyoteblue

    Early vs late 70s Strats

    What are the differences in early and late 70s strats? I see early ones selling for a lot more than late ones but they seem pretty much the same, though I hear that some of the later ones can be very heavy. Does hardtail or not make a difference in value? I bought a 77 with trem, had the...
  7. coyoteblue

    Value of these RCA 12AX7As?

    I'm thinking of buying these RCA 12AX7As but don't know their value. I've seen some of these sell for $100 and some for $20. Where do these ones come in, if you can tell from the pic? Thanks.
  8. coyoteblue

    Value of late 60s/early 70's Celestion Greenback?

    I just bought an amp that came with 16 ohm Celestion G12M, 25W, 75HZ bass response speaker that was made some time between 1967 and 1974. The code on the frame says ME21V-T1221. I want to sell the speaker but have no idea of its value, if any in particular. It's well used but in good...
  9. coyoteblue

    Why Doesn't HumX Work to Quiet My Amp?

    The outlet in the room I'd like to use to play creates quite a hum in my amp when I plug in, so I bought a HumX Hum Eliminator to tame the beast. The HumX, however, doesn't affect the hum at all! I guess that means that the hum is not being caused by a ground loop in the outlet, which the HumX...
  10. coyoteblue

    LPs and Blackbirds

    I recently bought a used Fargen Blackbird. It sounds great with single coil pickups but it's driving me crazy with the neck pickup on my LP Standard (Lollar Imperials). It seems that no matter how I set up the amp, chording and lead are somewhat muffled and flat. I'd love to know how any of...
  11. coyoteblue

    6V6 in Rectifier?

    I mistakenly put a 6V6 in the rectifier socket where a GZ34 should be and had 6V6s in the power tube sockets. When I turned the amp on there was no sound. I had the 6V6 in there for a couple of minutes before I realized what I'd done. Is this likely to damage the amp?
  12. coyoteblue

    Running AC to Phase Inverter (in a Fargen Blackbird)

    I'm trying to understand a suggested modification to my amp, a Fargen Blackbird. I've been told that running the AC to the Phase Inverter filament will improve the sound quality of the amp. But I thought that the Preamp section already ran on AC, and the power tubes, via the rectifier, on DC...
  13. coyoteblue

    Fuchs Modded DRRI Question

    I've got a chance to buy a Fuchs Modded DRRI at a good price, but I have a question about possible damage to the amp. The amp comes with a 16 ohm speaker, though the amp's rated 8 ohms. The amp's on consignment so I can't speak to the owner, but do you think that the transformers could be...
  14. coyoteblue

    1970 DR Faceplate Question

    In 1970 were there two kinds of faceplates for DRs? One that said "Deluxe Reverb Amp (the word "amp" below the the DR)" and the other with just "Deluxe Reverb"? I'm asking because I'm looking at one to buy and it has just the DR label while others in that year I've seen include the word amp.
  15. coyoteblue

    16 ohm speaker into 8 ohm amp with Fuchs ODS Mod

    Just bought a gutted DRRI with the Fuchs ODS Mod and it came with a 16 ohm speaker. Is it likely this speaker will damage the amp, 8 ohms I assume, if I stick with it?
  16. coyoteblue

    How much for a Blackface Deluxe?

    I've got a chance to buy a 1965 Fender Deluxe...what do you figure one of these in good shape is worth? I've had a DR...apart from the lack of reverb, how do these compare?
  17. coyoteblue

    How do your remove old solder from a pot?

    I just bought a used Les Paul and want to change pickups. The original pickup wires had quite a bit of solder on them where they contact the pots. I used my soldering iron to try and melt and remove the solder, which partially worked, but I also ended up spreading the excess solder on the pots...
  18. coyoteblue

    Dr Z Z28 vs Soldano Astroverb

    Anything to choose between these two amps? Both specialize in more of an overdriven sound at the expense of cleans from what I understand. Only three knobs on the Z28 (vol, treb, bass) vs the whole gamut on the Astroverb (pre, master, treb, mid, bass, rev, pres). Both have 12" speakers. The...
  19. coyoteblue

    Are there degrees of "successful" soldering of pickups?

    I'm just learning to solder as I put new pickups into my LP so my technique needs work - less is more when it comes to solder! I'm wondering if there's any way to test how good the connection is between pickup wire and pot. Is it as simple as plug in and if there's a good sound coming from the...
  20. coyoteblue

    A One Channel Amp that Does it All?

    I just bought a Soldano Astroverb and am totally in love with its overdriven sound, but not that happy with the cleans. They're ok, but I've been spoiled by nice Fenders in the past. I knew this buying it, but I'm wondering, are there any other combo amps like the Astroverb, a 20 watt 1x12...
  21. coyoteblue

    Is there much difference between a Rivera R55 and a Chubster?

    I've been thinking of getting a Chubster and just saw an ad for a used R55 for considerably less...the amps seem very similar. Any differences in sound quality?
  22. coyoteblue

    Lollar Imperials vs Gibson Classic 57s

    I've got an LP with a Classic 57 n the neck and Classic 57 Plus in the bridge. I can get some Lollars at a good price. Am I going to notice much difference if I replace the Gibsons with Lollar Imperials? Is anyone familiar with both and able to comment on tonal differences?
  23. coyoteblue

    Les Paul Guitar Retirement? What's That?

    I hear some people talking about their guitar reaching or being retired as if the guitar can't hold its own any more. Is it true if a guitar is played a lot for a long time that it loses its quality? I would have thought a played-in feel is something good.
  24. coyoteblue

    Hagstrom Strat-SG Hybrid?

    I'd like to know if anyone's heard of a 70's Hagstrom that has a Fender style neck and an SG style body? Would this be a stock guitar? or a modded one?
  25. coyoteblue

    Classical vs Spanish vs Flamenco?

    I'd like to know what the differences are between classical, spanish and flamenco it a question of set-up or are the guitars actually different in construction?
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