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  1. Zim

    Songs that made you a better bass player?

    I wouldn't say an ah-ha moment. in the sense that everything fell together, but David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust. Trevor Bolder's bass line on this tune helped me understand a whole other spin on putting a bass line together. I had to learn it for my bands set list and it was so far from what I was...
  2. Zim

    Best "Fuzz" pedal for Bass ???

    I have not tried a ton of them, but 2 that I like on my board are Fulltone OCD Way Huge Swollen Pickle Both can be had around $100 or so used and both sound like a million bucks. I use the OCD for mild to medium dirt and the Pickle for when i want it saturated with woolly warm fuzziness and...
  3. Zim

    Help on Pup Selection

    He said it well. Make sure the pups are balanced output, and I would suggest a 3 way toggle, 1 vol, 1 tone vs. 2 vol, 1 one tone. I say this mostly because w/ the 2 vol 1 tone set up, you can never fully isolate just the P or J pup and it seems to have a roll off of tone that way. Now with...
  4. Zim

    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Still my #1 My 1995 USA Fender P in Burst. 100% original and have owned it since '97. Has been on Every gig/recording/jam/lesson or just need to release steam since. I even have a pic of my daughter when she was maybe 1yrs old slapping it while in my lap. I will play this thing to the grave...
  5. Zim

    2010 Fender Am Dlx P-Bass

    All I see are deluxe P's that are active. Or artist models that cost a lot... I'm dying for a passive standard! I'm not sure if I want to add a J pup to my '95 standard. But I'm thinking hard on it...
  6. Zim

    SVT-3PRO or GenzBenz Shuttle?

    Try the pickle then, there is a bass one now, but damn it, I'm drawing a blank on who makes it... Not Way Huge. Pickle Pie.... And always look for a great Muff.
  7. Zim

    SVT-3PRO or GenzBenz Shuttle? and in July! The mother load...
  8. Zim

    present for a bassist

    Or if you can wait untill july : BOOM!
  9. Zim

    present for a bassist

    Get him the Tech21 VT pedal, every bass player should own one. Or the T21 programable bass DI, also a must have. Or both :D (but way over the limit)
  10. Zim

    SVT-3PRO or GenzBenz Shuttle?

    GB Shuttle 6.0 user here. I play my G&L L2k and my P-Bass through it matched with a GB NeoX212T
  11. Zim

    Let's see the Bass Pedalboards!!!

    Very Nice! You built that? Or where did you get it?
  12. Zim

    Pics of Pawnshop '79 P-Bass Score !!

    Wha?!! Damn it, why don't that ever happen to me? Congratz!
  13. Zim

    3 band active EQ cuts volume (a lot)

    I think it has to do with the "cut" part. When you feel the notch on the knob, that is zero, no boost or cut, so, if you start to cut it, it will loose some volume. I have the SR505, same bass, but 5 string, it has the same system. They have passive pups and active EQ. It is the overseas...
  14. Zim

    Has anyone tried a Bassman TV fifteen??

    Where are they making these at? Mexico? I have been eyeballing them. But my local store has no interest in carry them. Black Crows using them? Damn, I missed them and Robert Cray the next day here in Buffalo due to my wife and 4 yr old daughter being super ill.... grrrrr stupid caring...
  15. Zim

    How do I get this FAT bass tone? I can get tones like that with this bass. The Bartonlini PUPS/Active EQ sound GREAT! (now not dead on, but close. Playing skill helps too. And with bass, the tone really is in the hands)
  16. Zim

    65Amps Apollo bass amp

  17. Zim

    New Genz Benz rig Complete(amaaazing!!)

    uhg! I'm jealous! My NeoX212t is due to be here tomorrow. I'm thinking of getting the Shuttle Max 6.o or maybe the Max 12.o I miss my Ibby, I had the SR535.. It was PITA for me to go back and forth from my P-Bass to the 535, Spacing and Active vs. Passive on my amp was killing my to adjust...
  18. Zim

    Danelectro Longhorn Pro Bass

    What is the asking price? (make offer isn't allowed here)
  19. Zim

    My newest bass

    That is HOT! What are the specs? Wood used, pups? All that good stuff!
  20. Zim

    Ash vs. alder

    I love the tone of my alder Fender USA P-Bass, it has a great balance and tone and not too heavy. Now my G&L L2000 is ash and weighs a bit more. The tone is great too. But w/ that weight, I end up grabbing my P more for long gigs.
  21. Zim

    small bass amp And as far as using with guitar, it would...
  22. Zim

    I've got $1000. I need an amp.

    Where are you located?
  23. Zim

    small bass amp

    not many if any bass amp out there that are tube w/ 8" speaker... But look into Peavey or maybe Fender for that on the cheap. Or look at GenzBenz Shuttle 300 w/ an 8" combo box. I think you could put the 600 in there that (with bracket change) has a tube pre, but might kill that 8"
  24. Zim

    Looking for a Bass AMP

    I agree here. I don't like Tube bass amps either. SS is good, BUT hybrid is BETTER! Tube pre and SS output. I would also point you to a lot of amps, but bang for buck has always been Peavey for me. I've used Every amp under the sun out side the booteek guys. And I always came back to Peavey...
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