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  1. Zim

    Vpick Tourbox - Post reviews here!

    Man, this is too cool. Not sure I'll be able to add much when my turn comes around, but it sure will be fun to try!
  2. Zim

    Wundergussy's V-Pick Tourbox - Out in the World!

    Nice, sorry I missed out on this. Just found out about it on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. But good on you man! I hope to hear about it sooner if you do it again!
  3. Zim

    Crunchbox vs. OCD.

    Good question.... I flip flop. MOST of the time I like my amp a bit dirty and ride the vol. on my guitar. Other times, I like it clean and bit thick sounding ie: with a wee bit of bite, but clean.
  4. Zim

    Crunchbox vs. OCD.

    Ok guys, here is the deal. I have enough to buy 1 right now. So what are the pros and cons of each? Which version of either should I hunt for? **I think in the end, they will both live on my board, but I wanted to get an idea of which version to find and which one to buy first.** Thanks...
  5. Zim


    Any good Volume/Wah pedal combo's out there? The ones that do both.
  6. Zim

    Amps and True By-Pass.

    Well, That is the thing, what I have I am planning on purging and getting new ones. Maybe I should start a thread on that. A list of great true by-pass and maybe helping me choose some new ones.
  7. Zim

    Amps and True By-Pass.

    I love the tone of my amp when I plug straight in. But when I have some stomp pedals in, I notice the tone suck. How can I over come this? Are true By-Pass effects the way to go or some kind of buffer, loop pedal of some sort? Advice please.
  8. Zim

    $29.99 MXR Classic Overdrive

    I'm not sure if it is the GT-OD... My board inside reads Rev. A -2/24/2010
  9. Zim

    $29.99 MXR Classic Overdrive

    Where is this switch?
  10. Zim

    I've come to the conclusion the RP-1000 is a piece of crap

    Must of had it modded and the mod must of went wrong me thinks :D ;)
  11. Zim

    MXR M-66 Classic Overdrive

    Bought one in OK City GC today. They had about 10 left when I got it, I wanted 2, but limit 1 per customer. Freakin thing sounds great! VERY transparent and works great for a a boost/low gain OD. I love it for $30. Much more than I did the Bad Monkey. I dug the BM, but thought it a bit muddy on...
  12. Zim

    Bass Reverb Pedal?

    I use delay, trem and am looking for verb for my rig too. It is not new, has been done for a long time. Also have envolpe filters, synth wah,flange, phase, OD/fuzz and toying with a lot of other sounds (roto., octives, etc.) Bass effects, when used tastfully , make a huge tone. And a rarely on...
  13. Zim

    Voodoo Labs Trem?

    No one knows? Bummer
  14. Zim

    Voodoo Labs Trem?

    No one?
  15. Zim

    Voodoo Labs Trem?

    What is that trim pot next to the jumper for? Is it an Volume pot?
  16. Zim

    Fulldrive II's best version?

    That is what I read and the dealer said. Just bought one last night, OCDv4 and a Carbon Copy last night. Time for some fun! I had the anni, and was looking for one when I asked for it, they said all gone, but the blue one is the same, just blue, lol.
  17. Zim

    Voodoo Labs Trem?

    did not know about the jumper! Good to know, thanks!
  18. Zim

    Sign Up Here: Wampler Pedals TourBox (Cranked AC, Plextortion, Hot Wired, Ecstasy DR)

    Me too, info PM'ed soon, got to get back to work, lol.
  19. Zim

    The Alt.Country Club

    Gratz! I'm looking for a Deluxe Reverb!
  20. Zim

    Is this PTP? (Red Snapper)

    Still lovin mine, lol!
  21. Zim

    The Alt.Country Club

    Yup, what he said.
  22. Zim

    Analog Delay Recommendations

    Just heard one last night, FANTASIC!!!
  23. Zim

    soooo frustrating....

    Maybe someone has the pedal you can barrow?
  24. Zim

    The Alt.Country Club

    Lee, I have been lietening to the tracks all morning. I like it, how can I get the albums?
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