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    New Neo Micro Vent Rotary Simulator

    Just to be completely sure, the analog blend doesn’t mean that the dry path is analog?
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    Empress Tape Delay - Noisy with 1 Spot

    My Tape Delay was a bit noisy with other pedals daisy chained with a 1 spot. Since I power it with a Cioks Adam it is quiet.
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    Share your Empress Tape Delay settings here!

    I asked Empress about switching between tempo and preset mode. This is their answer: "You don't have to cycle the power. You just have to change the "delay time" switch from "tap tempo" to "slow" or "fast". In "slow" or "fast", you can use presets. In tap tempo mode, you can't."
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    Show us your Pedaltrain NANO (part 2)

    No the little rubber feet of the Adam. Sorry for the typo. I corrected my earlier post.
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    Show us your Pedaltrain NANO (part 2)

    I have an Adam mounted under my Nano. It fits great and doesn't touch the ground. You have to remove the rubber feet of the Adam and make sure the mounting screws are fastened tightly though.
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    Your Favorite Marshall in a Box?

    MI Audio Crunchbox still gives me a great hot-rodded Marshall in a box.
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    Gibson Super V CES 1978 "Original Gibson Prototype"

    Thanks. The screen on my iPhone seems to get smaller... I relisted the post in the guitar emporium but can't seem to be able to delete this thread.
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    Best OD for a Strat...

    +1 on the Blackstone.
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    delays with a boost

    Empress tape delay.
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    Share your Empress Tape Delay settings here!

    I'm thinking of picking up a Tape delay and have a question (and don't have facebook or google+). Can you switch between tap and preset mode without powering off the pedal? I would like to use the presets most of the time and change over to tap for certain songs. Thanks.
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    Blackstone mosfet overdrive manual

    Recently I picked-up a Blackstone Mosfet overdrive 2SV3.3 from the emporium (thanks Doug!). What a great OD. Very amp like. Very dynamic. Very reactive to the volumepot on my guitar. Works great with my Tom Anderson Classic and Classic T into my SF Vibrochamp. It takes some tweaking of the...
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    Cioks Adam (POUL requested a vote, page 3!)

    I would buy Option 1 (the original design) for my Nano board (wiith two small Strymon pedals, a Blackstone OD and a Turbo Tuner).
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    which dual drives and why?

    Blackstone appliances mosfet overdrive is very compact, has 2 channels, is very amp like and dynamic and works great into a clean amp.
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    Whats your favorite stereo effect ran into two amps?

    Before: Analogman stereo Bi-Chorus into Timefactor. After downsizing: mooer ana echo and reecho into Analogman stereo Bi-Chorus.
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    Free iPhone tuners.

    Does any of them have the possibilty to use BFTS?
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    Anyone using Mooer delays?

    I have rhe Ana echo and the Re echo. For the money they are both good delays. The Ana works great for short delays up to the max 300 ms. The Re especially has a nice tape echo mode. Both are very usable. I did not try to get a 2290 like delay from it, but besides the analog and the tapemode it...
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    XTS preamp vs individual pedals

    I don't own the preamp nor the individual pedals, but it seems like a tradeoff between size and flexibility. If you use a switcher/looper like the Musicomlab EFX it would be nice to be able to place each effect in a separate loop. As far as I know this isn't possible with the preamp. However I...
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    If you could have any pedal built by a small shop/boutique/big nam, what would it be?

    A Strymon dual dsp multi fx pedal with delay (el cap, brig, TL), modulation (ola, lex, vibe, phaser) and reverb (blue sky), with possibility to use it both in front as stereo in the fx loop of the amp, switchable line/instrument levels, analog dry path, a good display and good midi implementation.
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    What wah pedal are you guys digging lately?

    After a Colorsound, a Morley vintage and a Morley Bad Horsie I ended my search with a full option Area 51 wah. It has a 5 position range control (bass/treble), a quack control (smoothness of the sweep), and a growl control (more or less clean wah tone), a fuzz friendly buffer, true bypass, build...
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    TC Electronic Arena Reverb

    Great concept. They could call it the Top-Store.
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